Kiddies Braid Hairstyles: 50 Trendy Styles for 2024!

Considering the effort mothers put into styling their daughters’ tresses we have gathered 50 of the trendiest kiddies braid hairstyles to lend a helping hand.

Little girls love to dress up from the very beginning. Apart from makeup, clothes, and jewelry these young ladies often wish for a new hairdo every single day, and among all their favorite hairstyles braids stand at no. 1 not only for girls but for their moms too.

The reason behind this is that braids are easy to achieve and can be styled in countless ways with just a little creativity. Apart from that braided hairstyles are low-maintenance, ideal to protect the hair, and can be created with any hair length and texture.

Keep scrolling and you’ll be flooded with brand new ideas to spice up your kid’s basic knits turning them into a one-of-a-kind hairdo.

Kiddies Braid Hairstyles

Cornrows, fishtails, box braids, the options are never-ending!

1. French Braid

French Braid-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

To start with, French braids are timeless and suitable to tame long to medium locks. Start entwining three strands at the front and continue adding more while reaching the ends at the back.

2. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Jenni’s hairdays –

Dutch braids are also called inverted French braids as they bulge out on the head as opposed to the latter ones. Opt for a zigzag middle part and plait down both sides for a classy look that won’t be overlooked.

3. Fishtail Crown

Fishtail Crown-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Cute Girls Hairstyles

Although fishtail braids seem complicated the key lies in pulling the strands from one chunk and placing them beneath the opposite one. Continue doing so while moving around the head creating a crown from your mane.

4. Micro Knots

Micro Knots-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Micro braids are time-consuming and laborious to achieve but make an ideal kiddies braid hairstyle as the natural hair is protected while the knits just seem like thick strands that can be styled further in a number of ways.

5. Box Braids

Box Braids-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles

Box braids are loved by the black community all over the world. Section the hair and plait it down with or without extensions going as long as you want. These braids are low-maintenance and can be kept for a few days.

6. Cornrows

Cornrows-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Make your kid stand out from the crowd by opting for cornrows that involve braiding the hair very close to the scalp. Try straight-back knits or a swooped pattern depending on your choice.

7. Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

These knits are in fact cornrows that Beyoncé sported for her ‘Lemonade’ album and hence the name. The braids are swept on one side with or without a parting to fall at the front at waist/ chest length.

8. Pop Smoke Style

Pop Smoke Style-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Named after the rapper Pop Smoke, these braids are defined as straight chunky cornrows lying perpendicularly to a characteristic middle part. This style is ideal for boys and girls with short hair.

9. Classic Look

Classic Look-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Why complicate when a simple look does the job? Detangle the hair and plait it into a simple braid that women and girls are wearing as long as history exists. Opt for two braids instead of one for a change.

10. Plaited Ponytail

Plaited Ponytail-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Another Kiddies Braid Hairstyles that your little star will love. Gather the mane in a high or low ponytail and entwine it in a simple fishtail braid adding another hair tie at the end.

11. Pretty Pigtails

Pretty Pigtails-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Country Living Magazine

Pigtails are adorable and every girl has rocked them at least once. Weave both sides of the head into braids going as far as you want and adorn them with colorful rubber bands and hairpins.

12. Pop of Color

Pop of Color-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Glitter Girls Pamper Parties

Kiddies Braid Hairstyles give the opportunity to rock vibrant hair colors without using a drop of hair dye. Get those eye-popping synthetic extensions in any color your child likes and incorporate them while creating any hairstyle.

13. Add Some Beads

Add Some Beads-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles

Cornrows and box braids may seem a bit boring at times. Breathe some life into them by adding beads at the ends. Wooden beads, transparent beads, or colorful ones there are so many options to choose from!

14. Braided Bob with Bangs

Braided Bob with Bangs-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles

This unique bob with bangs is sure to turn around some heads. The braids are cut to dangle just above the shoulders with the front ones covering the forehead while grazing the eyes. Eye-catching, right?

