Reviving Retro: 55 Pageboy Haircut Styles For Trendsetters

In the world of fashion and hairstyling, some trends never truly fade away; instead, they evolve and adapt to the times. One such iconic hairstyle is the Pageboy haircut, a classic that first gained popularity in the mid-20th century.

In 2023, the Pageboy is making a spectacular comeback. This article explores the resurgence of the Pageboy haircut, showcasing 55 modern interpretations and variations that are taking the world by storm.

What Is A Pageboy Haircut?

A pageboy haircut is a classic hairstyle that typically features straight hair that is shoulder-length and has blunt-cut ends. The defining characteristic of a pageboy is the way the hair is styled, with the ends of the hair turned inward, creating a smooth and rounded appearance.

It was a popular hairstyle for women in the mid-20th century and is known for its vintage, retro look. However, this style has come back with many modern variations which we will discuss in this article.

55 Pageboy Haircut Looks Trending In 2023

Join us on a journey through the 55 Pageboy haircut looks that are setting the hair fashion scene on fire. It’s a celebration of classic beauty meeting contemporary creativity, and it’s all right here.

1. Typical Pageboy Haircut With Flipped In Ends

Typical Pageboy Haircut With Flipped In Ends
Source: Hairstyles

The Pageboy Haircut with Flipped-In Ends showcases the classic pageboy shape. The ends are expertly styled to curve inward, creating a charming and vintage-inspired look. It adds a touch of sophistication to this timeless hairstyle that never gets old.

2. Pageboy Haircut With Flipped Out Ends

Pageboy Haircut With Flipped Out Ends
Source: Byrdie

This Pageboy Haircut maintains the classic pageboy shape but adds a whimsical touch by styling the ends to curve outward. This technique imparts a charming and retro-inspired vibe, elevating the timeless style with a hint of flair and sophistication.

3. Grunge Pageboy Cut

Grunge Pageboy Cut

The grunge pageboy cut is an edgy take on the classic pageboy hairstyle. It features a jagged haircut paired with a vibrant cotton candy hair color. This alternative look is perfect for those who embrace unconventional fashion and hairstyles.

4. Pageboy Bowl Cut

Pageboy Bowl Cut

The Pageboy Bowl Cut blends the edgy bowl cut with a uniform one-length hair, incorporating the classic blunt pageboy fringe. This bold, adventurous style suits confident women seeking a unique, attention-grabbing look. Wear it straight or however you like.

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5. Pageboy Haircut For Thin Hair

Pageboy Haircut For Thin Hair
Source: SheFinds

For those with thin hair, a Pageboy haircut can be enhanced with strategic layers. By segmenting the layers, it optimizes the texture of fine strands. A light hold texturizing product can be applied to accentuate this separation for added volume and style.

6. Pageboy Haircut With Highlights

Pageboy Haircut With Highlights
Source: Pinterest

Elevate your Pageboy haircut with highlights, a versatile way to personalize the look. Instead of a bold single color, incorporate soft-toned highlights to add dimension and vibrancy, breathing new life into your Pageboy hairstyle for a chic and dynamic result.

7. Pageboy Cut + Undercut

Pageboy Cut + Undercut

The classic pageboy cut has evolved to suit various face shapes and styles. A contemporary twist is combining it with an undercut. This combination creates a striking contrast between the top and sides for a bold and edgy appearance, perfect for summer.

8. Messy Pageboy Haircut

Messy Pageboy Haircut
Source: Love Hairstyles

The messy Pageboy haircut epitomizes an effortlessly chic style. It features dusty pink hair with a deliberately tousled, choppy cut. This haircut evokes a modern aesthetic that exudes a fashionable and relaxed vibe. The good thing is it is quite low maintenance .

9. Swept Back Pageboy Haircut

Swept Back Pageboy Haircut
Source: Pinterest

Elevate your look with a Swept Back Pageboy Haircut for added glamor. Achieve it by using a blow dryer, a large round brush, and quality styling products. This Hollywood-inspired hairstyle exudes sophistication and elegance, perfect for a glamorous appearance.

10. Ombre Pageboy Haircut

Ombre Pageboy Haircut
Source: Hair Adviser

It incorporates the ombre color technique, blending contrasting hues to create a stunning gradient effect. Whether you choose natural tones or bold shades like pink or purple, the color enhances the precision of the cut for a stylish and feminine result.

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11. Pageboy Haircut With Blunt Cut

Pageboy Haircut With Blunt Cut

It offers a polished appearance. It features a uniform length without layers, enhancing its sleekness. This versatile style complements short to medium hair lengths, particularly benefiting those with thin or fine hair, creating a flattering and sophisticated aesthetic.

