There are many things that we do to add glamour to our personality. These include makeup, fine dressing, a good hairdo, and using different accessories. Hairdos are one of the most important things that add glamour to our personality.

    Sometimes hairdo becomes very time-consuming, but at the same time, it has its importance there. But what if I tell you a hairdo that is not only time-saving but also gives you an elegant look.

    A low bun hairstyle is one of those hairstyles that suits best when you are in a hurry in the morning or when your hair is not fit to let open. Moreover, as we know summer season is roaming around; a low bun hairstyle is quite helpful in this particular season.

    A low bun hairstyle looks more decent and elegant for formal functions and dinner while going to school or college. But if you are the one who likes glamour, you can use different accessories while making your low bun hairstyle.

    Here I have mentioned different low bun hairstyles that you must try out at home yourself. There are some very easy low bun hairstyles, while others have some tricks attached to them that will make the low bun hairstyle easy for you.

    1) Low Bun With Bangs

    Low-Bun-With-Bangs-low bun hairstyles

    A low bun with bangs is a very elegant and trendy hairstyle that looks good on women of all ages. You can try this hairstyle if you have a haircut with bangs. Tie all of your hair at the back end of your head with some pins or a band.

    Try to maintain your bun as low as possible. Also, set the bangs to hang free on your face, and there you are, ready to go out with your low bun hairstyle.

    2) Low Bun With Front Bangs

    Low-Bun-with-Front-Bangs-low bun hairstyles

    A low bun with a front bang is also a very trendy hairdo. A lot of girls with front bangs wonder how to do a bun with such a haircut? The answer to your question is very simple. Comb your front bangs and then tie the remaining hair at the bottom of the head into a low bun. This hairstyle will give you a very different look.

    3) Daytime Simple Low Bun

    Daytime-Simple-Low-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    As the name shows, this is a very simple low bun hairstyle. First, comb your hair properly and make a center partition for making this hairdo. Now, apply a shiner to the crown of the head.

    Then make a ponytail at the back end of your hair and tie it with a band. Now start twisting and rolling the hair in a ponytail to make a low bun. At last, secure your bun with pins.

    4) Messy Low Bun

    Low-Messy-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    This hairdo is done to give you a little messy look. A messy low bun is made through natural hair. You do not have to do anything to your hair. At first, leaving the front section of your hair, tie the remaining hair into a loose ponytail.

    Then make a bun at the back end of your head and secure it with a bob pin. Also, loosely secure the front section of your hair with a pin. At last, to make your hairdo a bit stylish, add some kind of accessories to your hairdo like a colorful headband or crown.

    5) Sleek Low Bun

    Sleek-Low-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    A sleek low bun is mostly common among office-going ladies. It gives a very sophisticated look to the girls. For making a sleek low bun, first, comb all of your hair and apply a hair serum to smoothen the hair ends.

    Some people ask how to put hair in a bun? So the answer is if you feel any difficulty in putting all your hair in a bun, you can use hair serum while making a bun. After that, make a low ponytail and divide it into two sections.

    Tie a mini band to the end of each section. Now add a bobby pin to each section at the end of the band and roll both of the two sections of hair around the ponytail antagonistically. Secure the two sections of the ponytail with more bobby pins tightly. In this way, you are ready to go with your sleek low Bun.

    6) Low Bun With Side Braid

    Low-Bun-with-Side-Braid-low bun hairstyles

    This is one of the braided bun hairstyles. For making a side braid with a low bun, at first, make a side partition of your hair. Now make a side braid by making three partitions at the side of your hair. Tie the end of the side braid with a bobby pin.

    Now, make a low ponytail of the rest of your hair. Make a low bun of this ponytail, and your low bun with a side braid is ready.

    7) Side Low Bun

    Side-Low-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    Side low bun is one of the most liked buns of all times. It also looks good on everyone. It is also quite simple to make a low side bun. Firstly, comb your hair properly and tie them all to one side of your head.

    There is no restriction on the side; you can tie your hair with a ponytail on either side that you like. Make sure to tie your hair in a ponytail as much low as you can. After that, make two partitions of the ponytail and roll them around the band antagonistically to make a bun. At last, secure the bun by using some bobby pins and your side low Bun is ready.

    8) Low Space Buns

    Low-Space-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    Low-space buns are a very funky kind of hairstyle. These kinds of hairdos mostly suit young or teenage girls. For making this hairstyle, at first, you have to comb your hair properly. After that, make a center partition of your hair.

    Now make low ponytails on each partition, one towards the left and the other towards the right side of your head. Tie these two ponytails with bands. At last, roll the hair of these two ponytails around the band to make two low buns and secure them with bobby pins.

