Quinceanera is a remarkable social and religious event celebrated in Latin America. It is the moment a young girl enters her womanhood on her fifteenth birthday which is celebrated wholeheartedly by her friends and family. Girls plan about this glorious day since their early days and while the dress, makeup, and jewelry hold great importance in this regard, choosing the right quince hairstyle is nothing less too. After all, you are going to be the center of attention!

The following quince hairstyle ideas will make you look like a princess on your special day in no time.

1. Tight Curls with Tiara

Tight Curls with Tiara
Source: thebridalbox.com

One of the best quince hairstyles that never disappoints is a head full of tight curls. You can opt for any other type of curls too with a middle or side parting. Add a twinkling tiara on top and done.

2. Loose Half-Up Waves

Loose Half-Up Waves
Source: kissthebride.biz

Girls who are not very big fans of curls can go with loose beach waves instead. Gather the front strands at the back to achieve a half-up half-down style with or without some loose chunks falling along the sides of the face.

3. Elegant Updo

Elegant Updo
Source: pinterest.com

Updos make the most remarkable quince hairstyles no matter what. Add curls or waves to the hair, as mentioned above, and gather them into a messy bun at the back leaving the ends loose. Braided sides or a front pouf will look good too.

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4. Crown Braid

Crown Braid
Source: cutegirlshairstyles.com

Why rock an embellished tiara when you can create a crown with your own hair? Plait the strands moving all the way around the head circumference and add pins. Crimp the hair beforehand to achieve some volume and an eye-catching texture for your quince hairstyle.

5. Simply Straight

Simply Straight
Source: hadviser.com

Young ladies who want a natural-looking quince hairstyle can straighten their tresses and leave them loose to sway with the wind. You can plait the front to achieve a braided headband with your own hair or knit the sides instead. Add some fancy hairpins too.

6. Messy Bun

Messy Bun

source: quinceanera.com

Recreate this quince hairstyle at home with ease. The trick lies in tousling and tugging your bun for a messy appeal. Pull some strands loose at the front. Achieve volume with curls or waves in case of a thin mane.

7. Ponytail Updo

Ponytail Updo
Source: sumcoco.com

Ponytail updos look dreamy and are suitable for girls entering their mature age. Opt for soft curls and pin them away from the face leaving the remaining ones to dangle loosely at the back just like a messy ponytail. Adorn it with flowers!

8. Headband Style

Headband Style-Quince Hairstyles
Source: styleeasily.com

Keep it effortless and uncomplicated with a pretty headband accessory. Backcomb the crown region for the headband to rest on while avoiding a flat look. For the remaining mane, opt for curls, waves, or whatever else you like.

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9. Chic Chignon

Chic Chignon quince hairstyle
Source: stylecraze.com

Chignons refer to simple low-lying buns near the nape of the neck. Twist or braid your sides and tuck under the remaining tresses with pins. You can also create a rolled bun just like a French roll but shorter in length.

10. Beehive ‘Do

Those who like vintage-inspired quince hairstyles can consider a beehive updo without any worries. Create a dome shape on top by back-combing the hair and gathering them at the back into a bun or ponytail. Go for a center-parted fringe at the front and done.

11. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid-Quince Hairstyles
Source: lovehairstyles.com

Waterfall braids work for all lengths and textures of hair. Braid the sides of the head and leave behind a single strand while continuing to add another one on the way. The left-out chunks will cascade down just like a waterfall.

12. Side-Swept

Side-swept quince hairstyles
Source: styleinterest.com

Side-swept quince hairstyles look chic and playful without a doubt. Whether you go for a side bun, girly side ponytail, or tousle your loose tresses on one shoulder, remember to add a jumbo pin or any other accessory on the opposite side.

13. Box Braids

Box Braids-Quince Hairstyles
Source: hairstylecamp.com

Black girls can consider getting box braids on their Quinceanera and while these traditional plaits might not look like a special quince hairstyle at first, they surely will when you’ll adorn them with hair rings, beads, and a crown of course!

14. Pretty Pouf

Pretty Pouf-Quince Hairstyles
Source: co.pinterest.com

A bumpy pouf is a must-try for any Latin girl turning fifteen as it makes an ideal place to put on your princess crown. Couple it with a super high ponytail, a low bun, or loose curls. Don’t go too high or otherwise, you’ll regret looking at your quince hairstyle later!

15. Accessorize

Accessorize-Quince Hairstyles
Source: maneaddicts.com

What’s a quince hairstyle without some flickering accessories and hair pieces? Boring of course! Put on butterfly clips, shiny hair pins, a tiara or crown, a fancy headband, or some flowers with any hairstyle you go for. The choice is all yours!

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16. Twist-Back Look

Twist-Back Hairstyle
Source: luxyhair.com

Make jaws drop with a simple yet elegant quince hairstyle. Curl the hair near the ends only and take the side chunks to be twisted and secured in place at the back. The middle part will look the best with some pearls and gems along the twirled strands.

17. Top Knot

Top Knot hairstyle
Source: glaminati.com

Make a statement with a modern top knot instead of going for more conventional quince hairstyles. Create a high ponytail, twist it into a rope, and wrap it around into a tight bun. Add a fancy clip on top with a sleek front and there you go.

18. French Braid Bun

French Braid Bun
Source: missysue.com

This quince hairstyle is suitable for any other occasion too. Copy this look by knitting your sides leaving some chunks loose along the way. Pin the French braids at the back and wrap the remaining locks in a simple low bun. Curl the loose strands.

19. Topsy Tail

Topsy Tail
Source: missysue.com

Topsy tails look cute and are easy to achieve. Create a hole on top of your ponytail and flips it through. Repeat the same for your sides to end up with a fancier quince hairstyle. You can also create a classy French braid and accessorize it with pearls.

20. Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls
source: alldolledupuk.com

These retro-chic victory rolls are sure to pop some eyes. Wrap the front hair inward towards the head creating rolls with a middle or side parting and add pins on the underside. Finish off with an updo at the back and add a bow knot on top.

21. Short Quince Hairstyle

Short Quince Hairstyle
Source: socialornament.com

Girls with short to medium hair can still rock a cute quince hairstyle. Go for bouncy curls and knit the side strands into a waterfall, Dutch, or fishtail braid for a half-up look. For a more modern appeal, add some hairpins on a side-parted mane.

22. Flower Bun

Another dreamy quince hairstyle for all the young princesses out there! Style the tresses in a half-up ponytail and plait it down. Wrap the braid towards the head in order to achieve a cute flower bun. Repeat the same with all of your hair to end up with a floral updo.

From buns and updos to loose tresses and ponytails, these quince hairstyles have something for everyone. Whatever look you go for, keep in mind to top it off with a sparkling tiara/crown so you’ll feel beautiful and confident when everyone is staring at you!

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