If you have used up all your red acrylic nail designs, fill up your bucket with these inspirations. Are you one of those who restrict the red color for Valentine’s Day celebrations? Or does this color have meaning beyond this day in your life?

    You can be a person who loves red generally. Or maybe you prefer it in your romantic relationships only.

    But red is not a color to be restricted to an event or relationship. Instead, it has a broad meaning and showcases the bold and badass nature of the user.

    If you are wearing it on your nails, you are telling the world that you aren’t afraid of attention.

    You may choose to mute it a bit when you feel like playing it small. On other occasions, you can combine it with other bold colors like yellow and blue.

    If you have used up all your red acrylic nails designs, fill up your bucket with these inspirations.

    Thank us later!

    1. Plain Red

    Plain Red
    Source: thecuddl.com

    Only a few people can wear this color in the plain, jelly finish on a casual day. But those who do are as badass as one can be.

    Wear it on long coffin nails or pair it with ballerina nails. Heck! You can don it on your small nails just as beautifully.

    2. Plain Red on Small Nails

    Plain Red On Small Nails
    Source: lookslikecandy.com

    These nails are cute but attractive.

    3. Red Oval Nails

    Red Oval Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    Small nails look innocent and pure. They are even more beautiful when they have an oval trim. Red small oval nails play it small but don’t fail to inspire.

    4. Red and Silver

    Red And Silver
    Source: pinterest.com

    This exquisite combo appears in hundreds of styles. The one under consideration uses a silver ring finger in the middle of red fingernails.

    5. Red with Silver Glitter

    Red with Silver Glitter
    Source: walmart.com

    Not every silver polish is glittery. You can find some with a metallic finish. But here, the ringer fingernail uses silver glitter while all other nails have a jelly finish for red color.

    6. Adorned Red Nails

    Adorned Red Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    The bottom of these plain red painted nails is adorned with jewels. Sometimes, this style is completed with rhinestones. And other times, it uses diamonds.

    7. Adorned Red and Silver

    Adorned Red and Silver
    Source: amazon.com

    This is another style that uses silver highlights for the ring finger. The additional beauty comes from the accessories they use on the plain red polish. Usually, it’s just a diamond on one side on the top of the nail.

    8. Red and Butterflies

    Red and Butterflies
    Source: pinterest.com

    Have you ever seen red butterflies? You must have at least seen them in the visual arts. They look elegant. They are just as beautiful on your nails.

    Some red acrylic nails designs use plenty of these beauties. And when they are at ring fingernails on top of nude paint, they are even more breathtaking. Of course, these designs use plain red paint for other fingers.

    9. Red and Swirls

    Red and Swirls
    Source: amazon.com

    Red is mesmerizingly romantic. But if you want it even more captivating, get acrylic nails with a lighter shade of red swirls painted on top of darker.

    10. Red and Fiery

    Red and Fiery
    Source: girlstyle.com

    Oftentimes, red is a representation of fire of passion and courage. Make it fiercer by presenting fire on your feature finger with this acrylic nail art. In it, the red fire is painted on top of a nude shade.

    11. Fiery Red and Nude with Silver

    Fiery Red and Nude with Silver
    Source: pinterest.com

    You can take this design as a replica of the previous pattern. But it’s a little different because of the silver outline you give to differentiate between red and nude colors. Within the hot and fiery pattern, this silver lining makes the design cool and frank.

    12. Red and Pink

    Red and Pink
    Source: easybeautyideas.com

    Only alternating between red and pink nails would have done the trick. But these nails are beautified further by accessorizing them with diamonds and flowers.

    13. Pink in the Middle

    Pink in the Middle
    Source: pinterest.com

    This style uses pink and red ombre for the middle fingers. Pinky and index fingers use red paint.

    14. Red and Red

    Red and Red
    Source: stayglam.com

    Could it be a combination? It could be because it is. This style alternates between red metallic and matte finishes. Essentially, both are red polishes but the finish choice has completely changed the look.

    15. Red and White

    red and white nails
    Source: beautifuldawndesigns.net

    Unless you live under a rock, you would know that red and white make the most classic combination.

    Any style that will include these two glossy colors will stand out. An acrylic nail design that uses white highlights on top of a plain red jelly finish is no exception.

    16. Red and White and Nude

    Red And White and Nude
    Source: archziner.com

    If you want to accentuate this style further, you can get the style with a unique ring finger pattern. This pattern in the middle uses red flowers on top of sheer paint.

