Whether you are a natural redhead or looking for highlights inspirations for your freshly colored red hair or just seeking highlights ideas, this post goes out to you!

    When it comes to red hair, the sky is the only limit to the different hues and shades of highlights you can choose from.

    From the warmer shades of red to darker tones and baby highlights, you have so much on your plate to select the style that will transform you into an up-to-date feisty woman in a single glimpse.

    Have you got beautiful red hair? It’s time you pull off those alluring bright red and blonde hair to add personality to your hairstyle. So, if you are all set to bring a drastic and dramatic change that will upgrade you to a bold and fierce woman, we have put together some exciting red hair with blonde highlights ideas that everyone will fall for!

    Let’s begin with a bang, shall we?

    The Supremacy of Red and Blonde Highlights!

    Being a redhead is a blessing, and pairing it with subtle highlights always brings out a dream-girl look! One of the best highlights that go lovely with red hair streaks is blonde/platinum highlights. One of the best things about red and blonde highlights is that they can be styled on any hair type: from pixie cuts to long tresses, thick or thin, you name it, this lethal hair combination can revive any dull appearance.

    28 Hottest Red Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas for Your Instant Hair Makeover:

    With the following red shades and blonde highlights, you’d gracefully reflect your bold and dominant personality.

    1- Multicolor Hair with Blonde and Electric Red Highlights:

    Multicolor Hair with Blonde and Electric Red Highlights

    Let’s begin our list with the dreamiest red hair and blonde highlights idea. Thanks to its red and blonde balayage and electric highlights, you will probably fall in love with this hairstyle. You can make them look even sassier by dying your roots a dark purple color. Moreover, you can nail any hair accessory with this style or leave them be. They’d still look mesmerizing.

    2- Crimson Red Hair with Blonde Highlights:

    Crimson Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

    Red is such a fascinating color that it will go super-hot with almost any highlights, especially blonde or platinum ones. Are you looking for shades of red? Opt for crimson red to add a dramatic appearance to your hair. And when these hair are paired with blonde highlights, your looks just go beyond perfection! Crimson red highlights for blonde hair will also look appealing.

    3- Orange Red Highlights with Blonde Shades (For Short Hair):

    Orange Red Highlights With Blonde Shades (For Short Hair)

    Got a pixie cut or short hair to bang the blonde and red combination? This one hairstyle idea goes out straight to you!

    Blonde highlights on short red hair are an excellent choice for fair-skinned women who need a low-maintenance hairstyle. Getting ready each morning won’t take much time with a pixie cut.

    4- Dark Red with Blonde Lowlights:

    Dark Red With Blonde Lowlights

    Make your mane look stunning by choosing a dark red shade. Adding red or blonde lowlights is optional, but their texture and glow can truly make all the difference. If standing out from the crowd is what you want, this idea of red hair with blonde highlights is a big yes.

    5- Blond and Red Highlights on Black Hair:

    Blond And Red Highlights On Black Hair

    Blessed with a natural black, thick hair and want to do a dramatic twist with red and blonde highlights? We have got you covered with this one!

    A red or blonde highlight provides texture and dimension to black hair. Make sure you pull off some blunt bangs to cover your forehead and create waves on your mane. This one is sure to bring the dazzling look you are looking for.

    6- Red and Blonde Highlight for Half Hair:

    Red and Blonde Highlight for Half Hair

    Want to make the crowd go crazy for your hair looks? You can create a fantastic blend by choosing black roots and blonde highlights. And it will result in a lush and eye-popping appearance. For that glamorous look, pull a few strands from the top of the head and style it into a curly loose bun.

    7- Rosy Streaks with Blonde Highlights:

    Rosy Streaks With Blonde Highlights

    It looks incredibly stunning when red highlights are added to blonde hair. To achieve a beautiful appearance, you don’t have to put in much effort. Your blonde image will become more impressive with bright rosy streaks. And just like that, ginger with blonde highlights also looks spectacular. The purpose is to give you a dreamy hair makeover!

    8- Red Hair and Blonde Bangs:

    Red Hair And Blonde Bangs

    How about going a little off the track and on the fashion by opting for red hair with blonde bangs? Have an eye-popping look with beautiful, shiny bangs over your forehead with silky red hair. This look will truly transform you into that fierce lady you dream of becoming!

    9- Combination of Copper, Burgundy, And Blonde:

    Combination Of Copper, Burgundy, And Blonde

    The combination of copper and blonde highlights looks fantastic. Adding some burgundy strands would be nice if it seemed dull to you. Keep it subtle but make sure it’s visible. If you want to go off the rail, you can also increase the burgundy highlights. But make sure you are ready to face this challenge and won’t regret it later. Otherwise, subtle burgundy is alright.

    10- Reddish Ends with Flattering Blonde Hair:

    Reddish Ends With Flattering Blonde Hair

    Red highlights do not have to be applied thoroughly. You can also just apply them at the ends. Red and blonde go very well together. Therefore, it does not matter at what point you decide to add a few reddish hues. Either you style red hair with blonde highlights or vice versa. It’s going to look super-hot on you!

    11- Ginger, Brown, and Blonde Highlights Altogether:

    Ginger, Brown, And Blonde Highlights Altogether

    Highlights of ginger red look particularly attractive when combined with brown strands on blonde hair. When it comes to making highlights, don’t be afraid of using more than two colors. In the end, you are guaranteed to have absolutely stunning results. After all, it’s okay to take hot risks with your bold red hair.

