Messy bun hairstyles are having a major moment right now. These effortlessly cool updos are taking over social media and the streets as the must-have look. So what makes messy buns so popular?

    Keep reading to discover 30 of the trendiest messy bun hairstyles that will ensure you look on-point for any occasion this season!

    Trendy Messy Bun Hairstyles

    Messy bun hairstyles are the perfect way to take your hair from drab to fab. They work with all hair lengths and textures, making them versatile for any woman.

    Messy buns are also easy to make yourself at home, requiring little time or expertise. Most importantly, messy buns give off a relaxed and carefree vibe, which is perfect for our fast-paced modern lives.

    1. The Classic Messy Bun

    The Classic Messy Bun

    This is the original that started it all. Pull all your hair up into a loose bun at the crown of your head, leaving strands loose in the front and back for a nonchalant look. It’s comfortable, casual, and works with straight or wavy hair.

    2. Messy Bun with Braids

    Messy Bun with Braids

    For a bit more polish, braid small sections on one or both sides of your head, then sweep up into a messy looped bun in the back. The braids elegantly frame your face while the bun keeps things relaxed.

    3. Top Knot Bun

    messy Top Knot Bun (2)

    Similar to the classic messy bun, the top knot style sits higher on your head for a perkier look. It adds height and shows off your face. Leave pieces out to keep it imperfectly perfect.

    4. Low Messy Bun

    Low Messy Bun

    Want something different? Try placing your messy bun at the nape of your neck rather than at the crown. This extended style looks great with long hair and makes a stylish change from the usual bun place.

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    5. Messy Bun Updo

    Messy Bun Updo

    Who says messy buns can’t also be elegant? For events or occasions when you want something slightly more polished, do a messy swept updo bun. Backcomb sections before twisting into a loose bun for a textured finish.

    6. Messy Bun with Bangs

    Messy Bun with Bangs

    Bangs and messy buns pair perfectly together. The contrast between the loose bun and full fringe gives visual interest. Use bobby pins to incorporate slightly grown out bangs.

    7. Messy Ballerina Bun

    Messy Ballerina Bun

    For this ballet-inspired look, pull your hair back into a high ponytail then wrap into a rounded messy bun shape that mimics a ballerina’s bun. The height draws the eye up and creates a long line.

    8. Half Up Messy Bun

    Half Up Messy Bun

    Want to show off new earrings or elongate your neck? Pull only half your hair back into a small messy bun at the crown. The rest flows freely down your shoulders in relaxed waves or curls.

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    9. Messy Bun Mohawk

    Messy Bun Mohawk

    For an edgy vibe, tease the hair at the crown of your head into a faux hawk shape then gather into a messy bun. With partially shaved sides, this works on short or long hair.

    10. Messy Bun Dreadlocks

    Messy Bun Dreadlocks

    Ladies with dreadlocks can rock messy buns too! Simply tie your dreads into a loose knot at the back, allowing pieces to fall out stylishly for the iconic casual dread bun.

    11. Messy Bun with Headband

    Messy Bun with Headband

    Accent messy bun hairstyles with a pretty headband, fabric scarf or jeweled accessory. This extra touch dresses up the look perfectly for events, adding polish.

    12. Messy Bun with Glasses

    Messy Bun with Glasses

    Pair oversized glasses with a big messy crown bun for a cute nerdy look. This works especially well with straight bangs falling over the top rims of your spectacles.

    13. Messy Bun with Hat

    Messy Bun with Hat

    Top messy buns with wide-brimmed summer hats, beanies, caps or your favorite accessory. Show off the bun’s texture underneath for boho beach goddess vibes.

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    14. Double Messy Buns

    Double Messy Buns

    Can’t choose between one messy bun or two? Why not do both! Split hair evenly down the back and tie into two bun styles stacked together. Double the height and the style.

    15. Loose Twisted Bun

    Loose Twisted Bun

    For added texture, two-strand twist random sections first before twisting into a loose, chaotic updo bun formation. Pieces stick out everywhere from all directions.

