The silver hair men trend has taken over the fashion industry by storm. Although grey hair was considered boring before, silver tresses are now believed to look sexy both on older men and young boys.

There are, surprisingly, as many shades of silver and grey hair as there are haircuts that you can choose depending on your styling routine, hair texture, and face shape.

We have compiled a complete list featuring the best silver hair ideas for men who are thinking of embracing their natural grays with pride as well as for boys who are planning on turning themselves into dreamy silver foxes this season.

How To Get a Silver Fox Look?

Before you decide to get a silver fox look, keep in mind that it is very high maintenance and needs special care to keep all that hair shiny and healthy.

  •  Choose a silver hair shade along with a suitable haircut and show it to the barber to achieve a perfect silver fox look.
  • Use a good quality purple shampoo to tone your gorgeous silver locks and prevent them from fading into a pale-yellow hue.
  • Avoid regular heat styling and frequent washing as they’ll cause your grey hair color to fade more quickly. Try to work with your natural texture and use dry shampoo.
  • Get a good quality leave-in conditioner to nourish the mane minimizing the damaging effects of hair bleaching and dying.

Cool Silver and Grey Hair for Men

1. Salt and Pepper Look

Salt and Pepper Look-Silver Hair Men

Mature men can transition gradually to a silver mane by rocking salt and pepper hair first. Add gray highlights on a dark base or opt for black lowlights in case of dominating white hair.

2. Frosted Buzz

2. Frosted Buzz - Silver Hair Men

Keep it low maintenance with a buzz cut and paint the short strands in whatever tone of gray you like. Refresh the look at home regularly with the right pair of clippers and some dye.

3. Funky Faux Hawk

Funky Faux Hawk

This silver hair men look is perfect for guys who want to express their wild side. Clip the sides and back with a faux hawk on top and lighten it down to contrast against the remaining hair.

4. Silver Crop

Silver Crop-Silver Hair Men

Be that fashionable lad everyone talks about by coupling a short French crop with this cool silvery grey hair color. Celebrate your masculinity further with a medium facial stubble and mustaches.

5. Highlights

Highlights-Silver Hair Men

Those who are reluctant to dye their entire head can still take part in the silver hair trend with some highlights. Limit those shiny chunks on the front only or scatter them all around.

6. Natural Ombre

Natural Ombre-Silver Hair Men

Highlights seem too basic? Spice up your look by asking for a dark to light ombre. Keep the roots dark while lightening the tips only and let the hair grow without worry.

7. Long Silver Hair Men

Long Silver Hair Men-Silver Hair Men

Here is another idea to turn any man into a silver fox as long as he has thick hair. Grow the tresses to shoulder length and dye them in a dark grey hair shade with shiny streaks of silver in between.

8. Gorgeous Waves

Gorgeous Waves-Silver Hair Men

The waves are kept the longest at the top while shortening gradually towards the sides. Amp up the look further with an angular fringe letting that frosted silver tinge melt into a brown tone.

9. Cute Bangs

Cute Bangs-Silver Hair Men

This silver hair idea for men features cute bangs at the front that are ideal to add some youthfulness to any face. A light silver base with platinum babylights is worth a shot too.

10. Spikes with Fade

Spikes with Fade-Silver Hair Men

Brush up the strands on top and pinch the tips to achieve the spikes of your dreams. Accent them with a high and tight skin fade for a sharp contrast that won’t be ignored.

11. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut-Silver Hair Men

Disconnected haircuts look exceptionally eye-catching. Keep the top long enough to be brushed back with a neat undercut along the side that is kept dark to pop against those silver strands.

12. Icy Mullet

Icy Mullet-Silver Hair Men

A short front with even shorter sides and some prominent length at the back is what defines a classic mullet cut. Get some choppy layers and experiment with a split color technique.

13. Shaggy Layers

Shaggy Layers-Silver Hair Men

Take away excess bulk from a thick mane or add some volume to thin hair with a shaggy haircut at medium length. The uneven layers are sure to create a lot of movement on the head.

