20 Best Solo Trips in the US (Fabulous Tips for Travelers) 2023

Best solo trips in the US should not only be entertaining and welcoming but should also ensure the high safety standards requested by solo travelers. Considering the needs for entertainment and safety, these destinations make the prime candidates.

Traveling solo is different from traveling with groups. For solo traveling, you need to ensure that you have prepared well in terms of destination selection, know the safety situations of those places, have the right luggage to suit the weather, and are prepared for the living standard.

You may argue that planning is essential in any trip whether it’s solo or with friends or family. And you are right. But when you travel around the world on your own, the safety concerns increase sharply. These concerns become even graver when you are a woman planning the trip.

At the same time, things that would interest you as a solo traveler will be different from those that you would indulge in as groups. You would want more welcoming residents of the places you are planning to visit to keep recharging yourself socially.

Fortunately, America ranks among the safest countries for tourists, especially solo travelers. And most of its destinations host tourists comfortably and amiably.

Best Solo Trips in the US

Here are the best solo trips in the US that you can enjoy when you roam individually around the US.

1. Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

If you are a person who can’t live without your social circle, Mobile is the best place you should visit. Here, you wouldn’t find it difficult to make new friends. It’s customary for people residing here to greet travelers cordially.

The city goes into a celebratory mode in February and March during Mardi Gras. This event is immediately followed up by the Azalea Trail Festival that is celebrated locally.

If you are visiting after these festivals, you can still enjoy historical sites including Fort Conde and USS Alabama Battleship.

2. San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo

There should be a reason behind the high happiness level that attaches to San Luis Obispo. If we look from a tourism perspective, this reason could be its scenic beauty.

The coastal city is known for its stress-free lifestyle as well as ease of living. An enhanced living standard also translates into a lower crime rate and welcoming residents.

Pismo Beach is the highlight of this location. But if you want to hang out with fellow humans while satiating your hunger, Thursday Night Farmers’ Market should be your destination.

3. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Located between Monongahela and Allegheny rivers, this industrial area is developing into a fun tourist attraction quickly. It’s another blessing that the US presents for those souls who explore the world to find their soul mates.

Its 15-clue scavenger hunt is the best activity where you can start to bond with your new friends.

Heinz Field is a must-see for NFL fans. And if you are generally inclined to sports, don’t forget that just next to it is PNC Park for baseball.

4. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Bayfield, Wisconsin

For most naturalists, Bayfield is the most attractive city in Wisconsin. Its Apostle Islands National Lakeshore should be on your bucket list if you are following the most fantastic National Parks.

For a longer visit, you have Madeline Island and Apostle Islands to keep you occupied. Although its scenery is mostly highlighted to attract travelers, those who have paid a visit quote safety and peace of mind as the paramount selling point making it one of the best solo trips in the US.

5. Diamond Head, Hawaii

Diamond Head, Hawaii

There are only a few sites that are most attractive to hikers in America, such as Diamond Head in Hawaii. Even if you are visiting the state because of its famous beaches, don’t forget to schedule this hiking trip.

You can also pack your visit to Pearl Harbor on the same day of your hiking trip but it’s recommended that you allocate different days to get enough time for each site.

6. Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition, Seattle

Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition, Seattle

If art interests you, Seattle will welcome you with open arms. Although the site is surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains and water, its art collection is enough to satiate any thirsty soul.

Seattle Center is known for its art collection as well as contributing to tourism, education, and entertainment for the populace.

7. City Lights Bookstore

City Lights Bookstore

San Francisco is quite laid back especially when we compare it with New York or Los Angeles. This quietness makes the location an easy place for solo travelers who are more likely to strike up a conversation with strangers here than they would in most other cities.

Add to it the comfort and frankness book lovers can enjoy in a bookstore especially in the middle of a poetry evening. The city is home to various other galleries and museums to soothe artists.

8. Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder, Colorado

It’s blasphemous to omit Boulder when listing the safest places in the US. With lots of diversity for travelers, the place welcomes folks from all backgrounds and interests.

If you are looking to explore local and metropolitan culture, Pearl Street Mall is where you should head. For adventure and outdoor activities, don’t skip visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

9. Palm Springs, California.

Palm Springs, California

You can’t call yourself a golfer if you are heading out on a solo trip in the US and you haven’t planned on visiting Palm Springs.