    17. Red and Nude Ombre

    Red And Nude Ombre
    Source: pinterest.com

    No understanding of nail and hair fashion is complete in 2022 without an understanding of the ombre technique. Red and nude shades are perfect candidates for this technique.

    The top is coated with red paint and it gradually takes a nude shade as it moves towards the base.

    18. Nude with Red Tips

    Nude With Red Tips
    Source: letseatcake.com

    In this design, the nails are painted in nude shades and are topped off with red triangle tips.

    19. Red and Nude on Ring Finger

    Red And Nude On Ring Finger
    Source: cosmopolitan.com

    This style is similar to the one we mentioned above. The only difference is that only the ring finger gets this mix of red and nude. All other nails are painted pure red.

    20. Only Nude Theme

    Only Nude Theme
    Source: allure.com

    This style includes nude fingernails for the middle fingers leaving index and pinky fingers with pure red paint.

    21. Pink and Red for Ring Finger

    Pink And Red For Ring Finger
    Source: chicpursuit.com

    This design presents a pink and red swirl pattern on the ring finger. Unsurprisingly, all other fingers are coated in plain red with a jelly finish.

    22. Red and Stiletto

    Red And Stiletto
    Source: artofit.org

    Before we check out other stiletto red nails, let’s appreciate the beauty of this style with pure red paint. Usually, these nails use jelly or crème finish – which is just perfect for stiletto nails.

    23. Pink and Red Stiletto

    Pink and Red Stiletto
    Source: pinterest.com

    This design presents red paint on the ring fingernail only. All others are painted pink. But it’s not just a plain crème finish for pink. Instead, these nails are topped off with red flowers and hearts.

    24. Stiletto and Glitter

    Stiletto And Glitter
    Source: parenting.firstcry.com

    If you love stiletto you will love this matte finish of pure red color. Only the ring finger has a red glitter finish.

    25. Nude with Red Accessories

    Nude With Red Accessories
    Source: pinterest.com

    I know it’s not a red acrylic nail design essentially. But the amount of accessories used on it makes it look more red than nude.

    26. Nude and Red Swirls

    Nude And Red Swirls
    Source: thebestacrylicnails.com

    The famous pattern of hourglass swirls can make any nail design exceptionally cool. These acrylic nails used this pattern to paint a similar theme on the middle finger. For pinky and index fingers, it uses nude polish with red tips.

    27. Shades of Red

    Shades Of Red
    Source: byrdie.com

    Red has its complete and extensive palette. You can get hundreds of beautiful shades in this palette.

    A simple red acrylic nail design uses two different shades of red with two different finishes to build an elegant style.

    28. White with Red Hearts

    White With Red Hearts
    Source: fabmood.com

    This style features a ring fingernail with a white polish. Then it completes this matte polish with numerous little red hearts.

    29. Red Pointed Triangle Tips

    Red Pointed Triangle Tips
    Source: allure.com

    On long coffin nails, this design completes nude polish with long, pointed, triangle tips. On the base of these nails is placed a diamond that adds to its glam.

    30. A Mix of Style

    Mix Of Style
    Source: yourclassylook.com

    Do you want to gloss up your style? Glitter is your answer. If that’s not enough, a style with many nail designs mixed is what you should be looking at.

    This style, for example, includes red glitter and nude with red hearts between red tips on nude base paints.

    31. Red n Matte

    Red n Matte

    Red looks equally cool when it’s painted with a matte finish versus when it’s painted with a jelly finish.

    So, if you are looking for a change in style, you can get acrylic nails with a matte finish to dress your nails for work or a party.

    32. Red and White Matte

    Red And White Matte
    Source: oypmall.com

    The classic red and white combo is portrayed mostly with a glossy finish. But you can also feel the beauty with a red and white matte combo. Look for a style that features white on the ring finger.

    33. White and Black Ring Finger

    White And Black Ring Finger
    Source: weheartit.com

    This polka dot pattern with a matte finish shines beautifully against the red fingernails that surround it.

    34. White Quadrants with Hearts

    White Quadrants with Hearts
    Source: byrdie.com

    This four-quadrant style on the ring finger is innocent and simple. A red heart is painted on each corner.

    35. The Check Pattern

    Check Pattern
    Source: pinterest.com

    This is another white and red matte design. The ring finger portrays a check pattern between the two colors. And all other fingers are coated in eloquent red matte polish.

    36. Heart in the Middle

    Heart In The Middle
    Source: weheartit.com

    This theme decorated the middle finger with half hearts making a complete heart when these fingers are joined.

    It uses diamonds to make the heart. Interestingly, these fingers only have nude paint beneath the diamonds.

