You’ve probably heard the term natural make-up products a lot lately. But do you know what it means? Are you asking yourself the question of whether your make-up is good for your skin and your health? If yes! – well, we have listed out some answers for you.

    It’s reasonable to think that natural and safe make-up is just another fad on the market, yet this is far from the case. Today, we’re beginning to place more emphasis on what we put on our skin and into our bodies, and that includes cosmetics and skincare products too.

    Many natural product enthusiasts have been seen celebrating their favourite natural make-up brands on social media, thereby bringing them to the forefront.

    As a result, indie firms that manufactured these organic and natural make-up products, which were formerly deemed luxurious, have now exploded in popularity with most skincare and makeup enthusiasts going for them.

    Consider this – a basic make-up product, the eye kajal contains parabens and preservatives (the ones without natural ingredients), which can irritate the eyes.

    Whereas, a kajal made with natural ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamin E is relatively safer on the skin and eyes, even for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

    Continue reading this post to know about the benefits of natural make-up products and why you should choose them over other alternatives.

    Let’s Begin With The Basics: What is Meant By Natural Make-Up?

    Natural make-up, to put it simply, is make-up products made with all-natural ingredients collected from natural sources.

    This indicates it’s free of harsh chemicals and contains plant elements that weren’t cultivated with toxic fertilizer and pesticides. As a result, natural makeup products are not only favourable to the skin but also to the environment!

    Natural makeup products have the Following Benefits:

    • Made of natural ingredients, are plant-based
    • Free of chemicals like paraben and skin-friendly
    • Are cruelty-free, are not tested on animals
    • Safer than non-natural alternatives
    • Readily accessible and reasonably priced

    Natural Makeup Products: Should You Make the Switch?

    Have you ever considered switching to natural makeup products? Well, you should try swapping since the make-up we use is absorbed by our skin, and if you wear cosmetics that contain a lot of irritants, you may get damaging consequences.

    Natural make-up products have many benefits, and they are super safe on your skin. These make-up products are nutrient-dense, with higher vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

    Endocrine disruptors aren’t present in natural makeup (commonly found in regular make-up products and can be linked to mood swings, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues and even cancer).

    Natural make-up products are better for the environment and provide several health benefits. So, pay attention to what you buy. Be smart.

    Be an investigator. Pay attention to the labelling. Make inquiries. However, before you decide to make the switch to natural makeup products, it’s always good to consult a specialist.

    Consider this

    Fact Check #1: Personal care products include more than 10,000 different chemical ingredients, some of which are proven or suspected carcinogens, reproductive system irritants, or endocrine system disruptors.

    Fact Check #2: How many personal care products do you use in a day?
    According to the Environmental Working Group, the average individual consumes 9 items every day, each of which has 126 different ingredients.

    Fact Check #3: Cosmetic ingredients do not settle on the skin’s surface. They’re made to penetrate, and they do so. The risks are high when harmful chemicals are used to make them.

    If the facts above catch your interest, consider switching to a natural product focussed brand Lotus Makeup.

    Their all-natural product range is just the best to try out. Continue reading to learn more about their advantages.

    5 Good Reasons to Switch From Conventional to Natural Makeup Products


    #1 No Allergic Reactions

    Many people are sensitive to chemicals present in non-organic cosmetic products, which can cause irritation, breakouts, and redness. Instead of working against your skin, these organic skincare products operate in harmony with it.

    #2 No Chemicals

    Mercury, nitrosamines, polyethene, and glycol are all common non-organic cosmetic ingredients. While the majority of chemicals are easily absorbed via the skin, our bodies are unable to discard them.

    #3 No Preservatives

    Paraben is a preservative used in conventionally manufactured cosmetic products to prolong shelf life. It is a synthetic hormone that mimics our body’s natural hormones and can change endocrine system processes. Natural preservatives are used in organic products, which do not mess with your body’s normal functioning.

    #4 Environmentally-Friendly

    Have you ever considered the environmental impact of the skincare products you use? Everything from the packaging to the production methods to the waste generation can have a significant negative impact on the environment.

    Since a lot of heavy chemicals are discharged into the air and water during the production process, conventionally manufactured beauty products contain toxic ingredients that have a harmful influence on the environment. Natural skincare and makeup products, on the other hand, emit fewer chemicals, making them more environmentally friendly.

    #5 Natural Aroma

    Natural beauty products smell exactly like their natural constituents (even the simple eye kajal), unlike typical beauty products that employ artificial perfumes to conceal the smell of chemicals. You may also get a dose of aromatherapy from certain organic goods that also include natural essential oils.

    Natural make-up products have a significant impact and are redefining the makeup and skincare industry landscape. While ‘beauty’ is still the word that comes to mind when we think of cosmetics, a growing number of customers want “reliable,” “eco-friendly,” and “ethical” features in the items they buy.

    Natural make-up products realistically embody these because they are all part of their basic principles and commitment not only to well-being but also to the environment and biodiversity conservation. Lotus Makeup natural make-up products provide unlimited benefits for your skin.

    Lotus Makeup products are based on the science of holistic beauty and promise non-toxic beauty for you. The company makes certain that its goods are in line with consumer preferences and expectations, as well as being natural and skin-friendly.

    At the end of the day – your skin deserves better. Not only are natural make-up products good for you, but they are eco-friendly, too. Win-win!

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