Seeking out underwear that’s breathable, comfortable, and able to support you during those hectic days isn’t always easy. That’s why it feels like such a big win when we find a pair that works so perfectly with our bodies.

    And whether you’re enjoying a tried and tested pair of underwear that you simply love or exploring some of the more popular modern alternatives like SKIMS underwear, there are many telltale signs to let you know you’ve found the perfect pair for your needs. Here are just some of the most important signs to look out for.

    The Fabric is Breathable

    If you’re finding less moisture than usual gathering in your underwear, then you’re fortunate enough to have something that’s supportive and yet breathable too. Most cotton underwear helps to reduce moisture, but no matter what material you have, anything that lets your body breathe is a great choice.

    You don’t Constantly have to Readjust

    The aim is to work with your body’s natural shape and curvature, not against it. And if you find yourself having to constantly stop and tug at your underwear because it’s pinching against your skin, or too loose, then it’s time to reassess your choices.

    If your underwear is smooth against your body and isn’t bunching up underneath your clothing, then you’re on to a winner. This also means that any outfit you’re wearing looks fabulous and isn’t suffering from those unsightly rolling or sagging issues that poorly fitted underwear can give you.

    You feel comfortable out and about in them

    We’re all guilty of getting a little bored with our own wardrobe at times. But when you’re making changes to your underwear, it’s not always just about how they feel on you in the changing rooms, it’s also about how you feel in them during your daily life.

    And as we all know, sometimes there’s a big difference between being comfortable trying on underwear and being comfortable rushing around at work or at home. If you’re still feeling well-supported after a long day, and you aren’t desperate to remove your underwear the second you get through the door, it’s a good sign.

    They Still Feel Good about you after a Meal

    Speaking of comfort, your underwear should allow you to enjoy simple things like a good meal, or a few post-work drinks without immediately making you feel suffocated due to the slightest after-meal bloat. Underwear that doesn’t punish your body for things like this is what you should aim for at all times.

    Final Thoughts

    In the end, each body is different and has its own set of needs. But if you’re able to take your body shape into consideration, you’ll narrow down your options significantly. And finally, never forget that the perfect pair of underwear should fit like a glove and make you feel incredible about yourself.

    If you can make your own comfort and confidence a priority, the right pair will be easier to find, giving you the ideal combination of support and glamour throughout the day.

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