38 Popular South of France Haircuts For Men

Regarding haircuts, the South of France style is undoubtedly a popular choice for men looking to make a bold fashion statement.

This unique haircut has gained significant popularity over recent years and has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

I’ve seen and know about many different hairstyles, which are really good, but South of France haircuts are among my top 10 favorites.

The South of France haircut is also known as the “gentleman’s crop.” It has been a popular hairstyle for men in the region for decades.

A stylish and modern haircut like South of France has gained wider popularity in recent years, thanks to celebrities like Odell Beckham Jr. and Kendrick Lamar sporting the look.

We will dive into what makes a South of France haircut, how to get the look, and some variations to consider.

What Is A South Of France Haircut?

Imagine strolling along the sun-kissed beaches of the French Riviera, where effortless style meets laid-back elegance.

Now picture a haircut that captures the essence of this enchanting destination—the South of France haircut.

With its short, tapered sides and longer, textured top, it’s like a gentle breeze of sophistication sweeping through your strands.

It’s a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary flair, crafted to accentuate your features and leave you feeling effortlessly chic.

The South of France haircut is more than just a hairstyle; it’s a passport to a world of timeless allure and undeniable confidence.

You must think I’m using very sophisticated words for these haircuts; why is that? Are they really worth it? Well, you’ll get the answer to this today.

Best South Of France Haircuts:

1: Wavy South of France Haircut:

Wavy South of France Haircut
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

This variation of the South of France haircut incorporates natural waves or curls into the style, adding texture and dimension to the look.

2: Classic South of France Haircut:

Classic South of France Haircut
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

The classic South of France haircut features a high fade, clean lines, and no intricate designs or patterns, allowing for a timeless and refined appearance.

3: South of France Haircut with Design:

South of France Haircut with Design
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

This version includes creative shaved lines or geometric shapes on one or both sides of the head, giving an edgy twist to the traditional South of France cut.

4: Textured French Riviera Haircuts:

Textured French Riviera Haircuts
Source: Pinterest

These haircuts combine elements from the French Riviera style with textured hair on top, creating a unique blend that exudes sophistication and modernity.

5: Pompadour South of France Haircuts:

Pompadour South of France Haircuts
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

A stylish fusion between a pompadour hairstyle and a traditional South of France cut results in voluminous hair at the front styled upwards while maintaining faded sides for contrast.

6: Mohawk-Inspired South of France Haircuts:

Mohawk-Inspired South of France Haircuts
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

Incorporating elements from mohawk hairstyles, this variation leaves a strip or “hawk” running down the center while keeping faded sides intact to achieve an edgy yet polished look.

7: Burst Fade South of France Haircuts:

Burst Fade South of France Haircuts
Source: Men Hairstylist

With its distinct fading technique where short hair radiates outwards like sun rays around the ears, burst fade adds flair to any standard South of France haircut.

8: Slicked-Back Styles (South Of France):

Slicked-Back Styles (South Of France)
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hair

Combining sleekness with a classic French twist by slicking back longer hair on top while maintaining shorter faded sides creates an elegant yet contemporary aesthetic.

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9: Comb-over with Mid-Fade:

Comb-over with Mid-Fade
Source: You Probably Need

In this style, longer hair is combed over towards one side while incorporating a mid-fade on the opposite side enhances depth and definition for added visual appeal.

10: Faux Hawk-Inspired Styles:

Faux Hawk-Inspired Styles
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hair

Inspired by the mohawk, this style features a raised strip of hair down the center while keeping faded sides intact for a trendy yet versatile look.

11: South of France Haircuts with Hard Part:

South of France Haircuts with Hard Part
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

Adding a hard part line to the traditional South of France cut provides a bold and defined appearance, creating a clear separation between longer top hair and shorter faded sides.

12: South of France Haircuts with Braids:

South of France Haircuts with Braids
Source: Men Hairstyles World

This variation involves incorporating braided sections into the design, adding intricate detail to an already stylish haircut.

13: Rounded Afro Styles:

Rounded Afro Styles
Source: Cool Men’s Hair

Combining elements of an afro hairstyle with the South of France cut results in rounded, natural curls on top paired with faded sides for added contrast.

14: Mid-Skin Fade with Textured Hair On Top (South of France):

Mid-Skin Fade with Textured Hair On Top (South of France)
Source: Pinterest

This style combines a mid-skin fade on the sides with textured hair on top, resulting in a modern, dynamic look emphasizing volume and texture.

15: Burst Fade Combining Beard:

Burst Fade Combining Beard
Source: Beard Style

This style features a burst fade haircut with the addition of a well-groomed beard, creating a harmonious and balanced look between the hair and facial hair.

16: Plentiful Top Hair, Minimalist South France Look:

Plentiful Top Hair, Minimalist South France Look
Source: pinterest

This variation maintains longer and fuller top hair while keeping the sides faded for a minimalist South of France appearance focusing on volume and simplicity.

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17: Medium Length Line up Haircuts:

Medium Length Line up Haircuts
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

In this style, medium-length hair is neatly lined up along the hairline to create clean edges and structure the overall haircut.

18: With a Full Beard Haircut:

With a Full Beard Haircut
Source: Mens Haircuts And Hair

This version pairs a South of France cut with a full beard, combining sharp lines on top with rugged masculinity below for an effortlessly stylish look.

19: The Classic Usher:

The Classic Usher
Source: Men’s Hairstyles Today

Inspired by musician Usher’s iconic hairstyle, this classic South of France cut features perfectly blended fades with textured curls or waves on top for added flair.

