Royal Blue Nails: 35 Bold Style Statements for 2024

Royal blue nails are a deep blue color with subtle purple undertones. As the name suggests, this versatile shade is associated with royalty and hence it represents authority, loyalty, confidence, and compassion.

Talking of the color, royal blue nails are in full trend this season and perfect to make a style statement worth remembering. When painted on the nails, royal blue looks exceptionally flattering and pairs well with a number of other nuances.

We hope we have caught you at the right moment as going through the following 35 royal blue nail designs won’t take long but you’ll end up with a chic manicure for sure.

35 Royal Blue Nails

With so many options to choose from, select the one that attracts you the most.

1. Red Under Color

Red Under Color-royal blue nails

Under color Nails are quite the rage these days. Experiment with long royal blue stiletto nails and paint their underside with a coat or two of blood red. You’ll be stunned by this color combination.

2. Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves-royal blue nails
Source: Byrdie

Use a fine brush to bring the ocean waves on your nails. Couple different shades of blue and draw swooped lines on all the nail beds. How about drawing some fish and sea stars too?

3. Royal Blue Daisies

Royal Blue Daisies-royal blue nails
Source: Etsy

Though blue flowers are not very common they do exist just like these cute little daisies. Draw delicate petals around a central yellow dot on the accent nail while keeping the others plain.

4. Gold Half Moons

Gold Half Moons-royal blue nails

Half-moon designs are easy to achieve and look equally stunning. Add a coat of gold polish, let it dry, place paper reinforcement stickers on the cuticle, and add a coat of dark blue. Tada!

5. Christmas Vibes

Christmas Vibes-royal blue nails
Source: Pinterest

Prepare your nails for Christmas by drawing white snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and decorations on a royal blue base. You can also use nail decals rather than drawing on the figures.

6. Silver Sparkle

Silver Sparkle-royal blue nails
Source: Medium

Blue and silver colors look eye-catching together. Get a sparkling silver polish and paint the accent nail or create an ombre nail effect with a soft sponge. You can also alternate matte nails with glittery ones.

7. Multi-Tonal Nails

Multi-Tonal Nails-royal blue nails
Source: Beauty Bay

Paint each nail in a slightly different tone of blue. Sky blue, cobalt blue, pastel blue, teal, indigo, and royal blue off course. This style is ideal for beginners who want to skip a salon appointment.

8. Unique Butterflies

Unique Butterflies-royal blue nails
Source: Pinterest

Love monarch butterflies? Draw their unique pattern on your blue nails to turn around some heads. Butterfly-shaped glitter is another easy option. Place those tiny pieces individually on the nail and seal them in with a top coat.

9. Ombre Dream

Ombre Dream-royal blue nails
Source: Pinterest

Royal blue nails with an ombre effect are sure to attract some attention. Use white, black, or a lighter shade of blue to create a vertical or horizontal dark to light gradient on the nail bed.

10. Matte Stilettos

Matte Stilettos-royal blue nails
Source: Amazon

Just like glossy nails, matte nails are not a color but this style has remained a hot trend this year. A matte top coat will work with all your lacquers. Recreate the look on long stiletto nails.

11. Marble Art

Marble Art-royal blue nails
Source: Pinterest

Mix some thinner with your nail color or use the water marble technique to transform your nails into unique marble pieces. Royal blue paired with white or sky blue will look the best.

12. French Manicure

French Manicure-royal blue nails
Source: Byrdie

French tips nails are classic, chic, and timeless. Whether the nails are long, medium, or short, cover them with a nude base and paint the tips in a dark blue tinge. You can also add a tiny flower on the accent finger.

13. Magnetic Nails

Magnetic Nails-royal blue nails

Magnetic polishes have iron particles that can be activated with a magnet. Add blue polish on a black base and create various textured patterns by bringing a magnet near the nails at multiple angles.

14. Delicate Outlines

Delicate Outlines-royal blue nails
Source: Olive and June

Opt for a minimalistic royal blue nail design by drawing fine lines along the edges of those nude nails. You can also outline the tips only keeping them hollow for an ultra-modern appeal.

15. White Accent Nail

White Accent Nail-royal blue nails
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

White polish makes a dark blue tone stand out. Draw zigzag blue lines or stamp a pattern from your stamping kit on the accent white nails with a plain white base coat. Easy-breezy!

16. Shimmering Foil

Shimmering Foil-royal blue nails
Source: artAIstry

When you can’t think of anything else, get some of that shimmery nail foil and place it over the nails when the lacquer is still a bit tacky. Get ready for a surprise upon removing the foil!