12. Piecey Pageboy Haircut

Piecey Pageboy Haircut
Source: Undefined

For an enhanced look, opt for a Piecey Pageboy Haircut with larger, chunkier layers. Short bangs are optional but add a stylish touch, resulting in the distinctive and textured piecey pageboy hairstyle you desire. It will surely make a statement wherever you go.

13. Pageboy Haircut + Curtain Bangs

Pageboy Haircut + Curtain Bangs
Source: InStyle

Curtain bangs, parted in the middle with shorter inside edges, offer versatile framing for any face shape and hair type. Pairing them with a Pageboy haircut creates a modern, youthful, and stylish combination that accentuates facial features.

14. Pageboy Haircut + Edgy Layers

Pageboy Haircut + Edgy Layers
Source: Pinterest

For added volume in short hair, opt for Edgy Layers with a Pageboy haircut. Request short layers and eyebrow-skimming bangs for a textured, voluminous look. Bring reference images to your stylist to ensure your desired cut is achieved.

15. Short Choppy Pageboy

Short Choppy Pageboy
Source: Hair Adviser

It offers creative freedom in styling. Incorporate short, edgy layers throughout your hair for a playful and textured appearance. Experiment by sweeping your bangs slightly to the side, adding a modern twist to this classic cut for a unique, personalized look.

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16. Pageboy Haircut + Choppy Fringe

Pageboy Haircut + Choppy Fringe
Source: Pinterest

It introduces layers for a dynamic, textured fringe that suits both thick and thin hair. Its versatility allows experimentation with various lengths, framing the face beautifully and highlighting facial features for an attention-grabbing, flattering appearance.

17. Tousled Pageboy Haircut

Tousled Pageboy Haircut
Source: Hairstyles Weekly

Achieve a Tousled Pageboy Haircut with glossy, well-maintained brunette locks. Slightly longer and styled in messy curls, it exudes a flirty charm while maintaining hair health. This playful variation on the pageboy is perfect for a carefree yet polished look.

18. Flowy Pageboy Cut

Flowy Pageboy Cut
Source: Hair Motive

Transform long hair into a retro Flowy Pageboy Cut with careful inwards styling for the classic shape. Incorporate elements of the Hime cut, especially longer sidelocks, to enhance the vintage allure, blending two distinct styles for a unique and captivating look.

19. Bright Pageboy Haircut

Bright Pageboy Haircut
Source: Pinterest

This look boldly stands out with vibrant hair colors like hot pink, neon, or pastels. This expressive and attention-grabbing style adds a non-traditional, fun twist to the classic pageboy, making it an ideal choice for those who crave a unique and striking appearance.

20. Avant-Garde Pageboy Haircut

Avant-Garde Pageboy Haircut

It is a bold statement of individuality. It features straight bangs, voluminous body, and tousled elements. It results in a pageboy style that exudes creativity and attitude. It’s a daring choice for those who want to embrace a unique and unconventional look.

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21. Pageboy Haircut With A Pinned Strand

Pageboy Haircut With A Pinned Strand
Source: Chez Rama

Transform your Pageboy Haircut. Embrace the timeless allure of pin-up aesthetics by styling your pageboy with a side victory roll and complementing it with large flower accessories. This classic-inspired look exudes vintage charm and elegance.

22. Sleek And Straight Pageboy Haircut

Sleek And Straight Pageboy Haircut
Source: Pinterest

The Sleek Pageboy Haircut is ideal for straight hair. It’s a low-maintenance, stylish choice, designed for short to medium lengths. A blunt cut with full, straight bangs enhances its sharp, precise look, perfectly complementing straight hair texture.

23. Pageboy Haircut + Short Bangs

Pageboy Haircut + Short Bangs

Contemporary Pageboy Haircuts can feature ultra-short lengths, with cropped bangs barely touching the forehead. This creates a charm, ideal for those seeking a non-traditional, less feminine hairstyle that exudes a chic and confident aura.

24. Long Pageboy Haircut

Long Pageboy Haircut
Source: Acrylic Nails

This variation of pageboy offers a contemporary twist, with a lengthier adaptation of the classic style. It suits those who want to experiment without going too short, especially beneficial for thick hair, as layers can be added for a flattering, textured look.

25. Extra Short Pageboy Haircut

Extra Short Pageboy Haircut
Source: HairStyle Hub

Emulate the iconic Betty Page with an Extra Short Pageboy Haircut. This style features super-short, bob-like contours. The bangs cut halfway down the forehead, capturing a distinctly chic and timeless essence. It is perfect for those seeking a cute yet bold look.

26. Pageboy Haircut With Waves

Pageboy Haircut With Waves
Source: Pinterest

The Pageboy Haircut complements wavy hair’s natural movement and bounce, adapting to short or long styles. While traditionally ideal for straight hair, on wavy locks, it exudes a more relaxed and less structured charm, flattering women of all ages.