    12- Rosy and “More Than Golden” Highlights:

    Rosy And “More Than Golden” Highlight

    Want to have old-school hair transformation to live the life of a 70s dreamy woman? We have something in store for you! Golden blonde hair color with rosy highlights looks absolutely stunning. If you wish to add some shine to your golden locks, rosy or light red strands are perfect.

    13- Curly Hair Red and Blonde Highlights:

    Curly Hair Red And Blonde Highlights

    There are times when you need something classy and decent, even if you have bold and bright red hair. Here is what you might need.

    The hairstyle with bangs and red and blonde highlights will go fantastic with your fair skin tone if you’re aiming for a sophisticated look. Also, you can create mesmerizing curls with a conical iron. If you are going to a theme party and can’t decide on a hairstyle, this should be your go-to style!

    14- Blonde Hair with Platinum & Dark Red Highlights:

    blonde hair with dark red highlights

    Do you have the urge to become the talk of the town with your newly transformed hair? Don’t stress what hairstyle to pick! Blonde and red highlights can make you the center of attention anywhere you go. With your top hair, create a voluminous French braid to achieve a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Using a straightening iron, create amazing curls in the other section. And that’s how you stand out from the rest. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

    15- Keep It Simple – The Red Hair with Blonde Highlights Look:

    Red Hair With Blonde Highlights Look

    If you’re a fan of a simple “go-to” look and want to achieve that with complete grace, here’s one idea for you. The best way to achieve the perfect blonde highlights on red hair is to keep them as natural as possible. Your soft redhead image will be enhanced by adding auburn to honey blond.

    16- Bright Shades of Red and Blonde Highlights:

    Red And Blonde Highlights

    When you mix red and blonde, you don’t need to have definite highlights. If you have blonde highlights in the right places, a real professional can add subtle highlights to lighten up your overall colors. Not only will it brighten up the whole texture of your hair, but it will also add grace and subtleness to them.

    17- Oomph Hairstyle with Different Shades:


    Style is all about extra oomph, but some girls are afraid to add it. But if you want to try out something different with your hair without stepping out of your comfort zone, try this hair color idea. Make one strand of your locks a completely different color when highlighting them.

    18- Soft Image Of Red And Blonde Highlights:

    red and blonde highlights hair

    Creating a soft image is difficult when it comes to the bright and bold hair colors like red and blonde. Your hair dye and natural shade will need to be carefully considered. A professional can help you get the best results.

    19- Silver Strands on Burgundy Hair:

    Silver Strands On Burgundy Hair:

    There’s nothing wrong in trying something unusual, right? The effect of silver on burgundy hair looks amazing, but only if you are courageous enough to go all the way. You certainly will turn heads everywhere you go with such a daring hairstyle.

    20- Red Hair Sun-Kissed Locks:

    Red Hair Sun-Kissed Locks

    Blonde locks are not necessary if you want sun-kissed locks. Simply dilute your red locks with a few golden strands, and as a result, you’ll have bright sun-kissed locks, or maybe even better.

    21- Auburn Hue with Blonde Highlights:


    Highlights in blonde look lovely when applied to light red hair. Even if you are not a fiery redhead, but your hue closely resembles auburn, light highlights will still enhance your coloring. Don’t be afraid to try them.

    22- Powerful Red with Subtle Brown Highlights:

    Red With Subtle Brown Highlights

    When subtle blonde highlights are added to red hair, they can make a compelling impression. Just don’t go too light with the blonde. Stick with dark or honey blonde hair instead of platinum or silver.

    23- Elite Combination of Light and Bright:

    Combination Of Light And Bright

    You don’t have to worry about fussing over blonde highlights on dark hair to achieve a great look. Have your hairstylist dye only the top strands. Highlighting the entire head is not necessary. This is how you achieve the light and bright hair color combination quite swiftly.

    24- Multiple Shades of Blondes Over Red and Blonde Dyed Hair:

    Multiple Shades Of Blondes Over Red And Blonde Dyed Hair

    Want to go a little crazy with your beautiful red and blonde hair? Think about using several shades of blonde when highlighting red hair. You can achieve a more natural look by choosing darker hues.

    25- Twisted Highlights:

    Twisted Highlights:

    The best thing about highlighting your red hair is that you don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules. Highlighting your hair is a creative process that you can let loose. Adding a different color to hidden tresses will add more color to classic highlights.

    26- Hot Blonde Flames:


    You can get a flaming effect by dyeing the bottom strands of red hair blonde and using an ombre highlighting technique. You will be amazed at the result.

    27- Sun Flecks with Strawberry Blonde Strands:


    Want to shine like diamond and sun altogether? Go for this look!

    If you’ve got red hair, add a few strawberry blonde strands to make it sparkle like the sun. With minimal cost and time, you can achieve a shiny appearance.

    28. Red and Strawberry Blonde Bob

    Auburn Bob with Layers

    Red Hair with Blonde Highlights – Wrapping It Up!

    It takes a lot of courage to go, redhead, as read hair are famous for catching instant attention. If you are that “shy and introvert” woman and want to add subtle yet dramatic change to your red hair or just looking for red hair with blonde highlights inspirations, this is your spot! Don’t waste further time and quickly skim through our list for red hair highlights ideas for the ideal hair transformation you always wanted!

    And yes, don’t be impulsive when it comes to your hair. Make sure to have an appointment with your hairstylist before opting for any highlights or colors.

    Let us know if we missed something.

    Good luck!

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