    16. Messy Sock Bun

    Messy Sock Bun

    Take your messy bun up a notch with this pro technique. Place a sock donut over your ponytail then wrap and pin hair around it into a full, rounded messy sock bun shape. Voila!

    17. Messy Bun Faux Hawk

    Messy Bun Faux Hawk

    Tease the hair at the crown and sides for tons of volume and texture. Gather into a tall messy bun at the back for a short haired faux hawk effect. Striking and modern!

    18. Messy Bun Fishtail Braid

    Messy Bun Fishtail Braid

    Incorporate a fishtail braid across the front before pulling ends back to tie into your bun updo. Extra points if the braid itself is messy too! This works with long hair.

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    19. Curly Messy Bun

    Curly Messy Bun

    Ladies with naturally curly locks can easily work them into the perfect messy bun. Embrace the unruly texture by twisting curls into a haphazard knotted bun shape. Stunning effortless style!

    20. Messy Bun French Braids

    Messy Bun French Braids

    Frame your face beautifully by French braiding along the hairline on both sides from front to back. Merge braids into a spectacularly messy bun in the back. Très chic!

    21. Messy Bun with Bandana

    Messy Bun with Bandana

    Wrap a colorful bandana, scarf or fabric around your head, using it to tie back hair into a messy folded bun at the neck or crown. Great for hiding bad hair days!

    22. Wet Messy Bun

    Wet Messy Bun

    The “cool girl” summer vibe. After swimming in the ocean or pool, gather back your slick wet hair into the messiest top knot bun possible. Let pieces fall randomly for that sexy bedhead look.

    23. Messy Bun Low Chignon

    Messy Bun Low Chignon

    For special events, loosely twist damp hair into a wet messy bun shape at the nape of your neck over one shoulder. Pin criss-crossed bobby pins across the bun for an elegant chignon vibe.

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    24. Messy Bun Top Knot Puff

    Messy Bun Top Knot Puff

    Backcomb damp hair at the crown before securing into a top knot bun, leaving ends very loose. As hair dries it shrinks into an awesome messy bun-fro hybrid that defies gravity. So cool!

    25. Messy Bun Bubble Braids

    Messy Bun Bubble Braids

    Incorporate chunky bubble braids above both ears, leaving ends sticking out messily. Gather everything into one spectacular giant messy bun in back, pinned carefully in place.

    26. Messy Bun Wrap Coils

    Messy Bun Wrap Coils

    Wrap random tiny sections of hair into spiraled coil shapes first before pinning into your final messy masterpiece bun. Almost like messy Bantu knots!

    27. Messy Bun Low Bubble Braid

    Messy Bun Low Bubble Braid

    Try a chunky bubble braid that starts low at the neck and waterfalls up diagonally across the back of your head. Merge the top loosely with hair in the crown for a ultra cool finish.

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    28. Messy Bun Flower Crown

    Messy Bun Flower Crown

    For bohemian babes, blend a floral crown into your messy bun updo for an earth goddess vibe. Loose flowers and petals peek out from the bun itself. Stunning!

    29. Messy Bun Space Buns

    Messy Bun Space Buns

    Double the fun with messy bun hair buns on either side of your head, resembling space buns. Criss-cross bobby pins over each for extra security and design. Edgy yet still relaxed!

    30. Messy Bun Side Braid

    Messy Bun Side Braid

    Incorporate a chunky side braid behind one ear, leaving ends very loose and unfinished looking as they merge back into the messy crown bun. Love how the braid elegantly frames the face!


    As you can see, messy bun hairstyles are anything but boring! With so many gorgeous ways to wear the messy bun, you can rock this flattering look daily and still stand out from the crowd.

    Messy buns work with all hair lengths, textures, and event types – making them extremely versatile. They are also quick and easy for busy girls on the go.

    So let your hair down and have some fun creating your own signature messy bun style from the 30 trendy ideas above. Get ready to turn heads with your fabulous messy bun looks this season!

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