    37. Red and Glitter, Again

    Red And Glitter
    Source: pinterest.com

    Instead of using red glitter on one nail, this design uses it on both middle fingers. The remaining fingers have red painted on them in the jelly finish.

    38. Red and Black

    Red And Black
    Source: stayglam.com

    These classic nails present an ombre between red and black colors.

    39. Red and Black with Accessories

    Red And Black With Accessories
    Source: vogue.com

    The red and black ombre is beautiful and elegant on its own. But when you add diamonds to its base, it becomes even lovelier.

    40. Long Coffin Nails

    Long Coffin Nails
    SOurce: naildesigncode.com

    The best thing about long coffin nails is the space they have for different accessories and patterns. Take this style for example.

    It presents a long pattern of red rhinestones arranged beautifully on nude nails. The tips are painted in red.

    41. More Rhinestones

    More Rhinestones
    Source: pinterest.com

    You can find a similar style on smaller coffin nails as well. The design will be smaller to match the size of the nails.

    42. Rhinestones and Glitter

    Rhinestones And Glitter
    Source: pinterest.com

    Or you can add more shine to the style by surrounding the accessorized coffin nails with red glittery nails.

    43. Red and Nude with Accessories

    Red And Nude With Accessories

    This style mixes calm and soothing rose-red color with nude. The two colors are separated diagonally with golden accessories – usually rhinestones.

    44. 3D Rose

    3D Rose
    Source: naildesigncode.com

    Roses are most beautiful when they are red. Bring the beauty of roses on your nails using these 3D acrylic nails that feature a rose on the ring finger.

    45. Nude with Glitter Red Heart

    Nude With Glitter Red Heart
    Source: itakeyou.co.uk

    This is a matte style that is topped off with a glitter red heart outline on the ring finger. The middle finger shows plain nude paint. And the index and pinky fingers have nude paint with red glitter tips.

    46. Coral Red on Nude

    Coral Red On Nude
    Source: pinterest.com

    When you want to emphasize your girly side, you go with a coral red hue. This design matches the girly red hue with nude paint in a perfect combo using ovals.

    47. Red and Pink with More Swirls

    Red And Pink With More Swirls
    Source: pinterest.com

    Do you want to give a random look to your nails? Add pink to red! These swirls of red and pink on the ring finger give a windy look to your nail.

    48. The Crown

    The Crown
    Source: pinterest.com

    If you are looking for a bejeweled style, you should check out these nails that are accessorized in a crown-like pattern. Other than ring fingers, all nails are painted in this pattern without too many accessories.

    49. Long Coffin Floral Nails

    Long Coffin Floral Nails
    Source: amazon.com

    These nails aren’t too loud. But they aren’t too mute at the same time. And the length makes them gracefully elegant.

    50. Black in the Middle

    Black In The Middle
    Source: pinterest.com

    You got the point. These nails present plain black polish on the middle finger. All other nails are painted red.

    51. Pink and Golden

    Pink And Golden
    Source: pinterest.com

    Or you may seek a pink and gold theme on the middle fingers. These colors in ombre gradient look a charming contrast of coolness and hotness. The ring finger even carries a red heart.

    52. Golden Index Finger

    Golden Index Finger
    Source: k4fashion.com

    Some cultures mix golden and red to symbolize prosperity and happiness. You can use the combo to show off luxury and comfort. The ring finger in this design has an accessorized bottom.

    53. Leave Pattern

    Leave Pattern
    Source: k4fashion.com

    There is no shortage of those patterns that use ring fingers to showcase unique themes. This design chose leaves for this presentation.

    54. White Flower on Ring Finger

    White Flower On Ring Finger
    Source: pinterest.com

    This nail design features a beautiful white flower on top of a red jelly finish. The middle finger’s bottom is beautified with diamonds.

    55. The Snake Pattern

    The Snake Pattern
    Source: twitter.com

    Make it bold with a snake figure on the ring finger. This nail design paints all nails nude with tips in red color.

    56. Long French Tip Coffin Nails

    Long French Tip Coffin Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    These long nails keep the tips white in the French tip style. These tips are accessorized with red hearts and flowers. Only the pinky fingernail is painted in red glitter.

    57. Red with Black Tips

    Red With Black Tips
    Source: chicpursuit.com

    This is a low-key design that obeys the color code but doesn’t show off excessively. It’s perfect if you don’t want to draw attention to your nails.

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    These were our picks from awesome red acrylic nails designs. Which of these have you already tried? Which ones are on your bucket list?

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