13 Hottest Men’s Ear Piercings Ideas That Will Turn Heads

In women, it’s pretty common for ears to be pierced as early as infancy – not so in men. Nonetheless, mens ear piercings have become more mainstream in pop culture, especially amongst youngsters dying to adopt trending fashions.

Countless mens ear piercing ideas have merged in the fashion industry that looks drop-dead HOT on men. You must have already seen those male celebrities nailing it with their hot and somehow cute piercings.

Want to look as hot and appealing with such types of piercings but confused about what style to choose? You have hit the right spot! We have put together some badass yet cool mens ear piercings for you in this article. Let’s give it a read and find you the ear piercings idea of your dreams!

Badass Mens Ear Piercings Ideas To Steal The Limelight!

Numerous parlors and piercing centers now actively offer mens ear piercings, and the credit goes to the growing craze of men and boys for piercings. Besides offering safe and comfortable piercing services, they also sell cool mens earrings, which can be shown off as parts of the ear piercing. So cool, isn’t it?

Looking to get your ears pierced but not so sure about the process and the type that would satisfy your fancy? Go through the following list of 13 cool and badass mens ear piercings:

1- Rook Piercing:

rook-piercing-men's ear piercings

Let’s begin our list with the most sensually hot mens ear piercings design. According to ear-piercing artists, rook piercing is one of the hardest designs to execute. The process is painful, but the result is spectacular. You may not pull off with the desired result if you do not have a proper cartilage fold in your ear.

Using a piercing gun, this type of piercing pierces the cartilage at the selected location. It is known to hurt more than the usual piercing. It is also possible to use hooks with balls or even small loops for a quirky look.

2- Lobe Piercing:

Lobe-Piercing-men's ear piercings

Ear piercing with lobes is the easiest and simplest form of piercing. Various jewelry of different sizes is perforated into earlobes at the bottom. This form of ear piercing will cause you the least pain and cause the least injury. You might want to consider this option if you’re sensitive to pain: the pain involved is minimal so that most people can endure it.

3- Helix Piercing:

Helix-Piercing-men's ear piercings

Piercing your helix is one of the coolest ways of intercepting the ear. Helixes have two sides and can be penetrated from both sides. More than one ring can be pierced through a helix. Many celebrities and professional athletes have their helixes pierced for an eye-catching appearance. Compared to the ear’s upper cartilage, the pain is more noticeable. As soon as that’s done, you can experiment with studs, loops, and even a bar to make a statement.

4- Orbital Piercings:

Orbital-Piercings-men's ear piercings

Among males, ear piercings on the orbit are the most popular choice. An outer orbital piercing involves puncturing the ear and inserting a circular piece of piercing jewelry. A full recovery from an orbital piercing takes between eight and ten weeks.

5- Forward Helix Piercings:

Forward-Helix-Piercing-men's ear piercings
Source: piercee.com

One more helix piercing to mention is the forward helix piercing. Because we call the outer rim of the ear “helix”, forward helix piercings involve the front aspect of this rim. The earlobe piercing for men is just as popular as this type of piercing. This is because every male earring stands out with such piercing. With the forward helix piercing, you can have double or triple forward helix piercings for your earrings. Men with forward helix piercings can wear simple rings and studs as earrings.

6- Snug Piercing:

Snug-Piercing-mens ear piercings
Source: piercee.com

Extremely thick cartilage makes the snug one of the hardest parts of the middle ear to pierce because it is a delicate part of the ear. Intriguing ear implants can provide you with many effects. The snug hole is created by a ridge that lies between the antihelix and the helix part of your ear. The healing process usually takes between two and four months.

7- Conch Piercing:

Conch-Piercing-mens ear piercings

Its shape gives the conch its name. An inner conch or an outer conch can be pierced during conch piercing. Piercing of the inner conch occurs in the lower part of the conch, and the outer part of the conch is pierced. Depending on the size of the hole, the pain level may increase. You can glam up this piercing with ball bars, rings, and even studs.