15. Tribal Vibe

Tribal Vibe-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Lemon8

Inspired by Fula people of Africa these braids are characterized by a central plait with the remaining knits falling on both sides. There are a number of patterns that can be tried out. All you need is some creativity.

16. Snake Braids

Snake Braids-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Fresh As Daisy Kids Spa

Got a brave child? This kiddies braids hairstyle is just what you need. Snake braids are zigzag plaits that just seem like literal snakes slithering on the head. Create one big snake plait or several smaller scalp braids.

17. Plaited Headband

Plaited Headband-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles

Keep it simple yet stylish by braiding the front strands from one ear to the other creating a gorgeous headband with natural hair. Leave the remaining tresses loose or assemble them in an updo.

18. Knitted Heart

Knitted Heart-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

It is better to seek professional help when considering this look. Ask the hairstylist to produce the hearts above the ears along the sides or on top of the head. With a little practice, moms can get this look done at home too.

19. Flower Bun

Flower Bun-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Intertwine those side locks and merge them into a single braid on the back. Pull the strands loose for a bubbly appeal before wrapping the knit towards the head. The result is a cute floral bun that is sure to be praised.

20. Fancy Updo

Fancy Updo-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles

Weave the strands along the sides or opt for a single jumbo plait on top while swirling the remaining locks in an updo at the back. Pull some strands loose to frame the face and add butterfly clips all over the head.

21. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Moms who find braiding difficult can give Senegalese twists a shot. The strands are twisted clockwise before they are swirled around each other in an anti-clockwise direction. Use extensions if needed.

22. Bold Faux Hawk

Bold Faux Hawk-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Lemon8

Turn your girl into a tiny rock star with this bold kiddies braid hairstyle. Produce an oversized Dutch braid in the center and couple it with a low or high ponytail. Apply pomade to the sides for a sleek look.

23. Space Buns

Space Buns-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Space buns are playful and suitable to keep hair away from the face. Style the hair into two ponytails, braid them down, and wrap the knits into two buns sitting on the top. Cute!

24. Side Design

Side Design-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Naturally Curly

Instead of a braided faux hawk, go for a fluffy one with your natural afro hair. Create fine knits along the sides of the head with the remaining strands gathering automatically in the middle. Tada!

25. Play with Geometry

Play with Geometry-Kiddies Braid Hairstyles
Source: Baby Bambino

Carve out triangular or hexagonal sections before plaiting the hair and incorporate blonde extensions with matching beads for a two-toned appeal. Your little princess is sure to be impressed!

26. Waterfall Effect

Waterfall Effect
Source: Pinterest

Start plaiting at the front grabbing chunks from the top and pulling them through the knit creating a cascade effect. Continue to the back. These waterfall braids are suitable for any formal event.

27. Ombre Look

Ombre Look
Source: Naturally Curly

Use pink, red, purple, or any other extensions of your kid’s liking and incorporate them midway to the ends to get the ombre braids of your dreams! Go as long as you want keeping in mind not to overburden the head

28. Crisscrossed

Source: Naturally Curly

Two plaits at the front that cross over at the back like an X shape are sure to grab some attention. The same effect can be achieved with box braids for an intricate look.

29. Twisted Pony

Twisted Pony

Intertwine one of the two chunks of a ponytail and twist it around the other. Apart from that you can also take two small sections and create a fishtail knit while encircling around the pony. Unique!

30. Pull-Through Style

Pull-Through Style
Source: Pinterest

The pull-through technique is an easy option for mothers looking for kiddies braid hairstyles but find braiding laborious. Generate multiple ponies in a straight line and split the ponies above over those lying below. Easy!

31. Loop Braids

Loop Braids
Source: Pinterest

Make your kid wear this nostalgic loopy hairdo that your mother used to try on you! The trick is simple, join the braid ends with the base of the head and secure in place with ribbons.

32. Interconnected Mesh

Interconnected Mesh
Source: Pinterest

Produce multiple knits horizontally or vertically on the head and join them together resulting in a weaved mesh. Interconnect the strands among the braids for a more complicated look.