14. Platinum Curls

Platinum Curls-Silver Hair Men

Opt for a flow cut or keep the top long with short sides instead to show off those bouncy curls with utmost pride. This silver hair men look is however incomplete without a silvery platinum hair color.

15. The Comb Over

The Comb Over-Silver Hair Men

Comb overs are timeless and ageless. They can be accompanied by an undercut or any kind of fade for a professional look. Rock an ashy grey hair shade with it and you won’t regret it.

16. Curtain Cut

Curtain Cut-Silver Hair Men

Curtain cuts are romantic and can be short, medium, or long depending on your choice with the middle-parted bangs perfectly framing the eyes. Go heavy on highlights to achieve a salt and pepper mane.

17. Silver Pompadour

Silver Pompadour-Silver Hair Men

Although pompadours consist of a usual long top and short sides, the key lies in styling the hair flawlessly with a barrel brush and a hair dryer. Grow out a thick natural beard to pop against your silver pomp.

18. Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe-Silver Hair Men

Sweep the front strands on one side and get them cut in a slanting direction reaching the chin. You can also get a shorter version lying on the forehead only. Get some silver dye and let the magic begin!

19. Side Design

Side Design-Silver Hair Men

Silver hair on men can look ultra-modern with a mere shaved design along the side. Get some simple slits or choose an elaborate pattern of your choice and get it carved out without further ado.

20. Multi-Tonal

Multi-Tonal-Silver Hair Men

Why choose a single tone when there are so many shades of grey and silver available? Create some dimension on a dark mane by opting for multi-tonal highlights and you’ll love it.

21. Color Block

Color Block

Color blocking has taken over the fashion industry by storm. Take a chunk of hair and dye it in any color to contrast against the remaining silvery gray or vice versa. Simply wow!

22. Silver Box Braids

Silver Box Braids

Black men can rock grey hair without adding a drop of dye to their heads. How? The answer is simple, use silver extensions while creating sexy box braids and recreate whatever style you like.

23. Deadly Locs

Take a break from styling the hair daily by getting it teased and twisted to form chunky dreadlocks. Get the sides shaved and wrap the locs in a funky jumbo bun at the back.

24. Asian Two-Block

Asian Two-Block

Asian guys can take part in the silver hair men trend by getting a two-block haircut featuring short hair on the sides and long hair on top. Set it on fire with a frosted silver hair color.

25. Two-Toned Mohawk

Two-Toned Mohawk

Go wild by shaving the head and leaving a narrow strip of long hair in the center of the head. Lighten the front strands only and make them stand up like jumbo spikes along with the remaining ones.

26. Sexy Brush-Up

Sexy Brush-Up

Brush-ups are a contemporary look of pompadours and quiffs. Ask for heavy texturizing layers and brush the strands straight back away from the face. Try out some silver or grey hair chalk at the front.

27. Silver Blue Hair

Silver Blue Hair

Silver hair dyes with subtle blue undertones are a must-try for those who love a boyish appeal. Get some asymmetrical bangs with a fresh French crop and see heads turn around.

28. Purple Undertones

Purple Undertones

Mix some purple with your silver hair dye to get an eye-popping frosted lilac mane that is sure to be praised. Bring a textured top under the spotlight by pinching the tips using pomade.

29. Silver Hair Men with Beard and Mustaches

Silver Hair Men with Beard and Mustaches

Silver-haired men can make a style statement worth remembering by growing a garibaldi beard with some thick handlebar mustaches. Dye all your facial hair silver to match your hairdo. Sexy!

30. Soft Taper

Soft Taper

A soft tapered haircut goes a long way as it can be styled in numerous ways. The strands on top shorten in length when reaching the neckline. Dye the hair silver and voila!

