Are you looking for gorgeous yet effortless party hairstyles? With the party season in full swing, you want a hairstyle that is both chic and glamorous. The right party hairstyle can take your look from drab to fab in minutes.

    This article will provide you with 45 trendy party hairstyle ideas that are sure to make heads turn. Read on to discover hot hairstyles to try for your next party night out!

    Trendy Party Hairstyles for a Gorgeous Look

    Searching for the ultimate party hairstyle to make a stylish statement? Look no further than these gorgeous, on-trend options like slick high ponies, textured chignons, braided crowns, and faux bobs.

    Prep hair properly with the right products, then chooses a look that suits your length and texture. Go for elegant updos, pretty braids, romantic curls, or today’s most popular messy undone vibes. With so many chic styles, you’ll be party-ready in minutes. Flaunt trendy locks that turn heads and have you looking oh-so-fabulous all night long!

    1. Sleek high ponytail

    Sleek high ponytail-party hairstyles

    This timeless classic party style involves brushing the hair back smoothly and securing it in a high, tight ponytail at the crown of the head. Use a smoothing serum to eliminate frizz and flyaways. Wrap a section of hair around the hair tie to conceal it for a super polished look.

    2. Messy low bun

    Messy low bun-party hairstyles

    For this relaxed, undone look, mist hair with a texturizing spray and loosely twist it into a bun at the nape of the neck. Leave tendrils loose in the front to softly frame the face. This effortlessly cool style works for all hair lengths.

    3. Loose wavy locks

    Loose wavy locks

    Create gorgeous beachy waves by applying the salt spray to damp hair and allowing it to air dry naturally. Then, use a large barrel curling wand to add loose, tousled waves while leaving the ends straight for a casual touch.

    4. Classic chignon

    Classic chignon-party hairstyles

    This elegant twisted bun begins with sleek, straight hair. Brush it back smoothly and secure the ends into a knot at the base of the neck. For a romantic touch, leave out face-framing curled tendrils on both sides.

    5. Braided crown with curls

    Braided crown with curls

    Start with two Dutch braids on either side of the head, pinned together to join at the back in a braided crown. Leave the rest of the hair down in bouncy, glamorous curls for a romantic princess vibe.

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    6. Deep side part with braid

    Deep side part with braid

    Make a strong side part to dramatically sweep all the hair over to one side. Then, take a section above one ear and braid it back cleanly for an unexpected touch of elegance.

    7. Faux bob

    Faux bob

    Fake a short cropped bob hairstyle by straightening locks and sweeping them entirely over to one side. Tuck one side behind the ears, then pin it discreetly. Use a texturizing spray for piecey texture.

    8. Sculpted loose updo

    Sculpted loose updo

    First, create a deep side part, then loosely sweep all the hair back into a low bun or knot shape at the nape of the neck. Pull out a few curved pieces in the front to softly frame the face.

    9. Half-up with braids

    Half-up with braids

    Start with two Dutch braid pigtails high on the crown on either side. Merge them into one single braid down the back. Leave the remaining hair down and flowing in soft, touchable waves.

    10. Textured low chignon

    Textured low chignon

    Backcomb hair at the crown for lots of volume and height. Then, loosely twist into a low messy chignon, leaving ends slightly undone for a textured touch. Pull out pieces around the face for a romantic finish.

    11. Boho braid

    Boho braid -party hairstyles

    Channel carefree bohemian vibes with one long, thick braid down the back. Intertwine ribbons or colorful threads into the braid for an ultra-boho look. Leave some pieces out to frame the face.

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    12. Glam curls

    Glam curls

    Create Hollywood-inspired curls by setting damp hair in large rollers first. Then, finger comb into soft glamorous curls, sweeping them all gently over to one side. A bold red lip completes the retro glam vibe.

    13. Fishtail side braid

    Fishtail side braid

    Start a fishtail braid near the top of one side of the head, neatly sweeping it back across the crown in a diagonal line. Keep ends very straight and sleek. Use the gel for ultra shine.

    14. 90s updo

    90s updo

    Achieve supermodel status with this 90s-inspired updo featuring a high, slick ponytail paired with long loose locks in the back. Use loads of gel for a wet look with all flyaways controlled.

    15. Flower crown

    Flower crown

    Intertwine delicate fresh flowers and greenery into a loose, undone braided updo shape. Birds of Paradise and Baby’s Breath both make dreamy choices. Leave tendrils down to frame the face.

    16. Headband updo

    Headband updo

    Sleek buns look extra glam when paired with a dazzling headband. Try a jewel-encrusted style atop a tightly pulled-back low bun for wow-worthy sparkle and shine.

    17. Regal braided bun

    Regal braided bun

    Intricately weave multiple braids together into one neat, complex updo shape at the nape of the neck. Adorn with pearls or crystals scattered within the braids for ornate elegance.

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    18. 60s beehive

    60s beehive

    This iconic sky-high bouffant beehive begins with major backcombing at the crown to build incredible volume. Sleek sides and height on top create a retro yet glamorous look.

    19. Gibson tuck

    Gibson tuck

    Channel 1920s flapper style with this vintage ‘do. Create bold waves, then sweep all the hair over to one side. Tuck one side behind one ear for the Gibson tuck.

    20. Pin curls

    Pin curls

    First, divide the hair into sections and roll it into tight pin curls. Sit under a hooded dryer to set, then remove the pins. Finger comb into soft retro waves, adding shine serum to finish.

