Getting ready for prom is an exciting time full of shopping for the perfect dress, finding a date, and deciding how to wear your hair. With so many gorgeous prom updos nowadays, selecting a hairstyle can seem overwhelming.

    The hottest trend this prom season is updos that are romantic, feminine and a little bit glamorous. Keep reading for our favorite elegant prom updo ideas, guaranteed to make you stand out.

    Trendy Prom Updos

    Regarding prom updos, you want a stylish and sophisticated updo while also being comfortable enough to dance the night away. Here are some of our suggestions for gorgeous prom updos that are totally on trend this year:

    1. Easy Twisted Updo

    Easy Twisted Updo-prom updos

    This softly romantic updo features twisted sections of blonde hair gently pinned at the nape of the neck into a graceful low bun shape. Pieces are left in the front to frame the face in a delicate, feminine style perfect for a flowy chiffon prom dress.

    2. Intricate Braided Crown

    Intricate Braided Crown-prom updos

    Detailed French Braids intricately wind and weave across the crown’s surface in this unique updo. Strands from each braid are gathered and pinned at the back of the head, leaving a few curly tendrils down the neck for a regal, princess-worthy look.

    3. Boho Braid Updo

    Boho Braid Updo-prom updos

    A chunky, imperfect fishtail braid is styled down the center of the head in this messy boho-chic updo look. The braided hair blends into gently waved half-up and half-down locks for a relaxed yet put-together prom style.

    4. Sculptural Low Bun

    Sculptural Low Bun-prom updos

    This rounded low bun placed at the nape of the neck makes a striking sculptural statement, contrasting beautifully with the soft tendrils left out to frame the face. The sleek, shiny texture adds glamour to this unique updo shape.

    5. Embellished Fishtail Crown

    Embellished Fishtail Crown-prom updos

    Thick strands are fishtail braided across the crown of softly curled locks in this ethereal, fairy-tale-inspired updo. Tiny pearl pins ornament the braided crown while the rest of the hair cascades down the back for a romantic, glamorous look.

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    6. Voluminous Half Up Style

    Voluminous Half Up Style-prom updos

    Big, bouncy curls create drama at the crown and sides in this lively half-up ‘do while the bottom layers are gathered just below into a simple low clip. The weight of the curls on top contrasts beautifully with the smooth strands left straight underneath.

    7. Jeweled Ballerina Bun

    Jeweled Ballerina Bun-prom updos

    Slick, straightened locks are ballet-wrapped into a neat, round bun shape and embellished with a glimmering headband encrusted in delicate jewels and beads for a statement-making updo that brings old Hollywood glamour to prom night.

    8. Sculpted Low Chignon

    Sculpted Low Chignon-prom updos

    A deep side part sets the stage for this perfectly polished chignon swept elegantly over one shoulder. Pinned flat against the nape with a structured, sculptural shape, this graceful updo lets statement earrings take center stage.

    9. Braided Flower Crown Updo

    Braided Flower Crown Updo-prom updos

    Intricately braided flower crowns weave across the head in this fairy-tale updo look while the rest of the hair cascades past the shoulders in loose, romantic waves and curls. Tiny floral details throughout the braids add whimsy.

    10. 60s Beehive with Headband

    60s Beehive with Headband-prom updos

    Voluminous, teased locks create the perfect beehive shape in this retro 60’s inspired updo. A jewel-encrusted thin headband contrasts beautifully with the rounded height of this textured, attention-grabbing style.

    11. Twist-Braided Low Bun

    Twist-Braided Low Bun-prom updos

    Chunky twist braids wind across the sides of the head and gather together into a neatly pinned low bun in the back, leaving face-framing pieces out in front for a romantic, boho-chic look.

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    12. Pearl Crown Chignon Bun

    Pearl Crown Chignon Bun-prom updos

    Lustrous curled locks are parted deeply to one side in this elegant updo look. A strand of shimmering pearls decorates the crown while hair gathered at the nape is rolled and pinned into a neat chignon bun shape.

    13. Fishtail Twisted Updo

    Fishtail Twisted Updo-prom updos

    A chunky fishtail braid starting at one side of the head wraps gracefully across the back of this unique updo style. Pinned where it meets softly curled hair on the other side, this dreamy look is full of dimension and texture.

    14. Half Up Bouffant Curls

    Half Up Bouffant Curls-prom updos

    Voluminous curls style the crown while gathered hair pulled into a medium half-up style creates a retro 1950s-esque bouffant lift on top with a sleek, smooth low bun in the back.

    15. Dutch Crown Braid Updo

    Dutch Crown Braid Updo-prom updos

    Intricately woven Dutch crown braid detailing gives way to softly waving locks perfectly complementing this ornate, elegant updo look. A few curled tendrils in the back amp up the romantic, princess-worthy style.

    16. Twist Knot Low Chignon

    Twist Knot Low Chignon

    Gently twisted sections of hair are knotted and pinned, creating a chic layered look. Pinned flat against the nape in the back, this intricate chignon style is full of dimension and texture for an unforgettable prom look.

    17. Crystal Bobby Pin Updo

    Crystal Bobby Pin Updo

    Small sections of hair rolled and pinned criss-crossed over each other in this intricate updo style. Tiny crystal bobby pins add eye-catching sparkle and glamour among the perfectly placed rolls for a striking look.

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    18. Faux Bob Half Up Hair

    Faux Bob Half Up Hair

    Slick, straightened hair on top creates the look of an angled blunt bob, while the length of hair gathered underneath amps up the volume and drama in this fake bob half-up ‘do.

    19. Braided Low Bun with Flowers

    Braided Low Bun with Flowers

    A trio of ornate lace braids dotted with tiny flowers create a statement-making braided crown. Wavy, romantic locks perfectly complement this dreamy floral updo look.

