6 Morning Skin Care Tips for All-Day Protection Step By (Step Guide 2023)

Preparation for morning skin care tips is at the center of everything we do. Be it an exam or a grocery trip to the store, the more preparation you put into it, the more likely it will go smoothly. While the word “preparation” itself can feel a tad too complicated, it can actually mean as simple as making a grocery list or bringing an umbrella before you go out.

The same thing goes for your skin. As you go about your day, there will be plenty of chances where your skin will be exposed to sunlight and dirt. Thus, it is important to make sure that they are fully packed with their daily essentials before you go about your day.

As getting ready in the morning skin care tips can be a bit of a hassle, it is important to keep your skin care regimen as simple as possible. Nevertheless, there are still some important things you definitely shouldn’t cross from your routine. Here we have concluded some of the steps you need to follow for your ready-to-go skin in the morning.

1. Wash Your Face, Please

Wash Your Face, Please
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Despite not being exposed to pollution or outside dirt, bacteria can still find their way to your face as you sleep. This is why cleaning your face in the morning skin care tips is essential before going on with the rest of your routine. Doing this allows your other skincare products to effectively fulfill their benefits and thus maintain your skin’s health.

If you have rather sensitive skin, make sure to opt for a gentle daily cleanser or one that is sensitive-skin friendly. This is because a standard face wash can be a bit too harsh on your skin and bring more harm than good.

Furthermore, for the dry skin type, try to do a full cleanse at night and only wash your face with water in the morning skin care tips. This is because a face wash can strip the needed oil from your skin and leave it too dry. Should you feel skeptical about it, you can try using a konjac sponge to make sure your face is squeaky clean without compromising your skin’s natural moisture.

2. Greet Your Face “Good Morning” With Some Dash of Toner

Greet Your Face “Good Morning” With Some Dash of Toner
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Think of toner like coating your baking pan with flour. Though, while you use flour to make sure that your food doesn’t stick to the pan, toner will do exactly the opposite. When you include toner in your morning skin care tips, you are also allowing your skin’s pH balance to return to its natural state, which makes absorbing other products easier.

With the many skincare products on the market today, there are many variations of toner catered to different skin types. Hydrating toner is by far the most commonly used because it is normally gentler than its other types. While exfoliating toner is not the one you want to go with in the morning skin care tips, treatment toner is used to address specific skin issues such as anti-aging and balancing toners.

Having said that, if you’ve experienced using toner and it is still too harsh for your skin, try opting for a hydrosol. Although it is made from the same formula, hydrosols are gentler on the skin as they are less concentrated than a typical toner. First-time hydrosol users usually go with rose water, which is suitable for all skin types.

3. Get Your Fix of Morning Drops

Get Your Fix of Morning Drops
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After your skin is nice and ready, it is time to apply your serums. Unlike other beauty products, a serum is used to address a specific problem in your skin, such as uneven skin tone or textured skin. This is why it typically contains active ingredients like hyaluronic acid or is marketed as a “brightening” and other -ing products.

So, why use them in the morning skin care tips? Isn’t using them at night better? Well, incorporating your serum into your morning skin care tips will allow your skin to be in its best condition, which will act as an extra layer of protection as you go about your day.

4. To Care is to Moisture

To Care is to Moisture
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The next can’t-miss step is to moisturize your skin. This is because you can go a long way with well-hydrated skin. More than just making sure you won’t have to deal with rashes and acne, hydration helps your skin maintain its elasticity and reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

Remember to also moisturize your body, especially if you shave regularly. Moreover, always carry lip balm in your bag to avoid chapped lips and drink lots of water!

5. Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen

Protect Your Skin With Sunscreen
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No matter what climate you’re living in, one thing remains true, sunscreen is essential. This is because direct exposure to sunlight can form dark spots and causes uneven skin tones on your face. If you are going to spend a lot of time under the sun, make sure to also apply sun protection to your body to avoid sunburn.

Generally, an SPF 30 is the way to go when it comes to sunscreen. Though, if you live in a tropical country, you might benefit from using an SPF 50 sunscreen. Remember to also use sun protection even if you work from home, as the blue light from your business laptop can also be harmful to your skin.

6. Get Your Daily Fix of Beauty Sleep

skin care tips for morning
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That’s right, beauty sleep is more than just a term people use when they want to sleep earlier than everybody else. In fact, one research mentioned that there’s some truth to it. It found that, when someone looks “sleepy” or tired, we are most likely seeing what sleep deprivation does to their skin.

So, what is it about sleep? As we are flying away to dreamland, our blood flow is elevated, which results in more oxygen and beneficial nutrients getting delivered to our skin. Moreover, our cells undergo a major renewal as we sleep, which erases signs of skin damage that we acquire throughout the day.

All in all, despite its functional value, skincare should still be fun. Try exploring (with caution) the many options laid on the market for you and find a regimen that best suits not just your skin and pocket, but also your daily routine. Good luck and have fun!

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