    9) Half Up Half Down Bun

    Half-up-half-Down-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    This type of hairstyle mostly goes well with curly or frizzy hair types. For making this hairdo, instead of tying all of your hairs into a ponytail just use half of your hair. After grabbing half of your hairs at the crown of your head tie them into a ponytail by using a rubber band.

    After that, make a bun of that ponytail by rolling the hair around the band and securing it with pins. Allow the remaining hair to fall down freely, and your hairdo is ready.

    10) Double Braided Low Bun

    Double-Braided-Low-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    This is a very fancy type of hairstyle most commonly done during weddings and related functions by the bride.

    For making this hairstyle comb your hair and make a center partition. Make side braids on both sides of your head and secure them at the bottom end with bobby pins. After that, tie all the remaining hair into a bun and secure the bun using some bobby pins.

    11) Elegant Low Bun

    Elegant-Low-Bun-low bun hairstyles

    Simple low buns can also look elegant. For making this hairdo, it is recommended to curl your hair a bit. After that, make a loose low bun and secure it with bobby pins. Also, you can pull some strands out with your fingers to give your hairdo a bit messier look.

    12) Unstructured Low Bun

    Unstructured Low Bun-low bun hairstyles

    This is a loose and messy kind of natural bun. For making this bun, there are no hard and fast rules. The only thing you have to do is tie all of your hair into a bund. The beauty of this hairdo lies in its unstructured nature. So do not worry about securing your unstructured low bun with many bobby pins.

    13) Twisted Chignon Bun

    A classic chignon bun is a sophisticated kind of hairdo. It is mostly preferred by women of age above forty. The benefit of this style is that it makes the faces flatter of women of all ages. For making this hairstyle take a small portion of hair from both sides of the head.

    Then start twisting these partitions and securing them with bobby pins at the bottom end of your head. At last, make a low bun of all the remaining hair and secure it with some bobby pins.

    14) Fuss-Free Side Bun

    Side bun-low bun hairstyles

    This low bun hairstyle is really appealing because it appears stylish and polished. The thing that stands out about this hairdo is its simplicity. This hairdo simply requires a quick pullback and some twists of the hair for the completion of the entire look.

    15) Low Bun With Scarf


    For making the hairdos stylish, different types of hair accessories are used. These hair accessories include stylish hair bands, pins or scarfs, etc. Using scarfs with low buns makes the hairdo pretty. There are different colored scarfs available that you can use while making your low bun hairstyle.

    16) Flirty Messy Bun


    A style that shows off your hair’s natural texture, such as a messy bun, lets you embrace your hair’s natural texture. The best thing about this hairdo is that it is trendy and feminine. This bun’s layers, braided, and messy nature makes it very stylish. You can add some accessories to make the bun more flattering, like flowers.

    17) Tiny Low Bun with Side Braid


    Some girls having short hair worry about how they can make buns of their short hair. But there is nothing to worry about; you can make a small bun if you have short hair. A side braid can add style to your small bun hairstyle. A side plait or a twist can also add glamour to your small low bun.

    18) Powder Pink Low Bun


    The bride should be herself on her wedding day. This hairstyle is very trendy for weddings these days. The brides mostly put it up to give themselves a unique and special look. In addition to giving a feminine appearance, this hairstyle is also edgy because of its pesto pink color.

    19) Infinite Low Bun

    Infinite low bun is a very unique way of styling your hair. As the name shows, this hairdo has something to do with the infinity sign. Weddings, date nights, or even formal gatherings are perfect for it. An infinity symbol, which represents forever, has been created by manipulating the style.

    20) Single Braided Low Bun


    The single braided low bun is one of the easiest and most common low bun hairstyles. With minimal effort, you can achieve the single braided low bun. You just need to follow the four basic steps. First, comb your hair and make a center partition.

    Make a low ponytail and tie it with a band. Make a single braid of the ponytail and secure it with a rubber band at the end. At last, roll the braid to make a bun of it and secure it using some bobby pins.

    21) Red Radiant Low Bun


    The red radiant low bun is especially for those with a red die. The colors of your hair should be balanced with a sleek style for formal occasions when they are dyed a bright color. First, comb your hair properly and make a side partition for making this hairdo.

    Then make a french side braid by taking a small portion of your hair. Try to pull back hair to minimize tendrils and messiness. At last, make a low bun of the remaining hair and secure it using some bobby pins.

    22. Tuck and Roll Bun

    Tuck and Roll Bun

    22. Double Bun

    Double Bun

    Final Words:

    Low buns are, without a doubt, one of the best and most sophisticated ways of styling your hair. It does not matter whether you have long, short, straight, curly, or dyed hair. If you want to have a low bun, you would have different options to make your hairdo. The above-mentioned low bun hairstyles will also help you in styling your hair.

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