    20. 90’s Inspired Half Up Scrunchie Style

    90’s Inspired Half Up Scrunchie Style

    A vibrant, oversized scrunchie puts a modern twist on this 90’s throwback half-up style. Voluminous teased bangs left out in front balance beautifully with silky straightened locks gathered into a high ponytail in the back.

    21. Textured Low Chignon Bun

    Textured Low Chignon Bun

    Piece-y, textured locks are swept to one side in front, creating soft volume around the face. Pin-straight hair gathered in the back is rolled into a neat, rounded low bun shape for contrast and drama.

    22. Jeweled Headband Updo

    Jeweled Headband Updo

    Sparkling crystals dot the length of an ornate jewel-encrusted headband sitting atop glossy straightened locks swept into a deep side part in this glittering updo style. A few loose, romantic curls left out amp up the glam even more.

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    23. Sculptural Figure 8 Bun

    Sculptural Figure 8 Bun

    Slick, straight hair is parted deeply on one side and then elegantly wrapped in a stunning figure 8 shape secured with bobby pins. Creating height and dimension, this intricate bun is sure to wow.

    24. Fishtail Braided Mohawk

    Fishtail Braided Mohawk

    Chunky fishtail braids sculpt a striking mohawk-esque shape down the center of the head in this edgy updo. Soft, rounded height creates drama and volume balanced by straight, smoothed locks on either side.

    25. Low Swept Faux Hawk

    Low Swept Faux Hawk

    Creating the look of a short undercut or faux hawk in the back, this swept-up hairstyle features pretty waved locks gathered and pinned low for a soft, romantic take on an edgy style.

    26. Jeweled Low Bun

    Jeweled Low Bun

    Metallic bobby pins with sparkling jewel end ornament this cleanly wrapped, ballet-style low bun updo placed right at the nape of the neck. The gem-encrusted pins dress up this otherwise simple, elegant look.

    27. 60’s Beehive with Veil Straightened

    60’s Beehive with Veil Straightened

    Locks teased sky-high create the perfect 60’s beehive, complete with a delicate sheer veil secured with a crystal hair comb for a retro throwback bridal-esque prom style.

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    28. Fanned Out Fishtail Updo

    Fanned Out Fishtail Updo

    A chunky fishtail braid starting on one side wraps across the back of the head, ending in pretty waved locks left free-flowing on the other shoulder. Loose face-framing pieces amp up the soft, romantic vibe.

    29. Low Swept Side Pony Updo

    Low Swept Side Pony Updo

    Super sleek, straightened locks are gathered into a dramatically swept side pony, amping up the volume and drama before being secured into a low bun shape placed behind one ear in this gorgeous red carpet look.

    30. Half Up Pin Curl Style

    Half Up Pin Curl Style

    Big pin curls style the crown while the remaining hair is elegantly gathered into a voluminous half-up look. Soft tendrils flowing down the shoulders balance the structured curl shapes on top.

    31. Twist-Wrapped Low Bun

    Twist-Wrapped Low Bun

    Glossy, smoothed locks are sectioned off, then wrapped and twisted before being neatly secured into a tidy low bun shape. The twisting creates a pretty dimension in this otherwise sleek look.

    32. Braided Crown with Flowers

    Braided Crown with Flowers

    Delicate lace braids dotted with tiny floral details crown the head in this dreamy updo. Loose curled locks flow gracefully down the back for the perfect romantic, princess-inspired look.

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    33. Textured Top Knot Bun

    Textured Top Knot Bun

    Piece-y, undone layers are teased and then elegantly wrapped into a top knot bun piled high on the crown of the head. Soft tendrils frame the face while the structured volume on top makes a statement.

    34. Jeweled Headwrap Updo

    Jeweled Headwrap Updo

    Gently waved locks are tucked away under a glimmering jewel-encrusted headwrap in this unique updo. The sparkling headpiece amps up the drama while keeping hair neatly off the face.

    35. Sculpted Faux Bob

    Sculpted Faux Bob

    Ultra-straight, glossy strands are tightly gathered at the nape, creating the look of a short, blunt bob. Pinned to perfection, this faux style makes hair appear much shorter for fashion-forward drama.

    36. 90’s Half Up Scrunchie

    90’s Half Up Scrunchie

    A colorful oversized scrunchie puts a modern twist on this 90-inspired half updo. Voluminous bangs balance the slicked-back gathered portion for a nostalgic style.

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    37. Intricate Twisted Chignon

    Intricate Twisted Chignon

    Small sections of hair are twisted tightly before being elegantly pinned into an intricate low chignon. Place it off to one side; this look shows the beautiful bone structure.

    38. Jeweled Bobby Pin Accented Updo

    Jeweled Bobby Pin Accented Updo

    Dozens of bejeweled bobby pins add a glamorous accent to this cleanly wrapped low bun shape. The pins dress up this otherwise simple polished updo style.

    39. Fishtail Braid with Flower Crown

    Fishtail Braid with Flower Crown

    In this unique look, A chunky fishtail braid from the nape of the neck wraps around the back of the head to one shoulder. The braid is adorned with ornate floral details for an ethereal style.

    40. Double Braided Low Bun

    Double Braided Low Bun

    Two neat, uniform French braids intricately wrap around the back of the head, converging in a sleek low bun in this gorgeous updo. The braided detail keeps hair securely off the neck and shoulders.

    Final Thoughts

    When choosing your perfect prom updos, there are endless elegant options to complement your face, dress and style – from intricately braided crowns to sleek, rounded low buns to big, romantic pinned curls. Look at current trends, but stay true to your taste. Meet with your stylist ahead of time with photos or descriptions to discuss visions and ideas. With some preparation and communication, you will find a gorgeous updo that will make you feel confident and beautiful, ready to dance the night away in style.

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