The Key to Finding the Best Fitting Underwear

Picking out underwear should be simple, right? Well, it turns out that there are so many different kinds of underwear now, that it can be tough to find the right fit. Whether you’re a man that wants to trade in his tighty whities for something a little more mature, or you’re a woman who wants to get out of the granny panty rut, there are some things you can do to find just the right pair of underwear. When you understand what makes good underwear great, you can more easily shop for what you want.

The Key to Finding the Best Fitting Underwear

Try Lots of Different Brands

There are countless brands of underwear. From the luxurious ones you can find online, at boutiques, and in the mall, to the cheaper pairs you can find at the local Walmart, you’ll find as many different fits of underwear as there are people. Some fit great in the bottom but then are too tight in the legs. Others don’t cover the belly well. By trying different brands you will get a feel for how each of them fits your unique body size and shape.

Try Different Fabrics

There is nothing wrong with a pair of cotton underwear. But if you want to find a comfortable pair, you might consider trying different fabrics. You might want something more satiny, but it may not have the right amount of elasticity that you’re used to. Or you want a new pair of cheeky underwear, but you don’t love the polyester blend of your previous pairs. Trying different fabrics, especially in a style you already know you love can help you find just the right fit.

Expand Your Styles

Have you ever tried a thong? They are surprisingly comfortable if you get the right size. What about boxer briefs? Maybe you’ve only ever worn loose boxers. Step out of your comfort zone to try new styles of underwear. You may hate them, but you never know, you could find that you love cheeky panties more than the bikini ones you are used to.

Check the Stitching

When you are investigating the best pair of underwear, you may want to check the stitching. Some undies seem to fall apart after the first time you wear and wash them. Look for reinforced stitching. If you can see the stitches in your underwear, they may not be holding up well. A good pair of underwear will have double stitching in the crotch area and around any elastic bands. This helps them last longer and can be more comfortable to wear.

Look for a Comfortable Waistband

Next up is investigating the waistband. Thinner waistbands may dig into your skin more than wide ones. Elastics covered in some fabric instead of being exposed are also likely to be more comfortable. Before you go shopping for your new underwear, you should have a firm idea of what your ideal waistband would look like. Look for a waistband that is soft and comfortable. The best-fitting underwear will be made with the right blend of materials to ensure it doesn’t dig in or roll over throughout the day.

Don’t Just go With What You’ve Worn Your Whole Life

We are all creatures of habit and change can be tough. When it comes to finding the best-fitting underwear, change is good. Don’t just go with what you’ve worn your whole life. You may have a favorite brand of underwear, but if they don’t fit properly or you’re curious about something new, then it’s time to try something different. The key to finding the best fitting underwear is by trying new styles instead of the ones you always wear.

Know it When You Feel It

When you put on that best fitting underwear for the first time, you’ll know it. You can feel it. Get up, move around, and see if the waistband comes down or rolls over. See if it cuts into your legs when you walk. Take note of how the fabric feels on your skin. The best pair of underwear will feel comfortable and won’t pull or stretch weirdly on your body.


Now that you know some of the basics, you can go out there and find the best Fitting underwear for your body type. Good underwear helps you feel confident and look your best in your clothes.

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