Are you looking for inspiration to get your kid’s next haircut? If Mohawk is what they are asking for, here are all the inspirations you are looking for. Enjoy! Your kid knows what he wants from his next haircut. Your boy wants something classy and cool. He wants to stand out from the crowd. But you are at a loss. Which style will be kid-friendly and edgy at the same time? Luckily, there are quite a few such styles. And kids Mohawk is one of them.

And it’s not as non-conformist and challenging as you might think. On the contrary, these styles have been in trend among young kids for quite some time. They went out of fashion a while ago but they are back with a bang.

When we think of kids Mohawk hairstyles, we think of edgy, rough, and hard styles that go with adults. That’s not the case with kids Mohawk. Instead, kids Mohawk are innocent and frank just like the wearer. They can be mischievous but they aren’t too hard and appear frank and friendly.

More importantly, some of the styles among kids Mohawk can also be worn by girls. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that those styles that need shaving a part of the head are all reserved for little boys.

Kid’s Mohawk Ideas

So, if you want to grant their wish for a Mohawk style, don’t hesitate. Take these inspirations and let them flaunt their personality through the style.

1- Shorter Side

Shorter Side

In Mohawks, you have to highlight that the hair at the center of the head is longer than the sides. You can achieve this goal without shaving the side hair and keeping them short. Bring your child’s hair from both sides to the center and stand them up.

2- Parted and Short Sides

Parted and Short Sides

This style is similar to the previous one but you have to part the hair in three divisions and only gather the top hair to the center. The shorter hair on the sides will follow its natural growth direction.

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3- Faux Hawk for Kids

Faux Hawk for Kids

This style lets you persuade your kid to keep their side hair slightly longer but shorter when compared to the top hair. Again, you will divide the hair into three parts and gather the top hair as a Mohawk – or faux hawk.

4- Curly and Subtle

Curly and Subtle

You don’t have to agree to your kid’s request to get a Mohawk to get this style. It’s subtle and your kid can wear his hair everywhere without drawing unwanted attraction. It’s characterized by a taper fade and works perfectly for those kids who have curly hair.

5- Add a Man Bun

Add a Man Bun

It looks subtle and cute. You can keep the sides short to match the curly texture of the Mohawk.

6- Afro Mohawk

Afro Mohawk

You don’t need special rules to style your little one’s afro hair in Mohawk. Instead, the style will keep the locks in place.

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7- Blonde Afro Mohawk

Blonde Afro Mohawk

Add more style to his style by dying the mane blonde.

8- Back Combed with Taper Fade

Back Combed with Taper Fade

He can flaunt a grown-up style with this style without sacrificing his side hair. The subtle style doesn’t look a lot subtle when you comb the long center hair back.

9- Back Combed and Super Long

Back Combed and Super Long

Warning: This style is in no way subtle.

You start with short side hair and super-long top hair. Then, you comb the tresses back and keep them shining and in place with hair gel.

10- Shaven Style for Toddlers

Shaven Style for Toddlers

This style leaves only the thinnest pack of hair on the center top. Even this hair recedes into shave gradually as you go back. When styling, you will make small innocent spikes on top of your head.

11- Extra Long for Toddlers

Extra Long for Toddlers

You don’t need to leave the hair running all the way to the back of his head for a toddler’s style. Leave only the top central hair extra long and shave the rest.

12- Mohawk with Bangs

Mohawk with Bangs

This super cute and mischievous style is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Complete it with short side hair.

13- Long Top Hair with Undercut

Long Top Hair with Undercut

You wouldn’t shave all his hair on the side. Instead, you only shave the lower one leaving the top hair on the side to mix undercut style with Mohawk. Keep the top hair medium or long as he desires.

14- Wavy Mohawk

Wavy Mohawk

Combine any style with shaven or short-hair sides with wavy tresses on top. These tresses will follow the natural growth direction so make sure you aren’t combing them back.

15- Comb-Up Mohawk

Comb-Up Mohawk

It’s your kid’s choice whether he keeps the sides shaved or short. The top hair will be medium long.

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16- Curly and Shaven

Curly and Shaven

When you keep your kid’s top hair curly it’s already too subtle. You can give them an extra feel of shaved sides without drawing in too much attention.

17- Striking and Edgy

Striking and Edgy

And if you don’t mind attracting too much attention to your kid, you can choose to shave all the hair on the sides and leave small hair on top.

18- Punk Mohawk

Punk Mohawk

In addition to keeping the strands upright in Mohawk, this style also lets some of them lay on the forehead of your kid. The best part is that you don’t need to cut the side hair short to get this style. All the hair has to be 3 to 4 inches long.

19- Mohawk with a Rat Tail

Mohawk with a Rat Tail

If he dares to stand out from the crowd, this style is for him. Ask the stylist to leave the side hair short. Then, get a pattern shaved on a small part. You want medium hair in the center for this style. Complete it with a long rat tail in the back of the head.

20- Original Mohawk

Original Mohawk

This Mohawk includes all features of the original style with shaved sides and long center hair running till the back of the kid’s head. Be ready to use lots of gel to keep the tresses straight up.

21- Original but Short

Original but Short

Here the center hair is only medium long and the sides are shaved. The thin center mane is kept upright subtly creating the Mohawk style.

