Vacations inherently introduce a lot of change to your skin care routine. Whether you have landed in a vastly different climate or are using a lot of hotel soaps, your skin can suffer.

    Make it a habit to establish a skincare regiment especially for travel, to keep that glow while on the go.

    Azelaic Acid Cream

    Azelaic acid cream is a go-to for fighting inflammation and redness, two things to avoid while on a fashionable getaway.

    It is also great for keeping your skin clear, as it effortlessly eliminates the bacteria that cause acne.

    Don’t let the complicated name fool you, this cream is all-natural and safe for all skin types. It’s a multi-benefit ingredient, so you don’t have to worry about packing as many products. Save some space for all those gifts you are bringing home.

    Aloe Vera

    This one is a classic that even your grandmother knows about. Aloe is a wonder plant that can moisturize, reduce dark circles and soothe irritation.

    The gel is great to slather on after a day at the beach for intercepting uncomfortable sunburns.

    Aloe Vera is not limited to topical treatment. If you get the chance, try eating or drinking aloe products. They can help your skin from the inside out.

    Niacinamide Face Cream

    Niacinamide face cream is a powerful product on the front lines of the war against aging. It boosts cellular energy production and helps to repair your DNA via the production of healthy fats called ceramides.

    You can’t get deeper than that with your skincare! Niacinamide is a component of Vitamin B3, so you know that it’s healthy for you at every level.

    It doesn’t stop there; this lotion also helps to fight blemishes, reduce redness and protect your skin from the sun.

    A little goes a long way, so it comes in a convenient travel-sized bottle that won’t give you any problems at the airport.

    Scalp Scrub

    It’s easy to forget about your scalp when talking about skincare. Your scalp can take the brunt of the effects of the sun if you aren’t wearing protective headgear while outside.

    This can cause flaking, dryness and even sunburns. If you are at the beach, you may also find small debris and sand that can accumulate quickly in this area.

    A good scalp scrub will remove built-up debris and reinvigorate the skin on your scalp, including your hair follicles.

    Using it in tandem with hair growth serum is not a bad idea. Choose a scrub with soothing ingredients to moisturize and reduce inflammation from burns.

    Facial Wipes

    Wipes are extremely portable and convenient to stash in your bag. These can come in handy if you are on a bus or a plane and don’t have access to a washroom for hours on end.

    Wipe your face down to refresh your skin, staving off the effects of sleeplessness and dehydration.

    Travel is hard on your skin no matter where you go. Take care to mitigate harmful effects with carefully selected skincare products. Allow yourself to truly relax on your vacation knowing that your skin is in good hands.

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