Tons of beauty products on the market promise to eliminate wrinkles, tighten mature skin, and even successfully lighten dark under-eye circles. Beyond this, many skincare products aimed at improving the health of mature skin also promise to do it all practically overnight. But unfortunately, most of these products fail to provide the promised results.


    The reason for this is more understandable when considering that singular skincare products are most effective when used as part of a suitable skincare routine. Moreover, products also work best when the skincare routine is designed specifically for your skin type.

    On the topic of skin types, if you have mature skin, here is one of the best five-step skincare routines that your mature skin needs.

    Gently Cleanse

    Every skincare routine should start with a gentle cleanse regardless of skin type or age. There is no other way to remove dirt and oil buildup. That said, it’s crucial to be thorough when cleansing.

    Remember to choose a cleanser that’s formulated for mature skin. Some worthwhile ingredients to look for when choosing the right cleanser are vitamin C, rosehip, green tea, plant stem cells, lactic acid, and coconut oil. 

    Pat On Some Serum

    If the product contains effective active ingredients, like vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, and hyaluronic acid, it can help improve the overall appearance of mature skin.

    Pat a small amount of the serum onto your skin after cleansing and properly drying your face with a clean, soft towel. Then give your skin a couple of minutes to absorb the product.

    Moisturize With Eye Cream

    Once your skin has absorbed the serum, smooth a small amount of moisturizing eye cream onto the skin under your eyes. Try to avoid using too much product because this can leave your undereye area feeling a bit sticky.

    Look for moisturizing products that contain active ingredients for aging skin. Shea butter, lactic acid, and sweet almond oil are all great ingredients in this regard.

    Moisturize Your Skin

    Allow the under-eye cream to absorb into your skin, and then apply a suitable moisturizer to the rest of your face. Smooth a small amount gently and allow the product to absorb.

    Apply Sun Protection

    More recently, the true negative impacts of too much sun on the skin are becoming more known. While spending time outside is still important, protecting your skin from damage is just as vital. Using sun protection is an essential way to take better care of your skin.

    Applying a broadspectrum sunscreen with an SPF protection of at least 30 is extremely important for all skin types. However, it’s even more important for mature skin. It’s also vital for those with mature skin to take a few more extra precautions, like limiting time in the sun for peak hours and covering up exposed skin.

    Even though this is one of the best and most practical skincare routines for mature skin, it’s essential to keep in mind all skincare routines need some time to start showing results. So, remember to remain consistent. 

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