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27. Pageboy Haircut With Colored Bangs

Pageboy Haircut With Colored Bangs
Source: Hairstyle on Point

It brings a futuristic twist to the classic mushroom style. Featuring a short, blunt, round cut with an undercut at the nape, it’s a trendy, edgy choice. Icy blonde coloring and an all-over short length add a modern, futuristic flair to this distinctive haircut.

28. Hollywood Mysterious Pageboy Cut

Hollywood Mysterious Pageboy Cut
Source: Hair Motive

This haircut is perfect for those with a dark and romantic style. Distinguished by its longer front hair, this variation maintains extended bangs for a captivating, enigmatic allure. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a mysterious and alluring look.

29. Dutch Pageboy Haircut

Dutch Pageboy Haircut
Source: The Trend Spotter

It boasts straight bangs and a uniform, layer-free, short length that rests just above the neck. This style accentuates the neck and facial features, while bangs provide a youthful finish. It conceals signs of aging like fine lines and forehead wrinkles.

30. Pageboy Haircut For Thick Hair

Pageboy Haircut For Thick Hair
Source: Hair Adviser

Transform thick black hair into a stylish Pageboy Haircut with layers. Ideal for relaxed textures, this layered cut enhances the appeal, especially with a customized middle part. Layers make it easy to maintain a chic, wash-and-go style.

31. Round Hairline

Round Hairline
Source: Hairstyle Camp

The Round Hairline Pageboy is an edgy variation featuring a rounded hairline and super-short bangs It exudes a unique charm. This rockabilly-inspired style offers an alternative yet captivating addition to your hairstyle options. It is perfect for summer.

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32. Bob Pageboy

Bob Pageboy
Source: Hairstyles

The Bob Pageboy blends elements of the bob and pageboy haircuts, offering a timeless and feminine style with versatility for all ages. It accentuates the face and can be customized to suit various face shapes and hair textures.

33. Long Pageboy + Bangs

Long Pageboy + Bangs
Source: Love Hairstyles

For long bob enthusiasts, the Long Pageboy with Bangs combines fullness and volume with short, blunt bangs. Embrace a slightly tousled look from 1950s, blending classic charm with contemporary flair for a style that exudes confidence and character.

34. Curved Pageboy + Undercut

Curved Pageboy + Undercut

It merges a trendy undercut with a distinctive pageboy style. The standout feature is the pronounced curved angle of the upper section, complemented by long bangs. This combination creates a striking and memorable hairstyle that exudes contemporary allure.

35. Shaggy Pageboy Haircut

Shaggy Pageboy Haircut
Source: Hair Adviser

This haircut infuses the classic pageboy with the lively essence of a shag cut. It adds volume and movement, modernizing the style for a youthful, effortlessly cool look that suits all hair types, unlike the classic pageboy primarily for straight hair.

36. Outgrown Pageboy Bowl Cut

Outgrown Pageboy Bowl Cut
Source: TikTok

Transition from an 80s/90s bowl cut to a longer style with the Outgrown Pageboy Bowl Cut. It’s an extended, arched version of typical pageboy. You can grow into it or create this look directly if your hair is already long for a fresh and trendy appearance.

37. Textured Pageboy Cut

Textured Pageboy Cut
Source: Pinterest

The Textured Pageboy Cut injects modern flair into this classic style. Texture breathes contemporary life into the pageboy, making it relevant for current trends. It’s a simple yet effective way to update this timeless haircut with a fresh and stylish edge.

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38. Asymmetrical Pageboy

Asymmetrical Pageboy
Source: Instagram

This look marries the classic pageboy with the enduring trend of the asymmetrical bob. It adds a dash of spice to the pageboy, offering a trendy, dynamic look that’s perfect for those wanting to infuse some dazzle into this timeless haircut.

39. Angled Pageboy

Angled Pageboy

Craft a personalized Pageboy with Angles by infusing elements of the A-line bob and elevating it with sharper angles. This tailored approach adds a unique touch to your haircut, allowing it to truly reflect your individual style with bold, distinctive lines.

40. Pageboy Haircut With Loose Curls

Pageboy Haircut With Loose Curls
Source: Pinterest

Elevate the femininity of your Pageboy Haircut with Loose Curls. Soft, gentle waves enhance its elegance and elevate its vintage charm, creating an overall look that exudes timeless allure with a touch of sophistication.

41. Voluminous Pageboy Hairstyle

Voluminous Pageboy Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

A Voluminous Pageboy Hairstyle is achieved with proper styling tools and a skilled hairstylist. It offers a radiant, voluminous appearance that complements various face shapes and hair types. This bold style invites experimentation for a striking new look.

