You can choose knotless braids because of plenty of reasons. You can love the versatility they offer. Or you love the style – they are in trend after all! You can also prefer them because of their low maintenance nature or their ease on your hair.

You can wear them short or long . And you can add colors to make them lovelier. Here are 60 knotless braid styles to inspire your next hairstyle. Don’t forget to check out the FAQ section at the end of the post to know more about what to expect from these braids.

Ideas For Knotless Braids

Here are some ways to style your hair in knotless braids.

1. Heart and Triangle Braids

Heart And Triangle Braids

You can go for larger hair divisions with these braids. Start with large heart-shaped divisions. Then, in the areas that remain uncovered, you braid in triangles.

2. Only Triangle

Only Triangle

If you are a fan of large hair divisions for braids, triangle braids are another option for you.

3. Small Triangles

Small Triangles

When it comes to triangle hair partitions, large is not the only choice you have. If you want smaller braids, you can adapt the style for smaller triangles just as well.

4. Simply Traditional

Simply Traditional

Go with the most basic styling method – thin, square braids. Get them long and let them down or tie them in a high bun.

5. Traditional with a Twist

Traditional With A Twist

These are square braids with larger divisions. They are easy to attain and maintain.

6. Diamond Knotless Braids

Diamond Braids

Hair divisions are easy when you do it with a diamond shape. You can use large divisions to make knots thick or you can go with a more natural style of small braids.

7. Long and Loose Knotless Braids

Long And Loose

This is an easy style you can wear on any occasion. You start with long, waist-length braids and let the ends loose and curly as they are.

8. Long and Curly

Long And Curly

Instead of letting your knotless braids loose, you can choose to curly hair them.

9. Curly Ends Knotless Braids

Curly Ends

In fact, the curly ends of these braids are a popular hairstyle that can be worn on braids of any length.

10. Boho Style

Boho Style

Flaunt your bohemian taste with these braids. Complete the look with beads or rings.

11. Black and Classic

Black And Classic

You can do without adding another color to your jet black hair color. Flaunt your braids with traditional square divisions.

12. Stray Locks

Stray Locks

You don’t have to include all your hair to get the knotless braids. Instead, let some strands loose to curl them later.

13. Stray Curls Knotless Braids

Stray Curls

Unlike the previous style where you let your locks go free straight from your scalp, this style will need you to let some strands out from your thick braids. You can let these strands out at any length of your braid randomly.

14. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Braids

Use the same style as above and instead of traditional square braids, use larger hair divisions for braiding.

15. Jumbo and Extra-Long

Jumbo And Extra-Long

Make it lustrous by combining volume and length into your braids.

16. Jumbo Braids with Beads

Jumbo Braids With Beads

When you are bold, it shows. Beads are another way to present your boldness with jumbo braids.

17. Leaving Out Baby Hair

Leaving Out Baby Hair

Instead of leaving out large hair strands for curls, you can allow your baby hair to remain out of the braids. Complete the style with medium to large braids.

18. Half & Half

Half n Half

This hairstyle randomly completes some braids and leaves others loose and curly.

19. Center Parted

Center Parted

This plain and simple design can be worn as it is or you can accessorize it with beads and rings.

20. Knotless Cornrows

Knotless Cornrows

Embrace the cornrows and flaunt your black locks with symmetrical cornrows. Wear them short, long, or extra long.

21. Heart-Shaped with a Twist

Heart-Shaped With A Twist

You must have seen and tried heart-shaped divisions for knotless braids. But this style with heart-shaped cornrows is unique of all. Try it if you can afford to spend more time doing your hair.

22. Black Braids with Blonde Highlights

Black Braids With Blonde Highlights

Transform your regular black hairstyle into a sensation by coloring the braids on top of your head blonde.

23. Pair with Accessories

Pair With Accessories

This is a regular method to decorate your hair so don’t forget it while brainstorming all the options. Adding beads is the most favored styling method for knotless braids.

24. Cuffs Knotless Braids

Or Cuffs

You can use them randomly or strategically and they will enhance the color and appearance of your hair dramatically without much fuss.

25. Use Colorful Beads

Use Colorful Beads

Use a mix of colors for your extra-long braids.

26. Small Knotless Braids

Small Knotless Braids

These days, you get many styles embracing thick braids. But you cannot deny that smaller ones look more lustrous and stylish. Plus, you can wear them in virtually every style.

27. Face Framing Long Braids

Face Framing Long Braids

Enhance your facial features with these braids. Wear them long for more beauty.

28. Bun for Small Knotless Braids

Bun For Small Knotless Braids

This easy style will keep your braids out of your way when you need to focus on your work.

29. A High Bun Knotless Braids

High Bun

It makes the look even more flattering.

30. Lazy Updo Knotless Braids

Lazy Updo

This style is perfect for medium to long braids. Create a lazy and approachable look by styling baby hair on your forehead.

31. Ponytail Knotless Braids

Or a Ponytail

Ponytail is easy and forgiving with small knotless braids.

