Matching Couple Tattoos: 90+ Unique Tattoo Styles [Updated 2024]

A while ago, married couples would exchange either rings, bracelets or rockets as a way of expressing their undying love for each other. However, things have changed, and tattoos are now the in-thing. Currently, modern couples opt for matching couple tattoos in place of wedding rings.

Other couples prefer distinct phrases, japanese symbols, or numbers. Some get discreetly hidden away, while others hide in body parts we can’t easily see.

Whichever you choose, ensure you withhold the feelings you have for each other. Below are some trendy and beautiful ideas for matching couple tattoos to consider.

1. Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring Finger Tattoos

The tattoos represent marriage bands. Many people don’t feel comfortable wearing rings, and in that, they prefer having one draw to symbolize their marital status and the undying love they have for each other.

2. Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos

The tattoos are less painful, and they also heal faster. They are also the best for couples in professions that might get frowned upon for having tattoos.

3. Hidden Meaning

Hidden Meaning

The tattoo might be playful and attractive but with a hidden meaning. An example would be a moon and the other a wolf, cartoons, characters or abbreviations that only the couple knows the secret behind.

4.  Unique Tattoos

Unique Tattoos

matching couple tattoos show creativity, commitment and the kind and value of love you two share.

The tattoos may represent the person’s profession but have a powerful connection with the relationship.

5. Finger Tattoos

Finger Tattoos

Fingers have a small surface to write on. Therefore, the couples should look for a meaningful concept to write about. Finger tattoos are cute and symbolic.

6. Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos

They might be obvious, but they are the most sentimental gestures to express your love in an absolute sense. The heart symbols are robust, with deep passionate emotions attached to them.

7.  Reversed Hearts

Reversed Hearts

The reversed heart is a simple yet unique way of having a heart tattoo. A couple may draw a reversed heart, and the other gets a spade for uniqueness.

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8. Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses

Instead of just writing the words “hug” and “kisses”, young couples should consider the unique way of writing the same used in phone texting where the letter “X” represents hugs, and “O” represents kisses.

9. Crown Symbolism

Crown Symbolism

King and Queen Tattoos are a constant reminder of being strong together. It symbolizes the power, strength and capability you both have of depending and defending each other.

10. Newlywed’s Tattoos

Newlywed’s Tattoos

Those who draw on the rings see it as a more permanent and non-traditional symbol of their eternal marriage and love for each other.

11. Love Quote

Love Quote

In a relationship based on love, words are a huge part. Couples may decide to write an entire quote or a half quote while others get the other half to complete the quote.

12. Playful


An example of this would be the picture of trending cartoon characters, characters from old fairy tale stories that are modern with a contemporary twist.

13. Infinity Sign

Infinity Sign

The design is a drawing of a loop that does not have a start or an ending point. The infinity sign tattoo is romantic, for they carry deep-rooted sentimental values.

14. You and Me Infinity Signs

You and Me Infinity Signs

Like the above design, this design is of an infinity sign but with a twist. Here the couple adds the words you and me on the infinity sign to show their love is eternal.

15. Lock and Key

Lock and Key

A lock and key in a love relationship is a sign of commitment that symbolizes monogamy. They say that your spouse with the key tattoo is the only one with complete access to your heart.

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16. Heart With Lock and Key

Heart With Lock and Key

The design has a heart and a lock engraved inside the heart. They then place the other heart design on the key and some additional detailed shading.

17. Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon

They may seem like two distinct entities, but the sun and the moon are tremendous forces that have an attraction that creates a balance in the universe. A couple may use the idea to show how they contrast vastly, but being together brings a balance in their relationship.

18. Wolf and Moon

Wolf and Moon

We have seen in the movies that the alpha wolf gains strength during the full moon. Couples can use the idea to show without the other, and one would be weak and vulnerable.

19. Pack of Wolf

Pack of Wolf

Wolfs are wild but very protective of each other in the packs. Having matching matching couple tattoos represents having powerful instincts, loyalty and fierce protection of each other.

20. Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos

matching couple tattoos who use this skull often send the message to the world that only death will separate them.

It’s common for people who appreciate dark humour but have a soft spot for romance and eternal love.

21. Disney Tattoos

Disney Tattoos

We know Disney for fairy stories that always end happily ever after. An example would be Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and prince or even the snow white and the huntsman themes for tattoos.

22. Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars has inspired many love stories, a common one being Princess Leia and Han Solo. The story shows independence, wit and strength. Couples can use phrases, characters and names to honour the series.

23. Disney Cartoon

Disney Cartoon

Some couples share bubbly and livelier spirits. They enjoy doing fun things like playing dress-up, watching fun movies and cartoons. Tattoo ideas from Disney cartoons are endless and trendy.

24. Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces

It’s a clever way of showing that you and your partner are two pieces of a puzzle that fit together. Consider ink colours that will be personal to both of you and the relationship.

25. Nerdy Tattoos

Nerdy Tattoos

Some matching couple tattoos get attracted to each other from nerdy activities like their love for science, comic books, or educational movies like Doctor Who.

The tattoos are attractive and an accurate depiction of who you are and what you love.

26. Magic Themed

Magic Themed

Many couples share a mutual love for magic movies, theme parks, and classical. Having such tattoos is a constant reminder that love is magical, and you can do anything together as long as you both have a supernatural and undying love for each other.

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27. Simple Heart Tattoos

Simple Heart Tattoos

The tattoos are simple but meaningful. Examples include the plain half hearts of each spouse. They may not mean much to others, but to the couple, they are sentimental.

28. Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin Yang Tattoos

It’s an ancient concept showing two opposing energies. However, when the signs are combined, they overpower and create a balance in them. It depicts matching couple tattoos who feel different, but together they create a balance in their lives.

29. Alpha Pairs Tattoo

Alpha Pairs Tattoo

We derive the alpha symbol from ancient Greek, meaning the beginning. It’s ideal for a gay couple to symbolize a splendid start to their love life.

30. Country Themed Tattoo

Country Themed Tattoo

Couples sharing similar values and backgrounds would appreciate the idea. Inspiration from the country lifestyle includes hunting, music, and ranch themes, to mention a few.

31. Funny Tattoos

Funny Tattoos

In relationships, humour is an important aspect. Funny tattoo ideas include common words as an inside joke to the couple, puns, and amusing phrases from their favourite comedians.

32. Matching Hand Tattoos

Matching Hand Tattoos

Matching tattoos for couples may include a simple but sentimental phrase, each other’s names and unusual drawings, such as a cage on the one hand and a bird flying towards the cage on the spouse’s hand.

33. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

When matching couple tattoos use the idea for a tattoo, they often try to symbolize a grounding for each other with a feeling of humility and safety in each other’s arms.

34. Meaningful Tattoos

Meaningful Tattoos

It could be something incredible or traumatizing they went through. The matching couple tattoos ideas are a reminder that their relationship is strong and meant to last forever.

35. Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoos

The wrist tattoo is common for couples as they are in place. They are conspicuous but can get covered easily.

The tattoos can be different in design, but having them in the exact area makes them unique to a matching couple tattoos.

36. Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

They are ideal for couples who share a direct connection to some tribal heritage. You can consider the tattoos if the designs are appealing to you. However, it’s essential to learn the meaning of the design first.

37. Initial Tattoos

Initial Tattoos

They are a simple and yet effective way of matching tattoos with your spouse. You can either use initials for each other or combine initials for both your names and get a unique design and calligraphy for the tattoo.

38. Couple Names Tattoos

Couple Names Tattoos

Couples can use their names for tattoos. They could use full names, nicknames, first or last names. Ensure to use great fonts to make them pretty.

39. Modest Tattoos

Modest Tattoos

Some people prefer subtle body ink that will have a sentimental meaning in their relationship.

