Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Party Dresses

Parties are where people showcase their different fashion selves. To say some people ‘dress to kill’ at parties might be an understatement when you see the dresses some people wear to parties. Of course, people want to look good at parties, and you sure don’t want to be left out.


This is why shopping is crucial. Shopping for a party dress is sometimes more intentional than buying regular clothes. And to get the perfect party dress for your event that will have people do a double take and admire your look throughout, shopping has to go right.

That means you can’t afford to make shopping mistakes. Buying the wrong dress can be disastrous, leaving you unsatisfied. Thankfully, you found this article before setting out. 

Check mistakes you should definitely avoid to get the perfect dress. 

  • Wearing wrong undergarments

You should wear the right undergarments when shopping for formal dresses for prom and other party outfits. Wear appropriate, well-fitting undergarments to test the dress and ensure they’re compatible. Furthermore, have on a seamless panty, a strapless bra, and maybe a shapewear. 

This will help you get the best fit for your desired look. You should also consider taking your shoes along to test the length and determine whether you need to alter the dress’s length.

  • Shopping with many people

Going shopping with people is fun. You can joke, play, laugh, and document the experience. However, it could be a disadvantage. Shopping with many people will leave you with too many choices, which can be confusing.

Ultimately, you may be dissatisfied with the dress you eventually get. Therefore, you should only shop with someone you can trust for their opinion. 

  • Going beyond your budget

Going beyond your budget can be a mistake, especially when it’s uncomfortable for you. You don’t want to be in debt because of a few hours of partying. Decide your budget before leaving the house and visit shops with dresses within that range.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t fall for extravagant prices. Sometimes, they may not be the original label, so you should only go to trusted shops.

  • Getting hung up on the size

Sometimes the sizes on the tags can be misleading, so don’t let that discourage you from getting your dream prom dress. There is no enforced dress sizing standard, and sizes may vary depending on the designer.

Try the dress on to check whether it fits. If it does, it’s all good; otherwise, you can check for another alternative or consider paying for altercations. 

  • Ignoring the dress code

Some parties follow a dress code. While you might be okay after ignoring some, you may not get away with others. For example, you should pick a dress that matches the dress code if you’re attending your school prom.

If your school has had you sign a prom contract, you must stick with them. Otherwise, the school may deny you entry into the party, and all your efforts in picking the dress may go to waste.

  • Forgetting to confirm the return policy

You should check the return policy of a dress before buying it. Some stores allow you to return a dress, and some have a shorter return window, ranging from 3 to 30 days. This gives you enough time to decide whether to return the dress or alter it if you’re unsatisfied. 

If it’s a final sale, you may be unable to return it, and you’ll be stuck with a dress you don’t like. Ensure you keep the receipt and tags, so you can return within the return window.

  • Ordering online

One mistake you should definitely avoid is ordering your party dress online, especially from an oversea designer. First, it’ll probably cost you more. 

Second, the delivered dress may look nothing like what you ordered, badly done, and with inferior materials. Shipping back will take longer. Save yourself the stress and excess money, walk to a store, and get something better.

  • Not taking measurements

Take your measurements before shopping for your dress online or in-store. This will help you to precisely choose the perfect fit. It will also save you shopping stress. 

For example, you can check a retailer’s website for their size chart, and you can just walk into the store, try the dress and buy instead of browsing through different physical shops just for one size.

  • Not having a plan

Not planning your shopping trip will probably waste your time, and you may end up with a less desirable dress. Highlight your favorite stores, check their websites and shortlist dresses, sales, and coupons. Plan how much time and money you intend to spend shopping so you don’t exceed them.

  • Not budgeting for altercations

Sometimes, the most beautiful dresses that enter your eyes may not be perfect on your body. However, you don’t have to forgo them. Budgeting for altercations will help you alter that dress to your style without going for another option. 


You will pick the perfect dress for your party if you plan. Ultimately, it’s important that you buy a dress you love, not the ones your friends decide on, and ensure it’s within your budget.

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