32. Half-up Bun

Half up Bun

Your natural, small braids are also perfect for a half-up bun for an occasion requiring dressing up.

33. Half-Up Half-Down Knotless Braids

Half-Up Half-Down Knotless Braids

Don’t stop yourself from flaunting your long braids just because you are busy. Use the half-up half-down style and be you.

34. Ombre Knotless Braids with Curls

Ombre Knotless Braids with Curls

These sun-kissed knotless braids are classy and attractive. Curl the lower ends of these locks and flaunt effortlessly.

35. Extra Small Knotless Braids

Extra Small Knotless Braids

These braids are made with the smallest possible partition of hair. Just like small braids, these look natural and are easier to style.

36. Ombre and Extra-Long

Ombre and Extra-Long

Mix up colors by adding blonde color to your locks. This change in color will become more pronounced with extra-long hair. Start the dye near your scalp to make it more prominent.

37. Or Reverse Ombre

Reverse Ombre

This coloring technique will give a light shade near the top and a darker tone near the ends.

38. Blonde Highlights for Extra-Long

Blonde Highlights for Extra-Long

Instead of dying your hair, you can use highlights to add colors to your style. Blonde or brown highlights are easy and natural for black hair.

39. Burgundy Ombre

Burgundy Ombre

If you are looking for bold ombre colors, ditch brown and blonde to favor the burgundy shade. Again, wear it long.

40. Long Braids Redefined

Long Braids Redefined

If waist-length braids are long, butt-length braids are super long. They need extra care – of course. But the style is on another level.

41. Lobs Style for Braids

Lobs Style for Braids

Get this chic look with short braids. You will keep them just below your shoulders.

42. Waist-length Platinum Braids

Waist-length Platinum Braids

Color them through their length if you want.

43. Cherry Red and Long

Cherry Red and Long

When you dye the braids with this bold color, you have two options: either dye your braids from the roots or go ombre.

44. Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights

This simple, yet bold style is what you would want for your next big event.

45. Pink and Black

Pink and Black

You only have to dye some of your braids pink leaving others black.

46. Ombre with Brown and Red

Ombre with Brown and Red

You can make it more attractive by changing the length at which your locks change colors, randomly.

47. Angled Partitions

Angled Partitions

This style keeps some braids to the front and some at the back. With these versatile angles, you can flaunt them without styling more.

48. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids

Get these symmetrical cornrows thick for your long locks.

49. Short Knotless Braids

Short Knotless Braids

Short braids are loved by most women because of their low maintenance needs, ease on the scalp, and styling versatility.

50. Short Knotless Braids with Beads

Short Knotless Braids with Beads

This natural style is easy yet glamorous.

51. Short with Low Ponytail

Short with Low Ponytail

Short braids shouldn’t be difficult to tie if you get them at the right length. This busy style will keep the locks out of your eyes.

52. Short with High Ponytail

Short with High Ponytail

Or you can get a high ponytail to make it lovelier.

53. Pigtails Knotless Braids


This girly style is suitable for outdoor activities.

54. Double Messy Buns

Double Messy Buns

One of the most youthful styles, the double messy bun will give you a sophisticated look without getting too difficult to carry.

55. Half-Up Half-Down Space Bun

Half-Up Half-Down Space Bun

Make the double messy bun more stylish by adding the half-up half-down style.

56. Red Braids

Red Braids

Colored braids mean an increased need for maintenance. But short braids will ease this need a bit. This style with red, short braids is completed with rows of beads.

57. Blue Knotless Braids

Or Blue

This is another youthful style for girls. Complete the style with similar colored beads.

58. Crochet Knotless Braids

Crochet Knotless Braids

Make braiding simple with this styling technique.

59. Knotless Passion Twist

Knotless Passion Twist

You can embrace the knotless style with passion twist. Experiment with tones and colors and let it stay for up to two months.

60. Long with Passion Twist

Long with Passion Twist

You love your long braids. Pair them with a passion twist and you are good to go.


What Are Knotless Braids?

Knotless braids are a styling technique that makes use of your natural hair to give strength to the style without putting extra pressure on the scalp. It does so by starting the braid with your natural hair and proceeds with adding strands of synthetic hair to the braid to make it voluminous.

How Are Knotless Braids Different from Box Braids?

Knotless braids don’t use synthetic hair near the scalp. Instead, it adds it down the lock as the braid starts thinning. It uses a seamless feed-in technique to add new strands. Among braided hair, you cannot distinguish where the natural hair ended and synthetic ones started. The box braid is styled by tying synthetic hair around natural hair usually near the scalp.

Are Knotless Braids Damaging?

The most prominent reason that prompts people to take up this style instead of box braids is that the former doesn’t damage your hair. It doesn’t exert much pressure on the hair follicle and scalp allowing the hair to sustain its health.

Take Away

This post gives 60 ideas for your next knotless braids. Which one did you like? Which one will you choose?

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