Such tattoos often have hidden meanings behind them. Examples include letters, words, numbers, symbols, shapes, and designs.

40. Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

Small and single matching flowers are ideal for matching couple tattoos. They are even more appealing when inked on shoulders, arms or legs.

The best flowers to use that symbolizes love are roses or your favourite flowers.

41. Stars Tattoo

Stars Tattoo

Stars are beautiful but often underrated. A single star tattoo or several tiny ones makes an exquisite tattoo, especially when couples match them up.

42. Butterflies Tattoo

Butterflies Tattoo

Butterflies refer to a relationship, especially during the initial stages where it’s beautiful and vibrant.

Whether you want them plain or detailed, big or small, a butterfly tattoo will still be outstanding.

43. Plain Words Tattoo

Plain Words Tattoo

Words carry a lot of meanings. Selecting matching calligraphy and designs like block or wavy letters is appealing and unique. The lines are often clean and crisp, making the tattoo a delight.

44. Dog Silhouettes Tattoo

Dog Silhouettes Tattoo

The design is ideal for dog lovers. They can select small silhouettes of their favorite dog breed and have it inked on a similar part on their bodies.

45. PawPrints Tattoo

PawPrints Tattoo

A couple may choose to ink tiny paws of their favorite animal that may be a cat, dog or favorite wild animal. To make them unique, they should add some color to them.

46. Waves Tattoo

Waves Tattoo

Waves are fantastic, especially when they are small and colorfully hidden in unusual areas like on the side of the thumb or on pinkies. Having them on the same part of the body with your spouse is even more appealing.

47. Zodiac Signs Tattoo

Zodiac Signs Tattoo

The zodiac signs are more personal and meaningful when used as tattoos. Couples can tattoo each other’s zodiac sign to show their love, care, and thoughtfulness for each other.

48. Flames Tattoo

Flames Tattoo

Couples who use the flame tattoo idea show that their love will keep burning for each other forever. The flame tattoo ideas range from simple linear ideas to huge ones that have more colors and designs.

49. Lion Heads Tattoo

Lion Heads Tattoo

Lion heads for couples can get inked differently. The male can draw a male lion with a massive mane, while the female could be a female lion. Tiny ones on fingers and small body parts are beautiful.

50. Scriptures Tattoo

Scriptures Tattoo

Religious couples may consider tattoo ideas like scriptures and bible verses that speak about love and relationships.

Actual scripture, specific phrases or just bible chapters and verses are ideal.

51. Teddy Bears Tattoo

Teddy Bears Tattoo

Teddy bears symbolize love, affection and innocence. They often remind the couple to love and care for each other. Females get a teddy bear with a feminine bow and one without for the man.

52. Paper Planes Tattoo

Paper Planes Tattoo

The paper planes could be a symbolic tattoo of sending a message of love to your partner. You can draw them on your wrists, a design that shows the plane leaving one arm to the other.

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53. Shaded Paper Planes Tattoo

Shaded Paper Planes Tattoo

When the paper planes get shaded in red, they show love. Couples can draw matching paper planes shaded in red on the same areas of their bodies like arms, wrists and fingers.

54. Tiny Avocados Tattoo

Tiny Avocados Tattoo

Tattooing small matching avocados is cute and funny. Couples ink small halves of avocados on and add some cute faces and colour to the avocadoes to make them prettier.

55. Diamonds Tattoo

Diamonds Tattoo

Diamonds are timeless, and a couple looking to get matching couple tattoos should consider this to show how timeless their love for each other is.

Tiny ones are trendier when inked on ankles and wrists.

56. Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

One spouse may draw an arrow, and the other a bow. The tattoo idea shows both have to be together for the relationship to work, just like how the bow and arrow works.

57. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo

It’s a terrific way of celebrating special dates in a couple’s relationship. Such tattoos are uncommon and have a great aesthetic appeal.

It will be hard for some people to decipher the meaning instantly.

