The simple truth is that everyone gets tired from time to time. It may be after a particularly strenuous day or because you’re not sleeping well. Sometimes it can simply be that you’ve had a very long day.

    However, there is a difference between feeling tired and chronic fatigue. In general, medical professionals will only diagnose chronic fatigue if you have been suffering from extreme tiredness for over 6 months. To classify as chronic fatigue you need to be tired all the time and, while it worsens with activity, it doesn’t improve with rest.

    In most cases you’ll also feel dizzy when you stand up, find that sleep doesn’t feel refreshing, and may have issues with memory and concentration. You may also experience a sore throat, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and enlarged lymph nodes.

    If you have chronic fatigue you’ll be given advice from the doctor regarding how to treat it, in many cases it can be helpful to see a qualified physiotherapy Botany. They can help you build up physical and mental strength with the right exercises, this will improve your chronic fatigue.

    Naturally, a doctor will help. But, in many cases, you need to have suffered from fatigue for six months before you can get assistance. It can help to understand the most common reasons for chronic fatigue.

    Substance Abuse


    If you drink too much alcohol or have an issue with drugs, even an addiction to painkillers, then it is likely that your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs. Instead, it is being damaged by the substances you’re abusing. This will prevent your body from functioning normally and is likely to leave you feeling exhausted all the time.

    Too Much Or Too Little Exercise!

    Exercise Regularly-Reasons For Chronic Fatigue

    Too much exercise will make you feel tired. Your muscles will have been overworked and your energy stores all used up. If you’re exercising too much over weeks or months you’re likely to feel tired all the time, despite the fact you’re exercising.

    Equally, doing no exercise means that your metabolic rate is never raised and your heart isn’t pumping as fast as it could. Your body will become less capable of physical effort and you’re likely to gain weight, making you even more sluggish.

    Poor Sleep

    Get Enough Sleep-Reasons For Chronic Fatigue

    Another cause of chronic fatigue is not getting enough sleep. When you sleep your body has the opportunity to repair itself and process the actions of the day. A lack of sleep means your body can’t do this and it will struggle to perform properly.



    If you already take medication for any type of medical condition then you should check the information leaflet that comes with the medicine. In many cases, fatigue is a standard side-effect. Combine this with poor sleep or a bad diet and you may have your reason for chronic fatigue. You’ll need to ask your doctor about changing medicine.

    Medical Condition

    Reduce Stress Levels

    Finally, there are a number of medical conditions that can cause chronic fatigue. If you’ve been exhausted for six months or more and can’t see why, you need to speak to a doctor. They will check for any medical condition causing it.

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