22- Long and Bold

Long and Bold

Or you can choose to pair shaved sides with long hair on top of his head. You can choose to style them backward to look bold and sleek. Or you can let the front hair lay flat on the forehead.

23- Bold with Red

Bold with Red

Mix up your kid’s blonde hair with red spikes with kid-friendly dye.

24- White

24- White -

Let your kid’s blonde tresses shine through on the side and dye the top white to stand out.

25- Metallic is Another Choice

Metallic is Another Choice

You can also color the top hair in metallic dyes. Make sure that the dye you are using is friendly for the kids.

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26- Metallic with Wavy Mohawk

Metallic with Wavy Mohawk

Style his hair in a sleek wavy texture after coloring them in bold shades. Some bold colors include blue, purple, and silver.

27- Super Long with Dye

Super Long with Dye

Let your child attract attention wherever he goes with this style. You can dye his blonde tresses in rainbow colors. Or you can electrify his black tresses with purple or red colors.

28- Sleek and Curly

Sleek and Curly

You have seen sleek combed back Mohawks and you have also seen those that are curly and textured. But have you seen one that’s a mix of these two styles? See one when your kid flaunts it with short sides and medium long top hair.

29- Short and Subtle

Short and Subtle

Here, you wouldn’t shave the sides but will keep short hair to maintain the natural look. Then, you will keep the top hair slightly longer than that of the sides.

30- Random and Subtle

Random and Subtle

This design uses a random pattern to shave some hair on each side. Other hair is left at a short length and the top hair is left long and upright.

31- Full-Side Pattern

Full-Side Pattern

Instead of getting a shaving pattern for a part of the side of your kid’s head, you can go with shaving the whole side with this pattern. Keep the central tresses long and distinct and let him flaunt his mischievous look.

32- Random Design

Random Design

This haircut uses kids mohawk inspiration to shave a figure on the side of their heads. Again, the top remains long, and hard with hair gel.

33- Random Design with Curls

Random Design with Curls

You can also use your kid’s inspiration to shave the sides with a head full of curls.

34- Mohawk with Surgical Lines

Mohawk with Surgical Lines 

You get a fade cut for the side then add three to four surgical lines running behind the ears. Leave medium length for the top hair.

35- Shaved Curves and Undercut

Shaved Curves and Undercut

Unlike other shaved patterns, you will change the pattern of these curves from one side to the other.

36- Shaved and Buzz

Shaved and Buzz

This unique Mohawk starts with shaved sides. But you get a buzz cut for the center hair. Note that this patch of hair should be adequately wide to remain apparent and obvious.

37- Medium and Long

Medium and Long

When you get a Mohawk for kids, you don’t stick with the ground rules. Instead of shaving the sides, for example, you can keep them short. This style will take a step further allowing you to keep the sides medium length and the top hair should be long. Then, style the spikes and your kid is good to go.

38- Short and Medium

Short and Medium

Spikes don’t have to be too edgy. If you keep his side hair short and top hair medium, the resulting spikes will be innocently cute.

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39- Girl’s Mohawk with Cornrows and Braid

Girl’s Mohawk with Cornrows and Braid

The large braid at the top resembles a Mohawk and the cornrows on the side keep the side hair out of sight.

40- Just a Large Braid on Top

Just a Large Braid on Top

You will get this girl’s Mohawk look by braiding most of the hair on top of your girl’s head after collecting all the hair from the sides.

41- Use Bantu Knots

Use Bantu Knots

Of course, you will only tie these knots in the center of her head and use hair from all over the head to get them.

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42- Bantu Knots with Side Cornrows

Bantu Knots with Side Cornrows

Accessorize the style mentioned above with two cornrows one emerging from each side.

43- Bantu Knots with Cornrows

Bantu Knots with Cornrows-kids mohawk

Collect hair from the sides and top using cornrows and tie these knots in the center to mimic Mohawk for your girl.

44- Top Braid with Cornrows

Top Braid with Cornrows-kids mohawk

Cornrows help with keeping the hair collected and sleek. For this hairstyle, you have to collect these braids at the top center of your child’s head to braid.

45- Top Ponytail with Cornrows

Top Ponytail with Cornrows

You don’t have to braid your child’s hair after collecting its cornrows at the top. Instead, you can let them choose between a braid, ponytail, and Bantu knots every day.

46- Cornrows with a Pattern

Cornrows with a Pattern-kids mohawk

You can accessorize the above style by styling cornrows in a wavy pattern. These v-shaped cornrows will collect small to large hair on the side and bring it on the top of your girl’s head for a raised braid or ponytail.

47- Braided Cornrows with Loose Ends

Braided Cornrows with Loose Ends-kids mohawk

This Mohawk style uses cornrows to braid the top braid but leaves the ends of these cornrows loosely flowing on the neck.

48- Corkscrew Curls

Corkscrew Curls-kids mohawk

Celebrate your princess’ hair with princess curls of corkscrew curls. Of course, you will have to collect these curls on the top of her head and tie them so the curls remain clustered in the desired place.

49- A French Ponytail

A French Ponytail-kids mohawk

Yes, that old and classic ponytail is what resembles a Mohawk for girls. Make it more prominent by collecting the hair in beads before feeding the tail.

Take Away

This post discussed 49 kids Mohawk styles for your kid to get inspiration for their next haircut. And don’t worry; we have also included those designs that aren’t too striking and cold. All these are kid-friendly and some of them are suitable for girls.

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