8- Earlobe Gauging:

Earlobe-Gauging-mens ear piercings

Ear piercings are a popular trend among teenagers all over the world. With this type of piercing, the already penetrated hole is stretched and expanded to accommodate the big earrings. Both boys and men can opt for this interesting ear piercing. The style is most popular among punks.

9- Tragus Piercing:

tragus-piercing-mens ear piercings

An ear’s tragus is its external portion. A tragus is a thick portion of an ear’s cartilage. Heavy earrings cannot be worn in this area. You’ll need to wear light rings instead. The tragus is usually adorned with circular rings.

10- Industrial Piercing:

Industrial-Piercing-mens ear piercings
Source: pierceaholic.com

There is nothing else like this kind of ear piercing. It is a unique method of piercing the ear, which is also known as Scaffold Piercing. A hole is drilled on both sides of the cartilage of the ear. By driving a wire-like earring through the holes, a line is formed between the two punctures.

11- Anti-Tragus Piercing:

Anti-Tragus men Piercing

An anti-Tragus piercing involves piercing the raised fold of cartilage on the outside of the ear. If you have a small anti-tragus, you might not be able to get pierced. The pain is intense with this type of piercing. Curved barbells, ball closure rings, and circular barbells are most common for this style.

12- Auricle Piercing:

Source:Photo from user sharbai from Reddit

In your ear, the auricle lies between the lobe and the helix. Auricles are the parts of the ear that are visible outside the head. In addition, it can also be pierced for a fanciful look. Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of ear piercing. A fancy ring looks best on this part of the ear.

13- Daith Piercing:


In Daith piercings, the crus of the helix is pierced along the bilateral ear canal. This method is becoming popular online as a migraine treatment alternative. Even though there is no evidence to support a Daith piercing reducing migraines, this type of piercing can let you become part of a cool buddy club!

Few Things to Ensure Before Ear Piercing:

Before getting your ears pierced, you must go to the parlor or piercing center that practices safe and clean ear piercing procedures.

Here are a Few Things to Take into Consideration:

  • Check Reviews Online:

Only choose saloons that are well-established and already have happy clients. If the saloons or centers really do that well, they must have good reviews online. Check if there are any, and then make your piercings appointment.

  • Sterilization Process:

Call and ask your chosen saloon if they have included a clean sterilization process.

Only use surgical steel, 14k gold, titanium, or wood or stone for jewelry:

There is no way you should think about other items. Your jewelry should be only of surgical steel, 14k gold, titanium, or wood or stone, especially for stretched ears.

  • One-Time-Use Needles:

At no point you can use second-time-use needles. Make sure the needle is prepared right in front of you.

Now that we have ear-piercing care in place look over the aftercare routine.

MUST-TO-FOLLOW Aftercare Process for Mens Ear Piercings:

No matter what you choose amongst the types of ear piercings, it’s important to do the aftercare process.

  • Stay Patient During the Healing Process:

Once you get your ear pierced, it’s normal for it to hurt for some time. It depends upon what ear piercing type you choose. For example, simple piercing like earlobe piercing will take up to 5 weeks to heal. Complicated piercings might take more time and can hurt a bit more as well.

  • Clean the Pierced Area:

Don’t leave the pierced area unclean. Wash it with an unscented antibacterial soap so no germ sticks around that can later result in infection. You can also use salt water solution soak instead.

  • Don’t Pick or Touch the Pierced Area:

Picking or touching off the pierced area or piercing with unclean hands can end you up in an ear infection. So, refrain from that. Make sure your hands are clean whenever you take them near your piercings.
Also, you need to be super careful about your ear piercings having physical contact with anything.

  • Avoid Antibiotic Ointments and Gels:

Gels and creams can trap dirt and germs faster, so steer clear from them when it comes to aftercare of your pierced ear.

Wrapping It Up!

Mens ear piercings have become a trend thanks to the sensual and hot look it gives to your facial appearance. Plus, you become an ultimate badass that some women would kill for! We hope you have found your ideal style from our list of mens ear piercings. Although make sure you follow the proper aftercare routine, so your piercings don’t go bad. Good luck with a new HOT makeover!

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