How To Have A Good Time At Social Events Without Alcohol


We live in a world where most people need to struggle to get their stand in their life. However, many people even fail to stand properly in their lives even after struggling a lot. So, life is mostly hard for us, and we want to seek breaks.

Well, alcohol is a prominent solution for many people to get rid of the harsh reality of life and take a break. Alcohol influences our senses and manipulates our brains to get rid of tension and real depression in life.

But on the other hand, it is becoming poisonous for us in various ways.

Alcohol is a depressant that slows down brain activities gradually. Moreover, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 86.4 percent of adults get drunk at some point in their lives.

The more you dig into the fact, the more you will be astonished by these alcoholic factors. Knocking for more than seven drinks a week might lead to heart disease and stroke.

So, the solution is simple: you need to get rid of alcohol if you don’t want to get messed up more.

Ways To Spend Good Time At Social Events Without Alcohol

Social Events Without Alcohol

If you are joining a social event, it is a no-brainer to understand that there will be a liquor bar for people. It does not matter if you drink or not; a drinking bar is a matter of fun that many people would not like to miss out on.

Well, a party without drinks is like a desert without sand, right?

But what if you have changed your mind to live life to the fullest?

This creates a matter of concern for the people who do not want to consume alcohol at a social event. Well, frankly speaking, you can live your life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of a social event without consuming alcohol.

But still, you might fall into a dilemma, because your friends or other people might ask you to have some drinks where saying no might seem like an offense. Well, don’t worry if you want to have a good time without alcohol!

We have got you covered this time!

We have some prominent solutions that will help you join social events and also enjoy with all without consuming a single shot of alcohol.

Be Prepared To Answer

When you are in a dilemma, the answer is the key. Here, saying no is a problem and a matter of offense or disagreement with the events.

People might advise that practice saying no. But it is not as easy to say no to a social event if you want to enjoy it with others. So, you don’t need to be straightforward at all.

But if you stay confused and do not prepare your answers in advance you will feel confused or in awkward situations.

So, it’s better to prepare and be firm with your decision and associated answers. For instance, stating “sobering issues” can be a prominent answer in social events.

Keep A Drink In Your Hand

If you are joining the event, you must have a drink in your hand to show that you are with all to enjoy there. A person without a drink can create an awkward situation, or you may find yourself isolated in a social event.

Well, if you end up enjoying it with others, it’s better to have a drink with you. But it does not necessarily contain alcohol.

Yes! You have heard it right. You can simply go for non-alcoholic drinks to get rid of alcohol issues in your life. Apart from that, social events are a great way to blend yourself with others without hesitations.

Well, in that case, you just need to find out the bartender and ask them to keep some of these non-alcoholic stocks with them.

Focus On The Positives

Well, at a social event, you will find many people with many instincts and thoughts. You can blend yourself with 50-60% of the people, but it is not possible to compromise or match your thoughts with 100% people gathering there in the event.

So, stop thinking of yourself as magical without alcohol. It’s time to be realistic and find out choices. Be firm with your choices and make peace with them and enjoy the party. You will find many negative comments behind you, and that is how society works.

But you will also find some people who acknowledge your efforts. So, this is not just about a non-alcoholic approach but a way to spend a good time with positives.

Bring An Accountability Partner

Having a sober network is better for going non-alcoholic this time. At the party, you will find 80% of people consuming alcoholic drinks.

Don’t worry!

You will find people who do not like it. Befriend them and create a group for fun.

Well, you can also bring someone with the same idea to the social party to be secure in advance. Well, it is a nice way to keep yourself in a proper group where you can fit in. It will help you to be positive and consider some positive conversations as well.

Have An Exit Strategy

You always need to have an exit strategy from a party. No matter if it’s a pub or social event, if you are stuck there, you are gone.

People will try to be with you at such events more than you want. So, there will be a time when you have enjoyed it all and want to go home, but they are requesting or forcing you to stay.

In social events, getting out of the party is tough because there will be police requests which are hard to disagree with.

So, it’s always better to keep an exit strategy and prepare any answer that will help you to get rid of those requests to stay.

Staying in an event more than you want will reduce your good time in the event. This is where you need to create plans, maybe not the truth.

Consider some after-party plans that you have to attend at any cost, and that will help you get rid of the events on time.

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