What Orthodontic Issues Can Invisalign liner Fix? 2023

In the past, it was enough to have your own teeth past middle age. However, we live in a time when dental care has advanced dramatically. Today it is possible to re-shape your teeth, create a perfect Hollywood smile, or simply keep them into old age.

It’s all a matter of looking after your teeth and visiting a dentist regularly. It’s best to start this when you are young as it’s easier to prevent issues and easier to move the teeth into the right position.

That’s why children tend to have braces. Although, this trend has now spread to the adult population where adult braces have become more popular.

That’s why so many people are interested in the surface offered by Little Bay Invisalign. You may be surprised at how many issues can be fixed with Invisalign.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of brace. However, instead of the traditional brace fastened to the front of your teeth, the Invisalign brace is a plate or tray that goes inside your mouth and places pressure on your teeth, slowly moving them in a specific direction.

Every Invisalign liner is designed for a specific patient, this allows the teeth to be moved millimeter by millimeter into the desired position. If you have any of the following issues then Invisalign liners can help you.

Crooked Teeth

crooked teeth-Invisalign liner
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Crooked teeth are unsightly. They also create additional gaps where debris can collect and contribute to tooth decay. Alongside this, they can damage your confidence as well as make chewing or even talking difficult.

This type of issue is usually discovered in childhood and the Invisalign option can slowly move the teeth into the correct position, creating a perfect smile.


Overbite-Invisalign liner
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Overbite occurs when the top teeth don’t close on top of the bottom but are instead a long way in front of them.

This can make it difficult to chew or even bite. The Invisalign liner will move the teeth to ensure the bottom and top rows are aligned, giving you a better bite and better-looking teeth.


Underbite-Invisalign liner
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This is the reverse of the overbite. This time the top teeth close inside the bottom teeth. The issues are the same and Invisalign can again move the teeth to ensure they are properly aligned.


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The crossbite is when just some of the upper teeth sit outside of the lower teeth. In this instance, just certain teeth will be targeted to move. If it’s not fixed your teeth oral hygiene are likely to be chipped and easily damaged, leading to tooth decay.

The Invisalign liner will gradually move the teeth into the right position.


Source: smartsmileorthodontics.com.au

Invisalign liners are also very good at helping to reduce and even eliminate large gaps between teeth. A gap causes food to get stuck which contributes toward gum disease and tooth decay, removing the gaps reduces the risk and helps to give you a great smile.

Research shows that a great smile will boost your confidence levels, making anything possible.

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