7 Women’s Sneaker Trends to Watch in 2023

Shoe trends for 2022 are in place, and you sure need to update your wardrobe-essentials. This year’s footwear features a wide range of styles, one of which is new and exciting trendy sneakers for women ranging from designer sneakers to tennis shoes.

The latest shoe trend will boost your style in one elegant swoop, from adding a pop of color to the midi dresses to giving your jeans a fashion-forward makeover.

Latest Sneaker Trends For Women

New-season footwear prioritizes comfort, but it’s exciting to see designers embrace color, embellishment, and statement features.

Trendy Sneakers will always be a mainstay in women’s wardrobes, so this season you should invest in some larger-than-life designs. Let us begin with the latest sneaker trends of 2022.

  • Chunky Sneakers


Women can’t get enough of big and bulky shoe styles, and chunky sneakers appear to be the most polarizing footwear trend in 2022. Chunky soles are one of the quickest ways to upgrade your look. For example, the ‘dad shoe’ silhouette combined with the added height will instantly turn heads.

The chunky shoe trend is a fixture on fashion week runways, street style veterans, and Instagram influencers, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Chunky sneakers will always stand out when paired with loose-fitting jeans and simple-cut tees; remember, the chunkier, the better.

  • High-Top Sneakers


High-top sneakers are sometimes confused with mid-top sneakers since they are most commonly worn as athletic shoes. Mid-top sneakers are shorter and do not reach past the wearer’s ankle. High-top sneakers, on the other hand, extend above the wearer’s ankle. Women’s high-top shoes have been a public favorite for years because they are classic and flexible, and the trend is still going strong.

  • Tennis Sneakers


Tennis sneakers for women are not made for the tennis court. Instead, they are inspired by classic tennis shoes, which have a rubber sole and a low-top canvas or leather upper.

Conversely, it is the shoe’s aesthetic, not its practicality, that has prompted sneaker makers and designers to create variations of the classic tennis sneaker silhouette.

Tennis sneakers, with their traditional design, are a key element of sneaker culture, attaining hype sneakers status in 2022. Look for shoes with perforations and white leather uppers this season.

  • Designer Sneakers

Designer Sneakers

Sneakers have cemented their due place as the ideal versatile footwear thanks to their continuing presence in streetwear and high fashion. Sneakers are an essential part of any fashionista’s collection.

Designers have always loved the sportier side of footwear, and more high-end companies have recently joined the party.

Designer sneakers are undoubtedly the best option if you desire premium materials and fast brand awareness.

To demonstrate next-level flair and versatility while retaining comfort, combine your designer shoes with ankle socks and a pair of trousers, and a dark-colored suit jacket.

  • Casual Sneakers


Women’s casual sneakers are a good substitute for house slippers. Casual sneakers, primarily designed as comfy shoes, feature a sleek shape that pairs well with women’s thin jeans.

  • Dad Sneakers

Source: weheartit.com

Dad sneakers have been in style for a few years and are very trendy in 2022. Dad shoes, often known as ‘ugly sneakers,’ have witnessed a return due to TikTok’s nostalgia and trends. They are quite comfortable and suitable for all-day use. The shoe usually features big, hefty soles and brightly colored retro paneling.

Dad sneakers can be styled in a variety of ways. For instance, pair them with sportswear for an athletic appearance, or wear them simply with joggers and a t-shirt.

  • Workout Sneakers


Trendy Workout sneakers have become the favored footwear of the majority of fashion bloggers.

Workout sneakers paired with clean fresh ankle socks will make you look nice in the gym while improving your grip and support and allowing you to exercise safely and effectively.

The basic lace-ups are the most popular of all the training sneakers. People use them for gym workouts, grocery errands, and just sitting about at home because they are suitable for both gym and everyday activities.

  • The White Sneaker is Timeless


While sneakers for women receive much attention in the fashion world, one, in particular, has stood the test of time as a go-to shoe – the white sneaker. This iconic rubber-soled shoe is one of the most enduring footwear fads to date, with everything from throwback high-top dunks to split-toe designs.

If a subtle statement is the last thing you want to make, don’t limit yourself to just an accent hue! Instead of going for a full-on saturated look, experiment with silhouettes. You have various options to begin with, like velcro straps, old-school designs, and treated platforms.


Sneakers for women can easily bring comfort and coolness to any ensemble, whether they’re worn to spruce up a pair of jeans or add a twist to a classic suit.

Vibrant hues, one-of-a-kind accents, graphic designs, and innovative silhouettes are sure to elevate everything from everyday streetwear to sophisticated tailoring into spectacular ensembles without compromising on performance.

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