    21. Half up knot

    Half up knot

    Gather the top section of hair into a twisted knot bun, leaving ends loose and flowing below the neck. Pull out a few pieces around the face for an undone, casual effect.

    22. Braided topknot

    Braided topknot

    Pull hair neatly back into a sleek, high topknot. Before wrapping into a bun shape, braid the ponytail first for an unexpected twist. Looks sharp and modern.

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    23. Twisted low bun

    Twisted low bun

    Part hair deeply to one side, then loosely twist back into a casual, messy bun low at the nape of the neck. Leave face-framing pieces loose in front for relaxed elegance.

    24. Bubble braids

    Bubble braids-party hairstyles

    These playful, girly pigtails are created by sectioning hair into circular pieces and braiding each one before joining them together into cute bubble shapes.

    25. Romantic updo

    Romantic updo

    Backcomb hair at the crown for volume, then sweeps into a low side curly updo shape, leaving out softly curled tendrils around the face. Mist with hairspray for a pliable hold.

    26. Teased crown

    Teased crown

    For sky-high drama, heavily backcomb and tease the hair at the crown to create incredible volume and height. Smooth the remaining lengths into a low pony or bun.

    27. Headband braids

    Headband braids

    Part hair deeply and create two French braids starting at the hairline, sweeping them straight back into one low ponytail. Add a sparkly elastic band.

    28. Glitter roots

    Glitter roots-party hairstyles

    Pull hair into a slick high pony, using loads of gel for a super smooth look. Work glitter styling wax onto the roots only for an edgy sparkling contrast.

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    29. Pulled through braid

    Pulled through braid

    Create an inside-out braid by first braiding a section of hair, then pulling the braid up and through a sleek ponytail. This inverted braid is eye catching and modern.

    30. Low bun with curls

    Low bun with curls

    Sleek, straightened hair is secured neatly into a low bun or knot shape while leaving out curled tendrils in the front. Create sexy mermaid waves using a 1-inch iron.

    31. Side braid

    Side braid-party hairstyles

    Part slightly off center and create one long fishtail braid that crosses the head diagonally. Leave the remaining hair down and flowing in sultry, touchable mermaid waves.

    32. Half up curls

    Half up curls-party hairstyles

    Allow hair to air dry naturally into voluminous curls. Pull up the top section and secure it into a half updo to show off the bouncy ringlets below.

    33. Braided faux hawk

    Braided faux hawk-party hairstyles

    Wow everyone with this edgy punk-inspired look. Create two neat French braids towards the top of the head, leaving a strip of hair down the center.

    34. Twisted updo

    Twisted updo -party hairstyles

    Make a deep side part, then loosely twist hair back and up into a low-knotted bun shape. Secure with bobby pins in an X shape.

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    35. Formal chignon

    Formal chignon -party hairstyles

    Pull hair back very smoothly, then twist it into a neat, tight chignon low at the nape of the neck. Adorn it with small floral pins for wedding or event elegance.

    36. Braided headband

    Braided headband -party hairstyles

    Intricately lace braid a section of hair starting at one side of the hairline, braiding across the front of the hairline as a boho headband. Leave hair down and flowing.

    37. Crimped waves

    Crimped waves -party hairstyles

    Channel 80s style with all-over crimped waves. Use a thin triple-barrel iron to create tight crinkled ringlets from root to tip. Pair with bold lips.

    38. Messy French twist

    Messy French twist-party hairstyles

    Roughly backcomb hair at the crown to prep for an undone look. Twist ends into a loose messy bun, leaving lots of flyaway tendrils out to frame the face.

    39. Bouffant

    Bouffant-party hairstyles

    Backcomb and tease the crown aggressively, smoothing just the front pieces for a retro 60s bouffant with incredible height. Strong hold hairspray keeps it dramatic all night long.

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    40. Low messy bun

    Low messy bun-party hairstyles

    Embrace an “I woke up like this” vibe with a casually undone low bun. Twist hair into a loose bun, pulling out pieces for a textured, imperfect look.

    41. Soft pinned curls

    Soft pinned curls-party hairstyles

    Allow hair to dry into loose, romantic curls. Then gently pin back the front sections with bobby pins to showcase the pretty waves and ringlets flowing down the back.

    42. Crown braid

    Crown Braid-party hairstyles

    Braid a section of hair from one side of the hairline across the top of the head to the other side. Wrap it elegantly around the crown for a regal, ornate feel.

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    43. Side swept curls

    Side swept curls-party hairstyles

    Create big, bouncy curls by setting hair in extra-large Velcro rollers. Then sweep the full-volume curls all to one side for a bombshell look.

    44. Textured topknot

    Textured topknot-party hairstyles

    Backcomb hair at the crown for messy volume, then twist loosely into a topknot bun high on the head. Pull out pieces around the hairline for an undone look.

    45. Bold headband

    Bold headband-party hairstyles

    Make a major style statement by pairing a wide, bold headband with sleek, straight locks. Contrasting textures create visual interest.


    As you can see, there are many trendy hairstyles you can try out for your next party. Experiment with different braids, updos, waves, and textures. Always prep your hair properly with the right styling products. This ensures your party hairstyle looks flawless and lasts all night.

    Remember, your hair can make or break your party style. So opt for an on-trend, glamorous party hairstyle that makes you feel confident and gorgeous! With these 10 hairstyle ideas, you are sure to find a look that suits you. Time to get styling and flaunt those gorgeous locks!

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