33. Upside-Down Braid + Bow Bun

Upside-Down Braid + Bow Bun
Source: Pinterest

A popular hairdo to turn a little lady into a true fashionista. Bend over and braid towards the top of the head while the remaining hair is assembled in a cute bow bun updo.

34. 4-Strand Braid

4-Strand Braid
Source: Pinterest

It requires a bit of practice and patience to master 4-strand braids but once you learn them there is no turning back! Recreate all the styles mentioned above but with much more attractive outcomes!

35. Side-Swept

Source: Tuko News

A French or Dutch braid moving diagonally from one side of the head towards the opposite side while falling at the front is ideal to make your girl feel chic without much effort. Add some tiny clips and done.

36. Plaits and Curls

Plaits and Curls
Source: Reddit

Bored of your child’s box braid but don’t have the energy for a new hairdo? A simple trick can help you achieve a brand new kiddies braid hairstyle effortlessly. Start pulling strands out of the knits resulting in a hot mess of plaits and curls.

37. Goddess Vibes

Goddess Vibes
Source: Pinterest

Goddess braids are chunkier than cornrows. Feed in extensions while plaiting if the hair is thin and alternate them with fine cornrows for an eye-catching look. This look can be kept for some days.

38. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-Up, Half-Down
Source: Pinterest

A classic half-up hairstyle coupled with braids opens the possibility of endless hairdos. You can plait the side locks and secure them at the back or opt for a flower bun instead. Double Dutch braids are another option.

39. Coily Ends

Coily Ends
Source: Pinterest

Add a personal touch to those boring knotless braids. How? Stop plaiting the hair near the ends leaving the remaining part loose. Add curls for a voguish appeal or use curly extensions instead.

40. Accessorize


Accessorized hairdos are the dream of all young ladies. Whatever hairstyle you choose adorn it with beads, hair rings, hair cuffs, tiny clips, and colorful ponytails, and see a smile pop on your girl’s face.

41. Multi-Colored Threads

Multi-Colored Threads
Source: Pinterest

Bring an entire rainbow on the head by getting those colorful yarn threads. Wrap them around the knits or interweave them individually using a needle. No two hairstyles will ever be the same!

42. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids
Source: Naturally Curly

Bubble braids are the easiest to achieve of all. Add multiple hair ties along the length of one, two, or more ponytails while fluffing up the sections in between. Groovy!

43. Baby Braids

Baby Braids
Source: Pinterest

If your little star likes to keep her tresses down, separate several fine chunks all over the head especially the ones at the front and plait them down with or without securing the ends with rubber bands.

44. Jumbo Spiral

Jumbo Spiral

Combine the techniques of a halo braid and flower bun to achieve this look. Start from one point, continue weaving the hair towards the center of the head, and observe a hypnotizing spiral appear gradually.

45. Ladder Style

Ladder Style
Source: Pinterest

Add one step to the waterfall braid hairdo to turn your Kiddies Braid Hairstyles into one of a kind. After completing the first knit create another one below with the cascading strands left out for a ladder effect.

46. Half-Done Scalp Knits

Half-Done Scalp Knits
Source: Pinterest

Another way to create a knitted headband with natural hair is by going for half-done cornrows. The scalp plaits are extended a few inches while the remaining mane is styled into usual box braids.

47. Extra Long

Extra Long

Braids enable girls as well as mature women to rock a long mane instantly without waiting for the hair to grow out. Get any extensions of your choice and incorporate them in the knits going as long as you wish.

48. Braids on Braids

Braids on Braids
Source: Pinterest

Did you know braids can be braided further? Sure they can! Style those knotless plaits further into one or two jumbo braids. You can also produce a single classic braid and place another fine knit along its center.

49. Layered

Source: Pinterest

Braids worn by black girls are often straight but that is not always necessary. Refresh a braided bob or lob by chopping the knits at varying lengths resulting in unique layers that won’t be ignored.

50. Viking Style

Viking Style
Source: Pinterest

This Kiddies Braid Hairstyles is sure to turn your little angel into a brave warrior. Create cornrows along the side with a teased puff on top and a bubble braid at the back. Don’t forget the hair cuffs!

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