58. Tiny Triangles Tattoo

Tiny Triangles Tattoo

Triangle tattoos symbolize a bond between two lovers, showing how deep in love they are. It is also a sign of the commitment to create a future family. A black and a white one is unique.

59. Crossed Arrows Tattoo

Crossed Arrows Tattoo

Cupid arrows are the oldest symbols of love in the book. Crossing two arrows symbolizes genuine love from two people who want to be together forever.

60. His and Hers Tattoo

His and Hers Tattoo

They are perfect when both tattooed in sensitive body parts where only the couple can see. The size and the location it’s tattooed gives them a great sense of boldness and intimacy.

61. Geometric Circles Tattoo

Geometric Circles Tattoo

Geometric circles make overlapping signs using different colours on each circle. The matching of the primary colours and images symbolizes a shared interest that has deep knowledge.

62. Winged Hearts Tattoo

Winged Hearts Tattoo

The winged hearts are more appealing when drawn on thumbs. One half with wings details one spouse and the other half on the other spouse to complete a whole heart when placed together.

63. Lifelines Tattoos

Lifelines Tattoos

It’s a sexy and straightforward way of a couple showing each other how much they need their partners.

Passionate lovers use these tattoos to tell each other their relationship is till death separates them.

64. EKG Heartbeat Tattoo

EKG Heartbeat Tattoo

They are best tattooed on the ankle or the wrist. The design is of a heart drawn somewhere between the R-R lines to depict a beating heart showing how the couple’s hearts beat for each other.

65. Heart Fingerprints Tattoo

Heart Fingerprints Tattoo

It’s a unique and trendy design used by couples. The tattoo artist copy’s the spouse’s fingerprint and duplicates it in a heart-shaped format on the other spouse and vice versa.

66. Pinky Swears Tattoo

Pinky Swears Tattoo

The idea is of tiny hands displaying the pinky swear sign. To ensure they show love, you could consider adding a heart sign behind the two hands or some red roses.

67. Peace and Love Tattoo

Peace and Love Tattoo

Couples could ink some tiny hearts with the peace sign symbol drawn inside the hearts. Small tattoos are best when placed in the index fingers of both parties.

68. Love Grows Flowers Tattoo

Love Grows Flowers Tattoo

The design is of a flower growing out of a heart. Tiny ones are better to illustrate this kind of love. It’s a cute illustration that love is a living thing that grows.

69. Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo

Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo

Finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of luck. Couples get this inked in to tell the world that they are the luckiest people for finding each other.

70. Foreign Language Tattoo

Foreign Language Tattoo

Expressing love in a foreign language is romantic. Having a tattoo with romantic love phrases in a foreign language is an excellent idea for couples.

71. Origami Designs Tattoo

Origami Designs Tattoo

Origami designs are unusual designs, but they are unique, especially when couples match them up. For instance, they could tattoo some beautifully coloured origami birds.

72. Doodling Tattoo

Doodling Tattoo

When some people are in love, you will find many doodling on their notebooks with hearts, roses, and love quotes. Imagine a lovely depiction of the same on your lover’s arms.

73. Ornate Design Tattoo

Ornate Design Tattoo

The ornate design is an improved and fancy version of the lock and key. It has many structures and additions, including hearts, flowers, or some gothic design.

74. String and Cups Tattoo

String and Cups Tattoo

The tattoo is a representation of a long-distance relationship. The couples draw tiny humans with a cup and a string from one spouse to the other.

75. The Brains Tattoo

The Brains Tattoo

It is primarily for intellectuals. They try to illustrate using a brain drawing that they are always on each other’s minds. Adding some cartoon theme to it makes it even more unique.

76. Robots Tattoo

Robots Tattoo

For robot lovers, drawing some robots who look so much in love is a cute idea. Imagine a manly robot giving a girly robot on the other arm a bouquet with tiny flowers flying all over.

77. Celestial Beings Tattoo

Celestial Beings Tattoo

Depending on the couple’s preferences, they could choose either the sun or the solar system, galaxies, comets, asteroids, and even meteors and meteoroids.

