In men’s grooming, few hairstyles command attention quite like the iconic slicked back look. This timeless style exudes confidence, sophistication, and a touch of edginess that can instantly elevate any outfit.

    Whether you’re heading to the office or hitting the town, a well-executed slicked back hairstyles is a surefire way to make a lasting impression.

    In this article, we’ll explore the world of slicked back hairstyles and showcase 25 variations that are sure to inspire your next dapper transformation.

    Slicked Back Hairstyles: A Timeless Classic

    The slicked back hairstyle has been a staple in men’s fashion for decades, beloved by celebrities, businessmen, and style enthusiasts alike.

    Its enduring popularity lies in its versatility and ability to flatter various face shapes and hair textures. From the classic side-parted slick back to the modern textured variations, this hairstyle offers a range of options to suit every man’s style.

    1. The Classic Side Part

    Classic Side Part-slicked back hairstyles

    This sophisticated style features a clean side part with sleek strands meticulously combed and swept smoothly back, creating a polished, refined look perfect for formal occasions or the office.

    2. The Textured Slick Back

    Textured Slick Back

    Embrace a contemporary edge with this textured variation. Apply a matte pomade or wax to achieve strategically piecey, separated strands with a lived-in finish for an effortlessly cool, fashion-forward vibe.

    3. The Pompadour Slick Back

    Pompadour Slick Back

    Channel retro charm with this iconic pompadour-inspired style. Brushed up at the front to create enviable height and volume, the remaining strands are then slicked back for a seamless vintage look brimming with old-school swagger.

    4. The Undercut Slick Back

    Undercut Slick Back

    Make a bold statement with this edgy, modern cut. A sleek slicked back top is offset by shaved or closely cropped sides, resulting in a striking, high-contrast look that exudes a rebellious, youthful energy.

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    5. The Messy Slick Back

    Messy Slick Back

    Not into a perfectly polished look? This relaxed variation embraces slight dishevelment with its piecey, tousled strands. Rake a small amount of pomade through your hair for a laid-back yet undeniably stylish finish.

    6. The Curly Slick Back

    Curly Slick Back

    Curly-haired gents can rock slicked back styles too! Use a strong-hold pomade to smooth and tame your natural texture, resulting in a sleek yet unique slicked back look that highlights your covetable curls.

    7. The Wet Look Slick Back

    Wet Look Slick Back

    Make jaws drop with this ultra-glossy, high-shine variation. A generous amount of water-based pomade creates a liquid-like finish that’s equal parts edgy and attention-grabbing.

    8. The Quiff Slick Back

    The Quiff Slick Back

    Get the best of both worlds with this hybrid cut. A voluminous quiff at the front adds height, while the remaining strands are smoothly slicked back for a seamless, dimensional style that’s both stylish and manageable.

    9. The Side-Swept Slick Back

    Side-Swept Slick Back

    Exude nonchalant cool with this laid-back take on the slicked back. Using your fingers or a comb, brush slicked strands to the side for an effortlessly windswept effect brimming with casual charm.

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    10. The Faux Hawk Slick Back

    Faux Hawk Slick Back

    Add an edgy twist by slicking back the sides while leaving a slightly spiked section in the middle, creating the illusion of a mohawk-inspired shape that’s equal parts daring and fashion-forward.

    11. The Slicked Back Bun

    slicked back bun men

    A sleek solution for longer locks. Gather and secure strands into a neat bun at the nape of your neck for a polished, practical updo with swept-back sophistication.

    12. The Half-Up Slick Back

    The Half-Up Slick Back

    Perfect for a more relaxed vibe. The top section is slicked back while the bottom half remains loose, creating an effortlessly stylish look with just the right amount of casualness.

    13. The Slicked Back Waves

    Slicked Back Waves

    Highlight your natural texture by enhancing and slicking back your waves for a modern, tousled aesthetic with plenty of movement.

    14. The Low Slick Back

    Low Slick Back

    Keep it casual yet polished by brushing hair back low and close to the head. This understated style offers a hint of sleekness without looking too “done.”

    15. The High Slick Back

    High Slick Back

    Dramatic and bold, this gravity-defying look sees strands brushed straight up before being slicked back for an ultra-sleek, attention-commanding finish.

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    16. The Side-Parted Slick Back with Beard

    Side-Parted Slick Back with Beard

    Amplify your masculinity by pairing a classic side-parted slick back with a well-groomed beard for a ruggedly handsome look that oozes confidence.

    17. The Slick Back with Shaved Designs

    Slick Back with Shaved Designs

    Add a personalized touch by incorporating shaved designs or intricate patterns into your sleek slicked back ‘do.

    18. The Slicked Back Mohawk

    Slicked Back Mohawk

    Embrace your rebellious side with this punky mohawk variation, slicking back the sides for a seamless contrast against the spiked middle section.

    19. The Slicked Back Fade

    Slicked Back Fade

    Combine two contemporary trends – a sleek slick back top and face-flattering faded sides for a fresh, fashion-forward aesthetic.

    20. The Slicked Back Ponytail

    Slicked Back Ponytail

    A practical and sleek solution for longer hair, this masculine ponytail keeps strands neatly slicked back and gathered at the nape of the neck.

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    21. The Slicked Back Braids

    Slicked Back Braids

    Switch up your slicked back game by incorporating intricate braids throughout for an unexpected, eye-catching result with lots of texture and dimension.

    22. The Slick Back with Hard Part

    Slick Back with Hard Part

    Clean lines and added structure are the name of the game thanks to a crisp, defined hard part that elevates this slick back cut.

    23. The Slick Back with Highlights

    Slick Back with Highlights

    Create depth and dimension by adding strategically-placed highlights or lowlights to your sleek slicked back ‘do.

    24. The Slicked Back Pixie Cut

    Slicked Back Pixie Cut

    Even cropped cuts can pull off the slick back look! This chic pixie variation boasts an ultra-sleek, swept-back finish.

    25. The Slicked Back Crew Cut

    Slicked Back Crew Cut

    For the low-maintenance man, a crew cut with slicked back strands offers sporty sophistication without excess styling.

    Final Thoughts

    Slicked back hairstyles are a testament to the enduring appeal of classic men’s grooming. Whether you opt for a sleek, polished look or a more modern, textured style, these versatile hairstyles offer a sophisticated edge that can instantly elevate any ensemble. Embrace the slicked back trend and let your hair be the ultimate statement piece, commanding attention and exuding confidence wherever you go.

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