Little Girl Haircuts: 15 Best, Trending & Cute Hairstyles for 2024

Are you looking for fashionable hairstyles for your little girls? Then you’ve come to the right page. Whether you’re planning to send your kid to a birthday party or a school event, you want her to look the most gorgeous. Little girl haircuts can help them stand out from the rest.

Before choosing a hairstyle, you must consider the length of your girl’s hair to avoid any damage to it. Moreover, it is wise to consult your child about the new haircut before deciding to involve her in the decision.

So, what are the famous little girl haircuts? Today, we present you the top 15 in-trend hairstyles that will allow them to steal the limelight of any event.

The Best In-Trend Hairstyles

Deciding the right hairstyle for your kid begins with mutual consent. Firstly, show your chosen new haircut picture to your little girl and get her approval.

Moreover, ensure that the length of your child’s hair is enough for the hairstyle. Forcing a haircut requiring long hair on short hair could damage them and lead to growth problems. Nevertheless, here are the 15 most famous little girl haircuts.

1. Bob Princess Hairstyle

Bob Princess Hairstyle-Little Girl Haircuts

The first hairstyle in our little girl hairstyles list would help your kid to outshine anyone around her. The hairstyle involves a layered look around the head, which contributes to an overall curvy head appearance.

You can divert the hair into opposite sides from the middle when combing and choose the length per your liking. You can also ask your stylist to weave the hair for a unique addition. However, this hairstyle looks best with brown-coloured hair.

2. Sleek Bangs

Sleek Bangs-Little Girl Haircuts

Second on our little girl haircuts collection, this one suits every little girl. However, it requires considerable hair length. The cut offers a layered look around the head and best complements black hair.

The stylist trims the bang hair to give it a linear look, which then rests on the forehead. However, ensure that the fringe hair nicely joins the hair on either side.

On each side of the bang, the hair would stream down the shoulders. Although the hair’s length would depend on your preference, this hairstyle looks better on long hair.

Nonetheless, most parents favor shorter hair for this cut because it helps the kid in maintaining the hair easily.

3. Wavy Curls

Wavy Curls-Little Girl Haircuts

Are you and your child a fan of blonde hair? Then this one from our little girl haircuts list is for you. It brings a golden look through wavy and curly hair.

Overall, the hairstyle follows a layered appearance, which makes it easy to handle. The fringe hair on the forehead must combine with the left and right side hair.

The layered structure complements the wavy hair around the head, uplifting the charm of this haircut. The hair’s length is generally short, giving the curls a compact look.

The wavy hairstyle with curls is children’s favorite – it’s very simple to maintain and matches various outfits.

4. Mid Parted Straight Hair

Mid Parted Straight Hair-Little Girl Haircuts

This one from our little girl haircuts collection is for sleek hair lovers. The hairstyle sends equally diverted hair from the head in the opposite direction and best suits parents wanting a permanent haircut for their girl.

Begin by drawing a line on your girl’s head and then separate the two sides with the comb. The haircut focuses on getting a layered look around the head, which gives it a curvy appearance.

This haircut complements blonde hair ideally, matching your girl’s nearly every outfit. Determine the length according to what your kid can manage; however, the style looks superb on long hair.

5. Curly Head

Curly Head-Little Girl Haircuts

Do you desire nothing but curls on your little girl’s head? Then among other little girl haircuts, it should be your first choice.

The hairstyle appears best on a blonde head but is worth trying on any hair color. Curly head has been around for a long time and is the optimal choice of most parents due to its easy maintenance.

If you prefer to develop curls from an early age, consider going for a layered structure. The hairstyle looks marvelous on short hair, but you can also try it out on long hair. Moreover, you can choose the curls’ size as per your liking.

6. Bohemian Hairstyle

Bohemian Hairstyle-Little Girl Haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Is your little girl fancy long hair? Then this one from our little girl haircuts list might catch her eye. The Bohemian hairstyle is all about long hair, whether it’s natural or woven hair. Draw a line in the middle of the head and divide the hair into equal portions.

The overall idea is to let the sideway hair go beyond the shoulders. You can uplift this haircut’s appearance by forming little curls and layered structures – it also makes maintenance a lot easier.

7. Short Bob

Short Bob-Little Girl Haircuts

Just as for long hair fans, we have some for the short and compact hair lovers. This style from our little girl’s haircut collection is not only children’s favourite but also loved by adults. The overall concept is not letting the hair extend beyond the face.

Draw a line on your girl’s head from where you want the hair to divert into two sections. Generally, the line is side-parted.

On either side, form a curvy look on the head to give it a round appearance. This hairstyle is the choice of many – it’s easier to convert into another haircut within a short period.

8. Urban Fringe

Urban Fringe-Little Girl Haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Among little girl’s haircuts, urban fringe offers a compact yet contemporary look. Appearing best on a blonde head, this style includes both fringe and free-flowing hair on either side. The fringe hair should rest on the forehead.

You should tie the hair on either side of the head with a ponytail for a unique look. The bang, together with the tied-up hair, gives the girl a modern appearance and matches every outfit. The hair’s length should be moderate and not too long for the best demeanour.

9. Rounded Back A-Line

Rounded Back A-Line
Here is one of the finest cute little girl hairstyles – the A-line with a rounded back. Best appearing on a brown head, the style begins by side parting the hair. This haircut also gives a layered structure to the head, but in a unique way.

The head’s portion with more hair forms a declining trend, where the length of the hair increases as it reaches the jaw.

However, to pull off this haircut, you need at least a medium-sized hair length. The hairstyle offers a unique appearance, helping your child be noticeable in any event.

10. Braided Hair

Braided Hair
Source: Pinterest

This one from our little girl hairstyles collection is for those who like to appear colorful. The haircut begins with forming braids on the head and then attaching beads of various colors for a unique look.

Consider plaiting the hair into many braids before attaching the colorful beads. Use rubber bands for this process because they’re easier to remove afterward.

Although the number of braids and their length would depend on your preference, the hairstyle appears eye-catching on short hair. Among other little girl haircuts, this blends perfectly well with any outfit.

11. Long Bob

Long Bob
Source: Pinterest

We’ve discussed short bob before, and now we have one of the best hairstyles for little girls. The Long Bob begins by side parting the hair, but instead of just restricting the length to the face, it lets it flow beyond the shoulders.

Generally, the portion with shorter hair reaches the jawline, and the section with longer hair surpasses the shoulders. The length would depend upon your liking, but the lengthier the hair, the more effort it takes to maintain.

12. The Pixie

The Pixie

The last one on our girl’s haircut collection is the pixie, offering a dominant and bold look from a young age. If your kid doesn’t object to short hair, it might be an ideal hairstyle. The Pixie doesn’t usually have a partition, but you can go for a side-parted style if you wish.

This haircut best suits short-length hair and a line exceed past the ear to offer a complementing look. You can use hair accessories on the pixie to uplift the appearance of this iconic haircut.

13. Braided Headband Hairstyle

Braided Headband Hairstyle
Source: Kelley Nan

14. High Bun

High Bun
Source: Pinterest

15. Fishtail

Source: Pinterest


Just as adults have a craze to follow the latest hairstyles in fashion, today’s kids take an interest in them, as well.

School events or parties can have your girl hyped up, and as a parent, you might want your kid to look the most decent. Our little girl haircuts collection can help you remain up to date with the modern and trendy hairstyles out there.

Whether your girl prefers short, medium, or long hair, there’s plenty to try out from the likes of the pixie, long bob, urban fringe, bohemian, and countless other styles. However, we advise consulting your girl first about the chosen hairstyle and avoiding forcing her.

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