5 Fun and Festive Secret Santa Gifts for Girl’s Night 2023

Girl’s night is a tradition that starts in our 20s and, if lucky, carries through all the seasons of our lives, including getting married, having kids, and becoming empty nesters. Though the women in the group might change over time, the special bonds remain, always.

So, what better way to honor your girl’s night tribe than with the perfect Secret Santa gift? Look no further if you’re searching for the best presents this holiday season! These five fun and festive secret Santa gifts will be discussed for many years.

1. Instant Champagne/Mimosa Kit

Instant-Champagne-Girl's Night
Source: pexels.com

That’s right — an instant Champagne/mimosa kit. Indeed, your girl’s night group would agree those five words pair perfectly together. This Secret Santa gift idea is perfect for a night out on the town or brunch the next morning. Simply pop one of the flavored cubes into a glass of white wine, and voilà — you have instant fizz and flavor. Do you have a friend who prefers to pass on alcohol? No problem. These little cubes are great for sparkling water or iced tea, too.

2. Kodak Camera

Kodak Camera-Girl's Night
Source: photojottings.com

Sure, taking selfies and group photos during a girl’s night out is fun, but let’s face it, most of them end up stuck in our phones forever. Why not change the pace and give one of your best gals a Kodak camera that prints out instant images? You’ll have fun memories to bring home and stick on your fridge. As an added plus, this camera has an SD card that saves all the pictures, too!

3. Morning Person Sweatshirt

Morning Person Sweatshirt-Girl's Night
Source: etsy.com

You know who she is. She’s your girl’s night-out bestie who, no matter what happened the night before, is always up bright and early the next morning — and chipper. Yes, you love her — but maybe just not as much in the mornings. So why not warn the world that she’s one of those lovely (and slightly annoying) early risers with this morning person sweatshirt? Don’t worry; she’ll love it. Morning people are proud to be who they are.

4. Sexy Lingerie

Christmas lingerie-Girl's Night-Girl's Night
Source: amazon.com

Either this friend would never imagine buying herself sexy Christmas lingerie, and you want to give her a little nudge, or she already has a closet full of fun, festive unmentionables, and you want to expand her collection. Either way, lingerie is the perfect Secret Santa gift for your girl’s night friend who needs a little more spice.

5. Monogram Necklace

Monogram Necklace-Girl's Night
Source: Pexels.com

Her bags are all monogrammed, and all her kid’s clothes, too. In fact, she might even monogram her underwear. A monogram necklace is the perfect secret Santa gift for the monogram queen in your life who just can’t get enough of her own initials. Just remind her during an evening out that if she has to give someone a fake name, make sure it starts with the same letter as her necklace.

Girls, Gotta Have Fun!

Your girl’s night crew are ride-or-die ladies who deserve the absolute best. This holiday season, pick a secret Santa gift that shines a spotlight on their individual quirks and personalities. Choose something fun, festive, and thoughtful as the perfect way to remind each of them that they are one of a kind and will always be a special part of your life.

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