Making Epic Comeback: 20 Mens Hair Trends That Aren’t The Fade

The faded haircut has been the dominant men’s style for years now. But not every guy wants a fade. There are many trendy mens haircuts besides the fade that will be hot in 2024.

Here, we look at 20 on-trend mens hair trends that arent the fade.

20 Non-Fade Men’s Hairstyles For 2024

1. The Pompadour

The Pompadour

This elegant style sweeps hair up and away from the face, creating volume on top in a classy, timeless fashion suitable for various face shapes.

2. The Quiff

The Quiff

Hair is brushed upward and away from the forehead in the quiff, creating a slightly messy yet still put-together aesthetic with a signature-shaped silhouette.

3. The Comb Over

The Comb Over

The comb-over features hair that is neatly parted and combed to one side in a sharp, clean-cut gradation with a sleek flair.

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4. The Slick Back

The Slick Back

Slicking all hair straight back off the forehead creates a bold, eye-catching statement that commands attention for an edgy yet refined vibe.

5. The Textured Crop

The Textured Crop

This effortlessly cool hairstyle features slightly tapered hair on the sides with texture and body on top for a natural, tousled look with loads of depth.

6. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut
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Super short, buzzed hair is an easy, fuss-free hairstyle for men who want an understated, minimalist style that is still edgy. Go extra short or leave a bit of stubble up top.

7. The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut

Straight, blunt eyebrow-grazing bangs are paired with short hair covering the ears in this retro throwback look that provides an indie vibe.

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8. The Side Part

The Side Part

Simply parting hair neatly to one side can add stylish flair and sophistication to almost any man’s hairstyle for an extra polished touch.

9. The Curtains

The Curtains hair

Longer hair is sectioned into two parts flowing on both sides of the face like drapes in this unique style.

10. The Mullet

The Mullet-mens hair trends that arent the fade

With short hair in the front and long hair in the back, the mullet makes a bold anti-style statement for guys who want an edgy, rebellious look.

11. The Mohawk

The Mohawk-mens hair trends that arent the fade

The narrow strip of longer spiked hair down the center of the head with closely shaved sides screams punk attitude and edgy individualism.

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12. The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk-mens hair trends that arent the fade

Like a mohawk with taper faded sides instead of fully shaved, the faux hawk offers edge and uniqueness with more versatility.

13. The French Crop

The French Crop-mens hair trends that arent the fade

Featuring short sides with a longer, textured fringe or top, the French crop is a chic, classy style exuding European flair.

14. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks-mens hair trends that arent the fade

These fantastic, edgy rope-like locs of interlocked hair work great at longer lengths for natural texture and statement style.

15. The Afro

The Afro-mens hair trends that arent the fade

A complete, rounded, voluminous afro allows tight natural curls to stand proud for a powerful, bold statement.

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16. Cornrows

cornrows hair men-mens hair trends that arent the fade

Intricately braided rows of hair weaved close to the scalp create an expressive, artistic look rich with cultural tradition.

17. The Twist Out

The Twist Out-mens hair trends that arent the fade

Twisting natural tight curls into stretched-out rope-like ringlets creates loads of texture, definition and volume for curly hair.

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18. The Jewfro

The Jewfro-mens hair trends that arent the fade

This style embraces the natural tight curls and volume of Jewish hair, allowing signature frizzy ringlets to stand out in a rounded, floppy shape with tons of height.

19. The Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut-mens hair trends that arent the fade

This Caesar Cut style has an effortlessly chic vibe, featuring a short, blunt fringe cut straight across the forehead with slightly longer layers on top.

20. The Flowing Locks

The Flowing Locks-mens hair trends that arent the fade

Longer, mid-length hair worn flowing freely brings back a romantic rock star vibe. Avoid short back and sides for 70’s inspiration.

Final Thoughts

The fade doesn’t have to be the only stylish option for men in 2024. With fantastic hair trends like pompadours, faux hawks, textured crops, and more that aren’t the fade, guys have plenty of fashionable non-fade hairstyles to try out this year.

Whether you want sleek, edgy or low-maintenance, embracing one of these hot mens hair trends that arent the fade will have you looking your best.

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