You Won’t Believe These Crazy Mustache Styles are Rocking

When it comes to men’s facial hair, mustaches reign supreme. The right ‘stache can make any man look dapper, bold, and ultra-confident. But with so many different mustache styles to choose from, how do you determine which one is best for your face shape and style?

Read on to discover 33 of the most popular mustache styles men are wearing in 2024. You’ll be amazed by the unique and crazy variations you can achieve!

Wild Mustache Styles

Mustaches have been a popular facial hair choice for men since ancient times. Today, mustaches are having a major resurgence. More men than ever are sporting an array of creative, stylish mustache styles. From classic looks to modern twists, the possibilities are endless!

When it comes to shaping and styling your mustache, there are no hard rules. Feel free to get creative and choose whatever mustache style speaks to you. Just make sure to keep your ‘stache well-groomed using mustache wax, trimming, and proper upkeep.

1. Selleck Mustache

Selleck Mustache

Thick, full mustache with hair covering entire upper lip and slightly extending past mouth corners. Named after actor Tom Selleck who popularized the style. Allows for natural growth but keep slightly trimmed at edges. The Selleck ‘stache makes a bold statement.

2. Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache

Features long, downward curving extensions past the corners of the lips. Achieve by allowing the mustache to grow untrimmed so it can be styled. Use wax to create the dramatic curl effect. Keep ends neat.

3. Horseshoe Mustache

horseshoe mustache styles

Fuller mustache with vertical extensions grown on the corners of the lips downward to the jawline, resembling an upside-down U shape. Let the ends grow wild.

4. Chevron Mustache

Chevron Mustache

Thicker mustache with downward angles and emphasis on the center region between nostrils. Can trim a perfect chevron or opt for a natural shape.

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5. English Mustache

English Mustache

Narrow, thin mustache with trimmed horizontal extensions grown on upper lip. Subtle and sophisticated. Precision trimming required to create straight line.

6. Fu Manchu Mustache

Fu Manchu Mustache

Long, downward-sloping mustache tapered at the ends. Coupled with a soul patch below bottom lip. Allow for maximum hair growth to achieve the dramatic droop.

7. Walrus Mustache

Walrus Mustache

Bushy, overgrown mustache covering much of the upper lip and mouth. Requires maximum growth for a full walrus effect. Keep wild.

8. Lampshade Mustache

Lampshade Mustache

Wide, bushy mustache covering the entire mouth. Shaped like an inverted lampshade over the lips. Aim for a rounded, broad shape.

9. Paintbrush Mustache

paintbrush mustache

Narrow mustache with vertical extensions flared upward at the edges like paintbrush bristles. Styling wax helps create the painterly look.

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10. Pencil Mustache

Pencil Mustache

Thin, closely trimmed mustache traced above upper lip line. Requires frequent trimming to maintain the skinny outline. Avoid wax.

11. Zappa Mustache

Zappa Mustache

Thick mustache with scalloped bottom edge outline. Named for musician Frank Zappa. Follow natural lines and keep ends slightly ragged.

12. Dali Mustache

Dali Mustache

Long, sharply upturned edges creating vertical points. Inspired by Salvador Dali. Use wax to achieve the dramatic upright tips.

13. Wild West Mustache

Wild West Mustache

Big, bushy, rugged mustache evoking cowboy style. Sometimes curled at edges. Let this ‘stache grow free and tap into your inner cowboy.

14. Franz Josef Mustache

Franz Josef Mustache

Thick, full mustache with straight bottom edge and slightly outward curled vertical ends. Precision trim for the structured outline and use wax on curled ends.

15. Hungarian Mustache

Hungarian Mustache

Bushy, drooping mustache with curled-up waxed ends and devoid under-lip hair. Skip the soul patch and focus on styling the drape.

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16. Petite Handlebar

Petite Handlebar

Shorter, thin handlebar mustache styled with subtle upturned ends. Ideal for achieving the handlebar style with less dramatic flair.

17. Short Box Mustache

Short Box Mustache

Fuller, rectangular mustache not extending past corners of mouth. Requires frequent trimming to maintain the box shape.

18. Hipster Mustache

Hipster Mustache

Wide, thick mustache with grooming just past lip line. Paired with cool hairstyle. Channel your inner hipster with this trendy style.

19. Anchor Mustache

Anchor Mustache

Wide mustache with patchy vertical growth underneath and bald spots in between to resemble an anchor shape. Shave selectively to create the anchor illusion.

20. Toothbrush Mustache

Toothbrush Mustache

Thin, pencil-like mustache worn centered over and covering entire upper lip. Frequent trimming and mustache wax provides the tidy, contained look.

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21. Riker Mustache

Riker Mustache

Thick, bushy mustache tapering down to ends past mouth corners. Named for character William Riker of Star Trek Next Generation. Let hair grow full but keep slightly neater than a walrus mustache.

22. Freestyle Mustache

Freestyle Mustache

Wearer trims, sculpts, and styles mustache freely based on personal preference. Get creative! Try new lengths, shapes, wax styles. Change it up!

23. Imperial Mustache

Imperial Mustache

Long, sweeping mustache starting above corners of mouth and extending downwards past jawline. Maximum growth needed for the full imperial effect. Style with wax.

24. Sunderland Mustache

Sunderland Mustache

Thick chevron shaped mustache with curled ends pointing slightly upward. Named after British soccer team. Cut a defined chevron shape and style curls with wax.

25. Pencil Thin Mustache

Pencil Thin Mustache

Very narrow mustache tracing just above upper lip line. Requires diligent trimming and grooming to maintain the skinny line.

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26. Growler Mustache

Growler Mustache

Wide, bushy mustache covering mouth paired with thick sideburns. Intimidating look. Couple an untamed mustache with prominent side whiskers.

27. Pyramid Mustache

Pyramid Mustache

Full mustache tapered at corners to create angled downward pointing ends resembling a pyramid shape. Strategic trimming results in the pyramid effect.

28. Mutton Chop Mustache

Mutton Chop Mustache

Mustache coupled with thick mutton chop sideburns. Rugged and masculine overall look. Grow chops and mustache together for an intense style statement.

29. Cowboy Mustache

Cowboy Mustache

Thick horseshoe mustache with subtle flare at edges. Evokes Wild West styles. Achieve with slightly unkempt growth and curled edges.

30. Balbo Mustache

Balbo Mustache

Full mustache with hair also fully grown on chin in a rounded beard style. Combine these two facial hair elements for a sophisticated style.

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31. Painter’s Brush Mustache

Painter's Brush Mustache

Mustache with fine, wispy hairs throughout to resemble tip of painter’s brush. Use light wax to define and shape the delicate strands.

32. Robert Mustache

Robert Mustache

Widows peak mustache style where middle is tapered forming an upward pointing end. Named after actor Robert De Niro. Trim for the distinctive peak shape.

33. Super Mario Mustache

Super Mario Mustache

Iconic mustache style with sideways crescent moon shapes popularized by Nintendo’s Super Mario character. Define the downward crescents with careful grooming.

Final Thoughts

When grown and groomed properly, the right mustache style can be extremely flattering for men. With so many different ‘stache styles to choose from, it’s easy to find an option that suits your face, style, and personality.

Dare to be bold and try something new – you never know what awesome mustache styles could become your next signature look! What’s your favorite mustache style?

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