31. Shadow Roots

Shadow Roots

Dark roots are not considered a problem anymore. Produce a shadow effect by adding a silver tinge midway to the ends only. This look is easy to maintain as the emerging strands add up to the style.

32. Slicked-Back


Apply an ample amount of pomade before slicking back those wavy strands with a comb to maintain a wet look the entire day. These dark buzzed sides are ideal to make chubby faces appear slimmer.

33. Side-Swept


Silver hair may not be considered workplace-appropriate but a classic hairdo like this can solve the problem. Office-going guys can sweep their strands sideward with some strands falling on the forehead.

34. Man Bun

Man Bun

Silvery grey hair may not be considered workplace-appropriate but a classic hairdo like this can solve the problem. Office-going guys can sweep their strands sideward with some strands falling on the forehead.

35. The Bob

The Bob

Men can rock bob cuts as good as women and here is an example to prove it. It is more of a long curtain cut framing the face with subtle silver highlights on a gray base.

36. Blowout Quiff

Blowout Quiff

Quiffs are quite versatile as they work with a variety of hair lengths and textures. Lighten the hair and trim the top for the strands to shorten towards the back. Now all you need is a good blowout!

37. Messy Texture

Messy Texture

Creating some texture has become an essential part of men’s haircuts for a long time. Create a fire flames silhouette by brushing the textured top and pinching the ends for a messy appeal.

38. Silver Front

Silver Front

Another subtle manner to step into the world of grey hair. Use temporary hair chalk before going permanently silver to lighten the entire front or add highlights only.

39. Sleek Swoop

Sleek Swoop

Silver-haired men can show off their new hairstyle by sweeping their front towards one side. It involves styling and setting all the strands neatly in a swooped curve with hairspray.

40. Catchy Cornrows

Catchy Cornrows

African guys can tame their unruly kinky curls by knitting them into straight-back cornrows or snake braids and adding synthetic silver strands while braiding the hair. Dashing without a doubt!

41. Rock Star Vibes

Rock Star Vibes

Another silver hair men look for those who want to turn themselves into true rock stars. Get a long buzz cut, dye it silver, and draw some stars with the brightest colors available.

42. Single Silver Streak

Single Silver Streak

Small things can bring about big changes just like this single streak of silver shining through an otherwise dark mane. Style the tresses in a sleek pompadour to look like a true gentleman at formal events.

43. Modern Grandpa Look

Modern Grandpa Look

Considering older men, if you have grandchildren then make them proud with this modern grandpa look. Go silver and pair a slicked-back long top with a disconnected under and a long beard.

44. Stunning Afro

Stunning Afro

Get your natural fluff noticed from a distance by painting it entirely with a metallic silver tinge. Whether you opt for a short, medium, or long haircut a two-toned look awaits you once the roots grow out.

45. Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League haircuts come in many variations and stood the test of time. The long strands at the front are side-swept with a much shorter crown and sides. The salt and pepper look is worth dying for.

46. Pop of Color

Pop of Color

Another silver hair men idea for those who like to drop some jaws wherever they go. Add all the colors of the rainbow together on a silver base in any direction. You may require regular touch-ups though!

47. George Clooney’s Hairstyle

George Clooney's Hairstyle

When talking about grey hair for men or some hot salt and pepper looks it is impossible to forget about George Clooney’s all-time famous hairdos. Show this to your barber and let the magic begin.

48. Long Top with Short Sides

Long Top with Short Sides

Sticking to the basics, ask for a long top with or without layers and an undercut or fade along the sides. Style it in whatever way you want to make that silver hair color really pop.

49. Silver Crew Cut

Silver Crew Cut

A crew cut is more of an outgrown buzz with slightly more length on the top only. Level up your hair game with a dark silver tinge and blunt baby bangs at the front. Cool, isn’t it?

50- Long Side-Swept Fringe

Long Side-Swept Fringe

Play with different hair lengths by keeping your fringe long to fall on one side of the face while clipping the sides and back short for a contrasting look.

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