Visiting a barber shop has become a ritual for many men who want to have a great hairstyle and groom an even better beard! Fighting for dominance is very huge in this niche, since top-notch services cost a lot but also attract wealthy clientele, willing to spend an extra dollar or a hundred.

    Which is the best barber shop in the world? Let’s find out.

    Option 1: Huckle The Barber, London, UK

    Huckle The Barber stands out from the competition with a modern design that appeals to today’s discerning parent. With butcher shop-white tiles and Belmont chairs, Huckle The Barber is for men who are grown-up enough and who know what beard and hair combo should look like about grooming without pretending to be in ‘Mad Men.’ You could find them at 340 Old Street. Postcode is EC1V 9DS.

    Option 2: Planète Rasoir, Paris, France

    Planète Rasoir is more than a barbershop. With its classic interior and experienced staff, it is both a throwback to the 30s and a glowing example of contemporary culture. Planète Rasoir has the tools for men to achieve the best shave. They take shaving on to the next level, with advice and even an E-Shop, allowing their customers to buy products for maintenance which are, by the way, branded! The address is 58 rue de Clichy, 75009.

    Option 3: Barber’s, Berlin, Germany

    Barber’s provides a place to get your hair cut while also bragging about it. In partnership with American Crew, Barber’s offers quality grooming products for men. With all of this, Barber’s has become the go-to place for men who want both a good haircut and a manly drink. It’s a magnificent place located in the Charlottenburg area. If you are passing by the city or you are an avid fan of German-style haircuts, this is your place! The exact address is Zillestraße 79, 10585 Berlin.

    Option 4: RA Barber, Tallinn, Estonia

    One of the places that speaks cryptocurrency language best in Estonia. So, it’s not a coincidence you can find a place where Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are accepted. So, not only can you buy Bitcoin cash and pay with it at one of the best barber shops in Europe, but you can enjoy great prices, too!

    Compared to other options on our list, it is arguably the cheapest option. A full combo hair trim plus shaving will cost you 40 euros from a basic price list check. The address of this fantastic store is Mustakivi tee 13 , Lasnamäe Centrum.

    Option 5: Carl’s Barber Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Carl’s Barber Shop taps into the legacy of the classic barbershop. By combining a passion for high-quality hair care and respect for the old-school traditions, the salon on Rosenvængets Allé offers customers a highly personal experience while maintaining a connection to the past. You can enjoy a fantastic experience and even drink a beer or two (don’t get overly excited) while waiting for your appointment.

    Still, we need to mention that the starting fee for a classic men’s cut is about 80 euros. Add the beard trim which is a must-have here, and you already have a 150-euro bill. Is it worth it at the end? Hell yeah!

    Option 6: Sam’s Barbers, Dublin, Ireland

    This is not just a barber shop. It’s an actual chain with 5 barber shops. Hair cutting plus an excellent beard trim would cost you 75 euros which is not that much for the quality you receive.

    Also, this is a legacy barber shop. It was founded over a century ago (120 years, to be precise), and it’s the 4th generation today. The address for one of the flagships is 28 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1.

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