You might be wondering why we are talking about a Karen haircut, “what is a Karen haircut?” and why you should care?

    First, you must know what does Karen means?

    Well, Karen is someone who’s famous for all the wrong and problematic reasons. Have you seen an unnecessary noisy woman almost screaming, “EXCUSE ME.? I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER!” at retail stores. Yes, you guessed it – that’s who a Karen is.

    Social media is burning with Karen memes these days, and everyone is mocking Karen for their unjustified, entitled, and outrageous behavior. After knowing it all, you don’t want to appear someone as noisy and entitled as Karen, right? To make sure no one mistakes you for an annoying character with your haircut choice, we have put together some Karen haircut styles that you should never opt for.

    Read more to know how to steer clear from looking like Karen.

    What Do You Mean by a Karen Haircut?

    Also known as an A-line cut, the Karen haircut is bob or lob with an inverted front. The Karen haircut is also complemented by short blonde hair, thick lowlights, and long side-swept bangs. In the Karen hairstyle, the left side is usually longer, while the back is usually shorter. Because of this, it creates a sharp angle when viewed from the side.

    Some Karen haircuts are parted down the middle, or sometimes they feature an asymmetrical fringe. Hair with this style is generally paired with chunky highlights, and it is also usually styled with spikes at the back. Now, this hairstyle has become the logo for the Karen haircut or manager haircut meme!

    If you have been on the internet for a while, you might already see some ridiculously funny Karen memes.

    Some Noteworthy Features of a Karen Haircut:

    The following unique features stand out a Karen haircut from a normal haircut:

    • Inverted bob haircut or A-line haircut.
    • The back is shorter than the front.
    • There is a sharp angle to the front of it.
    • This haircut looks similar to spikes at the back.
    • Despite the traditional blonde Karen cut, it can now be dyed any color combination.

    Top 12 Karen Haircut Styles That Scream “Can I Speak To Your Manager”

    The above-listed features are not just it. You might have already seen a Karen haircut in a variety of hairstyles. So if you’re curious what today’s Karen looks like and what Karen haircut have we been talking about, scroll down.

    Down there, we have compiled the top 12 Karen haircut styles that end you up looking like a Karen herself.

    Watch out and steer clear of these.

    1- The Ribbon-Like Curls Karen Hairdo:

    The Ribbon-Like Curls Karen Hairdo

    Jenny McCarthy wore this hairdo in 2009, and it is known as ribbon-like curly hair. An overly teased crown and ringlets are sprayed on to complete this look. It is typical for curls to be coiled into spirals, but they were loosed into waves here.

    The strangest thing is that despite how hard McCarthy moved her head, the curls didn’t budge. They didn’t move. They were as if they were locked into place. Therefore, if you don’t want to look like her, you shouldn’t do these things.

    2- Brassy Orange Hues Hairstyle:

    Brassy Orange Hues Hairstyle

    Another “BIG NO” hairstyle is here. In no hair salon or hairstylist should you ask for this Brassy Blonde hue hairstyle. It’s for obvious reasons. Two main reasons lead to this look: either your hairdresser didn’t properly bleach you, or your dye faded, leaving you with brassy tones.

    No matter what, try not to post your picture on social media or avoid the look entirely. Many complexions are also not suitable for this look. Is there any way to fix a Karen haircut at home if you accidentally got this hair color? A home toning product can help you correct the brassiness.

    3- Overly Piecey Locks or Layering:


    Everyone loves layer cutting but be careful. In addition to being a must for longer haircuts, layering is indispensable for several reasons. Layers, especially well-placed ones, enhance movement to your hair and frame your face beautifully. Second, our hair gets thinner as we age, and layers add volume. Be careful, though, not to pile on too many layers. Too much of a good thing can be a problem, after all. You want well-blended and subtle layers rather than choppy and overly obvious. Not only will this look make your hair terrible, but you’ll easily be mistaken for a Karen.

    4- Karen Short Haircut:

    Karen Short Haircut

    A Karen-looking haircut does not always have to be edgy and spiky; some are short and polished. Take a look at some short haircuts. Upper-class Karens of the country club mostly wear hairstyles like this one, featuring a neat, feathery cut.

    It has a short length and the same chunky highlights as the original but less exaggerated elements. While they are less eye-catching than the classic Karen cut, there is still a chance of being considered a “Karen” if you wear these types of polished looks.

    5- Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut:

    Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut

    As Karen haircuts are far from natural, it’s no wonder they love to pair them with eye-catching colors like platinum blonde. Karens love the way her platinum blonde hair is bright and icy, which always catches the eye. While they typically have platinum hair, they often also have noticeable dark roots and eyebrows that clash with their platinum locks. Platinum blondes can even turn into brassy blondes! As a style lover, we are confident that you must have some better hairstyles in mind than this one, right?

    6- Pageboy Karen Haircut:


    The pageboy haircut was a hairstyle that was supposed to be for an English page boy. Pageboys are hairstyles for women in which the hair reaches the shoulders and is rolled under the ends. The front is often adorned with a fringe (bangs). There are tons of better hairstyles in trend than this one, so you better avoid it if you don’t want to look like Karen.

    7- Half Shaved Hairstyle:


    Typical Karen haircut is not just it. Many Karens love to roam around complaining about every other matter with their half-shaved hairstyle. This haircut gives you an edgier appearance without the commitment of getting your hair shaved off. This particular haircut is definitely to be avoided if you don’t want to be a Karen.

    8- Sharon Stone Haircuts:


    Some Karen women these days love walking around wearing Sharon Stone haircuts, mostly pixie short cuts. However, this style is a little less Karen-looking than the rest of the styles. You might dodge the title of Karen if you have properly adorned this hairstyle.

    9- Bubble Haircuts:


    Another outdated haircut that should be avoided is the bubble cut. This cut resembles a helmet with its exaggerated layers and over-teased crown. This Karen haircut looks awful and weirdly old-fashioned looking. While layers are normally blended gracefully, they are blunt and visible in this haircut.

    10- Over-Styled Layers Hairstyle:

    Over-Styled Layers Hairstyle

    It is great to add layers to your hair because they give it a lot of volume and movement. However, you should not go overboard and over-style your layers. Having them flipped out can give you a little volume, but going overboard may make you look outdated. “Karens” often end up with hairstyles similar to this voluminous, blown-out one. However, if you want to nail such type of hairstyle without looking like a Karen, you can make this particular hairstyle more natural and less stiff by using less hairspray.

    11- Blown Black Lob:


    Many reasons lead to the old-fashioned label for this haircut, but primarily because it has an excessive amount of volume. When slicked back, long haircuts or those that touch the shoulders can look chic. However, when there is a lot of volume in style, it looks old and outdated instantly. Someone wearing such a Karen haircut looks like they would ask to talk to the manager of a retail shop to dispute an unnecessary matter.

    12- Over-Teased Layers:


    One consistent element across a majority of Karen’s hairstyles is an excessive amount of hairspray and excessive backcombing. Such hairstyle looks as if the stylist has frozen the layers with a bottle of hairspray, making them tough and spiky. Try using fewer products to avoid this crunchy look.

    Wrapping It Up!

    Of course, a sane, decent person wouldn’t want anyone mistaking them for an entitled, unnecessarily loud, and noisy person – Karen. If you want to keep your hair short and sexy, make sure your choice doesn’t align with some Karen haircuts. Go through our list of hairstyles that make you look like a Karen. And let us know in the comments if we were helpful and entertaining enough.

    Good luck NOT looking like some annoying Karen!

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