If golf is not your thing, you may get attracted to its mid century architecture. Also, it’s a shopping district so it can make the best first and last stop in your traveling schedule.

10. Block Island

Block, Island - best solo trips in the us

Heading for your solo trip in the summer? Block Island is a great destination to include. As the sites are not modernized, you have the luxury to feel raw natural beauty here.

If you are done with cruising, other options are exploring the landscape through hiking or biking. Sailing is the option to alternate cruising to explore its water body.

11. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado - best solo trips in the us

Anyone who loves Block Island would love Denver, Colorado. The city – which is exactly one mile high from sea level – is home to various hiking trails, parks, and ski areas. The destination can entertain visitors throughout the year because of its diverse range of activities.

12. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt-lake-city-Utah - best solo trips in the us

Because of its safety standards, this city ranks among the topmost cities for solo travelers. Guarded by mountains, this city is unrivaled in its scenic beauty. If you are a naturalist, this city has a lot to offer to you.

You can drink in the natural beauty of this valley while roaming alone. Or if you want company, the residents are welcoming and friendly.

13. The Poconos

The Poconos - best solo trips in the us

This is another haven for people who devour natural scenery. The mountain range lies in Pennsylvania and is adorned by lakes, peaks, valleys, and a river.

Among modern attractions, Delaware National Gap is the most famous. The recreational resort offers bridges, beaches, water parks, and ski runs.

14. Charlottesville

charlottesville - best solo trips in the us

The destination combines historical milestones with green scenes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Jefferson’s plantation is the most famous attraction it holds.

To witness more and more historical artifacts, you visit its various museums. These include Walton’s Mountain Museum, Virginia Museum for Natural History, and Monticello.

15. Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene - best solo trips in the us

The Lake City – as they aptly call it – takes its name from Coeur d’Alene Lake which is located next to it. This Idaho city is known for its beautiful resorts and the fun outdoor activities it offers.

Golf is the most prominent sport for locals and tourists alike. Hiking and biking are open for those looking to use travel as an excuse to get back in shape. Skiing is another option you can avail of at its state-of-the-art skiing areas.

16. Naples

Naples - best solo trips in the us

If you are a golfer, you should keep Naples at the top of your destination list. Whether you are looking for the best solo trips in the US or you are contemplating a business trip, the Golf Capital of the World will host you well.

But this sport shouldn’t be the only reason for you to visit here. The beaches of this metropolitan city offer various recreational facilities including dolphin-watching and fishing.

17. Boston’s Freedom Trail

Boston’s Freedom Trail - best solo trips in the us

Boston has earned a reputation among business travelers. But if you are looking to indulge in entertainment on your own, you will still find more than a few interesting places here.

The town-like place allows you to explore history as well as nature while not overwhelming you with lights and partying that identifies with larger cities. If you want a more laid-back view of the place, you would go hiking or shop at the Boston Public Market. For a more sophisticated look, head to the Prudential Tower to take in the city’s skyline.

18. National Mall

National Mall - best solo trips in the us

This is a must-see place if you are into politics and history. Although the place is home to the White House – the famous official residence of the working president of America, you would find many other buildings, monuments, and gardens that represent history.

Lincoln Memorial, for example, presents the monument for the 16th president of the US.

19. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - best solo trips in the us

Finally, if you are wary of crowds and bustling tourists, you would want to visit Milwaukee in Wisconsin. The light and attraction of this destination are often overshadowed by Chicago city which is located nearby. So, it’s left to be devoured only by those tourists who prefer a quieter ambiance.

Summer is the best time to visit this place and to engage in outdoor activities here.

20. Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona

Take Away

When you travel solo, you want destinations that can answer your two basic needs – safety and social interactions. You wouldn’t want to end up in a place that is crowded with criminals while you are out to enjoy yourself.

At the same time, loneliness can kill the joy you can have on these trips.

If you want to maximize the fun on your solo trip, you should carefully choose locations that are friendly and welcoming.

Traveling is a great opportunity to familiarize you with the culture and lifestyle of a foreign place. But you have to start somewhere and it’s better if you learn about the culture a little in advance of reaching that place.

This understanding will allow you to easily befriend locals to avoid being homesick.

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