78. Birds Tattoos

Birds Tattoos

Birds are beautiful. A couple may decide to have huge matching ones or their feathers on their backs and tiny ones on various parts of their bodies like the neck or back of the ears.

79. Swallow Birds Tattoo

Swallow Birds Tattoo

The swallow birds represent love, care and affection between couples. The unique and lovely birds are even more breathtaking as tattoos in different colours.

80. Love Birds Tattoos

Love Birds Tattoos

They are a common type of bird used for tattoos by many couples. Their big puppy eyes make them even more adorable, as tattoos with their lovely distinction between the male and female birds.

81. Minions Tattoos

Minions Tattoos

The minions show unity, love, and loyalty to each other. Couples can tattoo their favourite minions as a sign of love, affection and devotion to each other.

82. Circle of Love Tattoo

Circle of Love Tattoo

The black curve of the circle represents the male, and the center is the female, especially with splashes of watercolours.

Half of the ring gets inked on one couple while they inked the other half of the circle on the other.

83. Fly Away Tattoo

Fly Away Tattoo

The tattoos are of a flock of birds that appear to be flying away in the same direction. Its symbolism for the couple who want to show freedom and a fresh beginning in their life.

84. Deers Tattoo

Deers Tattoo

Deer tattoos are the best for newlyweds as they symbolize strength, purity, power and fertility. A feminine version is one without horns, while a masculine one has enormous and beautiful horns.

85. Owls Tattoo

Owls Tattoo

Owls symbolize mystery and wisdom. They are spiritual guides, and couples who tattoo owls send a message of being guides for each other.

86. Turtle love Tattoos

Turtle love Tattoos

Tiny but cute turtles are a symbolism of true love, courage and patience. It’s what love is all about for it to last longer and be healthy.

87. Mountain Goat Tattoo

Mountain Goat Tattoo

We know the mountain goats for their confidence, trust and stability. A couple wearing this tattoo, whether tiny or enormous, shows strength and faith between them.

88. Music Notes Tattoos

Music Notes Tattoos

Music lovers and artists in love often use music notes matching tattoos. The couple can also ink in some beautiful and their favourite lyrics.

89. Tetris Tattoos

Tetris Tattoos

They are exquisite but straightforward, especially when you match them up with a spouse. The Tetris are stronger together, and therefore it’s ideal for a couple to symbolize strength.

90. Tech Inspired Tattoos

Tech Inspired Tattoos

Geeks and tech gurus in love may consider a wide range of tattoo designs inspired by technology.

A circuit board, monitors, and motherboards are a few ideas you and your partner should consider.

91. Gender Symbol Tattoos

Gender Symbol Tattoos

The gender symbols represent the male and female. Couples can get matching tattoos and use the gender symbol as their art designs.

92. Lady and Tramp Tattoos

Lady and Tramp Tattoos

The lady and the tramp appeal, primarily if a couple draws large tattoo art of the design. The story is about finding love even at the lowest point of your life.

93. Emoji Tattoos

Emoji Tattoos

Different tattoos have different meanings, so be careful when choosing couples matching tattoos to avoid sending the wrong message.

94. Each Other Face Tattoo

Each Other Face Tattoo

Some couples may get extreme and tattoo each other’s faces on their bodies. It’s a sign of commitment and devotion. However, be sure you are in the relationship for life before tattooing someone’s face on your body.

95. Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos

Since the invention of tattoos in the ink world, cross tattoos continue to gain popularity among men and women who identify strongly with the faith in Christ.

The tattoo is a significant symbol of Jesus’s love, sacrifice and death to save the human race. Additionally, cross tattoos hold numerous meanings. From peace, unconditional love and family to spirituality and much more. This is because cross tattoos date back to over 2,000 years ago.

The symbol has also been around for generations across different cultures each having different meanings of the symbol – with some not being religious. Nevertheless, Cross tattoos are an exceptional way to express your devotion to faith or any meaning you might have.

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