Finding The Perfect White Dress For The Occasion 2023

As much and as often as we hear about the versatility of the little black dress, its summer counterpart in the little white dress (or LWD) holds up just as well. The ideal dress for warmer months, incorporating this fashion staple into your wardrobe will be a decision you won’t regret. 

Whether you are looking for something casual and flirty or formal and professional, this seemingly unassuming style item will be precisely what you are searching for. But picking the correct additions to match your LWD is crucial to carrying this dress through all aspects of your life, from the boardroom to the cocktail bar. 

Before You Begin

The truth is, anyone can wear white. Whether you have very fair skin or darker-toned skin, there will be an option out there for you. This is because not all white dresses are the same shade. Finding the correct shade to match your skin will make the most significant difference in how your overall outfit will look. 

For example, fair skin looks better with warm white tones, while dark skin compliments nearly any variety of white material on the market. Therefore, understanding your skin tone and the complimenting shade will be an essential first step. 

White is usually an unforgiving material color when it comes to underwear and bras, so try to avoid picking anything with bright colors or embellishments. The ideal choice, in this case, would be relatively plain options in a color that closely matches your natural skin tone. White underwear could be an option for thicker material, but don’t count on it being suitable every time. 

Lastly, white can be an excellent neutral base to build onto. Use it to highlight statement accessories like jewelry or jackets, or add a pop of color through shoes or a bold handbag. 

Summer Casual

Summer Casual

White screams summer, and finding the perfect white dress to throw on for a casual day out to lunch with friends or a walk around town will offer you multiple outfit choices will minimal effort. However, to maintain the overall casual tone of your look, opt for a shirt, wrap, or maxi dress style for your LWD. 

Whatever style you choose, pair them with a stylish pair of sandals, chic loafers, or fashion sneakers for the ultimate comfort choice. Additionally, adding a brimmed hat and, if needed, a denim jacket or a lightweight linen shirt unbuttoned will round off this look. 


As long as you follow the fundamental rule of never wearing white to a wedding, incorporating a white dress into your formalwear rotation is an elegant addition, especially for the summer months. Bodycon, fit and flair, and strapless dresses are all excellent options here.

Look for an LWD that has additional lace details or overlay. It adds a very feminine touch to the overall look and instantly elevates the dress to another level. Pair any of these dresses with your favorite heels, a bold clutch purse, and a piece of statement jewelry for a flirty date night look or an evening out with friends. 



While not all styles of dresses are appropriate for the office, there are certainly a handful of types to pick from that are both elegant and stylish but also suitable workwear. Look for dresses that either go entirely down to the floor or hit you at the knees (or just below them). For winter months, a wool knit dress is a great option to stay warm while also maintaining professionalism. Additionally, avoid anything that is strapless, and ideally, go for a dress with sleeves of some kind, even if they are simply capped sleeves. 

Match these dress options with suitable heels or boots and a blazer for the colder months. Loafers are the ultimate mix of smart and casual when it comes to footwear and always find a place within the office, giving you another excellent and comfortable footwear option. Avoid anything too bright or bold, as too much color is often viewed as unprofessional in more corporate offices. 


White is primarily viewed as a summer or spring color, but wearing it in the colder months is possible if styled correctly. Look for a dress with long sleeves to keep the cold out, but you can also throw over a soft, neutral-toned sweater with an added belt. If the temperature really starts to dip, throw on your favorite blazer or long winter coat for a sophisticated formal or office look. 

If you are able to, find stockings that match your natural skin tone as much as possible to keep the chill away. But if this isn’t possible, knee-length boots with matching winter socks will cover most of your legs while still looking incredibly stylish. Alternatively, wear regular boots or heels if you are going to attend an event indoors. 

Always keep in mind that white will show any dirt or marks, so if you live somewhere that gets particularly rainy or snowy during winter, it might just be best to back your LWD away until spring rolls around. 

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