17. Abstract Pattern

Abstract Pattern-royal blue nails
Source: Beauty Bay

Convey your emotions while using your nails as a canvas to put your abstract art on. Draw lines, swirls, geometrical shapes, or whatever comes into your mind. Negative space nails will look the chicest though!

18. Blue Hearts

Blue Hearts
Source: Pinterest

Who says hearts can only be red? Love can be expressed in any language and with any color. Draw a single big heart or opt for multiple tiny ones. The trick lies in placing two dots and dragging them together at the base.

19. Evil Eye Design

Evil Eye Design
Source: Pinterest

This historic symbol is said to keep all the evil away. True or not, it can surely be used to create a unique royal blue nail design. Place a dot of dark blue, followed by a dot of sky blue and black, respectively.

20. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Source: Reddit

Pink is hot and girly, blue is cool and boyish. How about rocking them together on your nails? Hearts, flowers, ombres, accent nails, half-and-half style, the options are endless!

21. Glitter Glam

Glitter Glam
Source: Pinterest

No nail designs are complete without a glitzy glitter manicure. Paint those deep blue almond nails with a coat of matching glitter or use a contrasting tone and produce a gradient on the nails with a sponge.

22. Diamond Nails

Diamond Nails
Source: Pinterest

Make your manicure and pedicure look expensive and luxurious without much effort. How? Place a heap of shiny rhinestones, gems, and charms in different sizes on your nail beds until no more space is left.

23. Black Leopard Print

Black Leopard Print

Spice up your dull royal blue nails at home. All you need is some black nails paint and a dotting tool. Create uneven U shapes and merge dots together making those nails look like a leopard’s skin.

24. Random Swirls

Random Swirls
Source: Pinterest

Not good at creating nail designs? Produce random swirls and swoops without worrying about perfection as the messier the pattern, the sexier your nails are expected to look. Can’t get any easier!

25. Bubble Nails

Bubble Nails
Source: Pinterest

This nail design is fun to create. Produce plenty of soap foam and put it onto the nails while the top coat is still wet. Remove the excess foam and you will end up with the hottest bubble nails of all time.

26. Splash and Splatter

Splash and Splatter
Source: Pinterest

Some splash and splatter comes in handy when you are short of time but want to make your nails look on point. A toothbrush dipped in nail polish will do the job.

27. Long Tapered Square Nails

Long Tapered Square Nails
Source: Pinterest

The simpler, the better! Stand out from the crowd by opting for extra-long nails in a tapered square shape and paint them in the deepest royal blue tone available. Go for matte, glitter, or glossy nails. Your call!

28. Yellow Fellow

Yellow Fellow
Source: Pinterest

It may seem that yellow and royal blue nails don’t go together. Think again as this manicure is just to die for! Draw yellow acrylic sunflowers on a blue base, alternate straight lines with groovy ones, or opt for color blocking instead.

29. Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails
Source: Pinterest

Place purple and white paint on a sponge and dab it irregularly over a dark blue base. Draw some stars, add some glitter and you are sure to be amazed at how an entire galaxy emerges on your nails!

30. Funny Frogs

Funny Frogs
Source: Pinterest

Blue frogs do exist and although they’re poisonous there is no harm in getting one or two on your nail beds. You can also consider getting the usual green frogs on a blue base. Funky!

31. Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Characters
Source: morovan

The genie from Aladdin, Dory from Finding Nemo, Sonic the Hedgehog, there are so many cartoon characters you can get on your blue nails while reminding yourself of those good old childhood days.

32. Starry Night

Starry Night
Source: Pinterest

Talking about royal blue nails and forgetting a starry night moment? Impossible! Add one or two coats of deep blue and use a toothpick to draw the tiniest stars possible. Dreamy!

33. Simple and Classy

Simple and Classy
Source: Pinterest

Why complicate when a simple design like this is more than enough? Ask the nail expert to paint the nails in a plain royal blue nuance and add a little heart or any other minimalistic shape on one of them.

34. Checkerboard Nails

Checkerboard Nails
Source: Byrdie

A checkerboard pattern may appear complicated but that doesn’t mean not giving it a try. Draw straight vertical and horizontal lines and fill in each alternating square with hollow ones in between. Done!

35. Snakeskin Pattern

Snakeskin Pattern
Source: Pinterest

Daring, right? Draw dark X-shaped lines on a lighter base coat and add small dots of transparent gel polish with a dotting tool. Continue doing so until a snakeskin pattern starts to appear.

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