42. Pageboy Haircut With Box Bangs

Pageboy Haircut With Box Bangs
Source: Teen Vogue

This haircut combines rockabilly flair with classic charm. Retaining the sweet, innocent shape of the short pageboy, it gains an edgy twist through the short, blunt bangs, delivering a bold and captivating hairstyle for those seeking a unique and daring look.

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43. Reverse Pageboy

Reverse Pageboy
Source: InStyle

The Reverse Pageboy, or pageboy flip, was a beloved variation of the classic pageboy. It distinguished itself with outward-curling tips throughout, including the bangs, creating a charming and iconic style that exuded a playful and retro vibe.

44. A-Line Shaped Pageboy

A-Line Shaped Pageboy
Source: Southern Living

Achieve a classy and sassy look by blending A-Line shaping with the Pageboy haircut. Craft a sharp A-line silhouette, ensuring the tips follow a distinct path towards the front, creating a stylish and dynamic hairstyle with a touch of elegance.

45. Inverted Bob Pageboy

Inverted Bob Pageboy
Source: Hair Motive

Fuse the Pageboy with an Inverted Bob for a captivating fusion of styles. This effortless combination yields breathtaking results, showcasing the versatility of the pageboy and the chic appeal of an inverted bob, creating a striking and trendy hairstyle.

46. Wind-Swept Pageboy Look

Wind-Swept Pageboy Look

Though not an everyday style, it is intriguing and captivating for special occasions. Ideal for formal events or photoshoots, this spiral-styled pageboy exudes allure and offers an enchanting, windswept effect. It adds a touch of glamour to you.

47. Long Bob Pageboy


Long Bob Pageboy
Source: Pinterest

Itfuses the timeless pageboy with the contemporary long bob trend. It’s a popular choice embraced by A-list celebrities, offering a versatile, chic, and elegant hairstyle. It combines classic appeal with a touch of modern glamour, perfect for a stylish look.

48. Medium Bob Pageboy

Medium Bob Pageboy
Source: Hairstyles Weekly

Blend the Pageboy with a Medium-Length Bob for a stylish, modern look. Their similar shapes make this fusion seamless, creating a chic and contemporary hairstyle that’s easy to experiment with, ideal for those wanting a trendy yet versatile appearance.

49. French Bob Pageboy Haircut

French Bob Pageboy Haircut

It cleverly merges the classic pageboy with the modern bob. This fusion captures the essence of both styles, offering a chic and stylish look that’s influenced by the pageboy’s timeless charm, creating a harmonious blend of two classic haircuts.

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50. Curly Pageboy Haircut

Curly Pageboy Haircut
Source: Hair Adviser

The Curly Pageboy Haircut adapts the classic precision of the pageboy to curly hair. With blended layers and curly bangs, it offers a softer, elegant look that accentuates natural movement, adds volume, and softens facial features for a lovely finish.

51. Pageboy Haircut + Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs
Source: Side-Swept Bangs

Pair these two for a delightful twist. While the classic pageboy often features full, arched bangs, side-swept bangs seamlessly complement this bob-like hairstyle. It offers a charming look that adds sophistication to the pageboy’s timeless appeal.

52. Modern Pageboy Look

Modern Pageboy Look
Source: Facebook

It draws inspiration from the classic style but offers versatility for experimentation on different hair textures and types. It allows for varied fringe options, enhancing the textured finish and framing the face for a personalized appearance.

53. Mushroom Shaped Pageboy

Mushroom Shaped Pageboy
Source: Hairstyles Weekly

Highlight the wedge aspect of the Pageboy haircut with a Mushroom Shape. This style capitalizes on the pageboy’s relationship with the wedge haircut, embracing a distinct mushroom-inspired silhouette. It is both retro and a fashion-forward look.

54. Pixie Pageboy Cut

Pixie Pageboy Cut
Source: Hair Adviser

It marries a classic pageboy with a modern pixie cut. Featuring longer top layers and a blunt fringe, it’s a short, adaptable style that complements women of all ages, accommodating different face shapes and hair textures for a chic and contemporary twist.

55. Basic Pageboy Haircut

Basic Pageboy Haircut

The Basic Pageboy Haircut epitomizes the iconic ’70s trend. It’s a timeless style that channels the era’s allure, reminiscent of the “Dancing Queen” look. With its clean lines and classic silhouette, it’s a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of retro glamor.


Pageboy haircut’s revival showcases its enduring charm and adaptability. With variations ranging from classic elegance to bold innovation, this hairstyle proves that it can remain an iconic choice while evolving with the times. It’s a true testament to the timelessness of beauty and style.

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