20: The Mohawk of Gentlemen:

The Mohawk of Gentlemen
Source: Men Hairstyles World

A refined take on the traditional mohawk hairstyle, this combines elements from both styles by leaving longer central hair while maintaining faded sides for an elegant yet edgy aesthetic.

21: Crooked Line Hairstyle:

Crooked Line Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Adding an artistic touch to the South of France cut, this style incorporates intentionally asymmetrical or crooked shaved lines or designs into one or both sides for a unique and eye-catching look.

22: Designer Buzz Haircut:

Designer Buzz Haircut
Source: pinterest

This variation involves incorporating intricate geometric patterns or custom designs into buzzed sections of short hair, elevating it beyond conventional buzz cuts for those seeking more creativity in their style.

23: Short Crop Haircut:

Short Crop Haircut
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Emphasizing neatness and practicality, this style keeps an all-around short length with uniform fading throughout while maintaining clean lines around the edges for a low-maintenance yet stylish appeal.

24: Caesar Cut Hairstyle:

Caesar Cut Hairstyle
Source: The Right Hairstyles

This style takes inspiration from Julius Caesar’s iconic haircut but adds modern flair; this style features a short length on top with a slightly longer fringe and faded sides for a timeless yet contemporary look.

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25: South of France in Chevron Shaped Neck:

South of France in Chevron Shaped Neck
Source: Men’s Hairstyles Today

This variation focuses on the neckline by incorporating a chevron-shaped design into the faded area at the back, adding visual interest and uniqueness to the overall haircut.

26: High Fade with Stripes:

High Fade with Stripes
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Tips

Combining a high fade technique with shaved stripes or lines along the sides creates an attention-grabbing, bold hairstyle that adds personality to any South of France cut.

27: Wild South of France Haircut with Intense Taper:

Wild South of France Haircut with Intense Taper
Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

This variation features a bold and adventurous South of France cut with an intense taper, resulting in a dramatic contrast between longer hair on top and shorter faded sides.

28: Heavy South of France Haircut with Thick Chinstrap:

Haircut with Thick Chinstrap
Source: Beard Style

This style combines a substantial amount of hair on top with a thick chinstrap beard, creating a strong, defined look that exudes masculinity.

29: South of France Cut with Part Decal:

Cut with Part Decal
Source: Pinterest

Adding an extra element to the traditional South of France haircut, this style incorporates a part decal design into the hairstyle for added flair and individuality.

30: South of France with Longer Mohawk and Decal:

with Longer Mohawk and Decal
Source: The Right Hairstyles

This unique variation involves leaving longer hair in the center to create a mohawk-like effect while incorporating decal designs for an eye-catching twist on the classic South of France cut.

31: Subtle South of France Haircut with Round Beard:

Subtle South of France Haircut with Round Beard
Source: Stylendesigns

Offering a more understated approach, this style features clean lines and subtle fades in the haircut paired elegantly with rounded beard shaping for a sophisticated yet modern appearance.

32: The Original South of France Haircuts:

The Original South of France Haircuts
Source: Pinterest

Referring to the authentic and timeless versions that started it all, these hairstyles feature high fades, clean lines, and minimalistic designs (if any), capturing the essence and simplicity behind this iconic haircut.

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33: Asymmetrical South of France Cut With Bald Fade:

Asymmetrical South of France Cut With Bald Fade
Source: Men Hairstylist

In this unique take on the traditional style, one side is intentionally left longer than the other while incorporating an asymmetrical design element alongside a bald fade technique for an unconventional yet stylish outcome.

34: Messy South of France Cut with Crop:

Messy South of France Cut with Crop
Source: Haircut Inspiration

This style combines the structured elements of a South of France cut with a messy, textured top for a relaxed and effortlessly cool look.

The crop adds an element of chaotic charm to the overall hairstyle.

35: Low Bald Fade Cut:

Low Bald Fade Cut
Source: Men Hairstylist

This variation features a bald fade that starts at a lower point on the sides, gradually blending from longer hair on top to shorter lengths towards the neckline.

It offers a clean and polished appearance while maintaining some length for versatility in styling options.

36: Descending Burst Fade South of France:

Descending Burst Fade South of France
Source: The Trend Scout

With this style, the burst fade is executed in descending layers or steps, where each layer is progressively shorter than the previous one as it moves down toward the ears.

This technique adds depth and dimension to an already eye-catching haircut.

37: Dyed Blonde Mohawk South of France Crop:

Dyed Blonde Mohawk South of France Crop
Source: Black Hair Tribe

Combining elements from both Mohawk hairstyles and traditional South of France cuts, this daring variation features longer hair styled into a mohawk-like strip while incorporating dyed blonde color for added impact and individuality.

38: Bald Fade Fohawk with Taper:

Bald Fade Fohawk with Taper
Source: Cool Men’s Hair

In this edgy style, longer hair at the center forms into a fohawk shape while gradually tapering down towards faded sides for contrast and definition.

The bald fade technique further accentuates sharp lines and creates visual interest in the haircut.

How To Get The Best Of South Of France Hairstyles? How To Master These Cuts?

While South of France is almost perfect the way it is, I still suggest you all consider these tips to get the best out of these charming haircuts.

1: Find a Skilled Barber:

Find a Skilled Barber
Source: freepik.com

Seek out a skilled barber who specializes in South of France haircuts. They will have the expertise to create clean lines, precise fades, and intricate designs that bring out the best in this style.

2: Customize According to Your Features:

Work with your barber to customize the haircut according to your face shape, hair texture, and personal preferences. This ensures that the hairstyle enhances your features and suits your individual style.

3: Embrace Versatility:

The beauty of South of France hairstyles lies in their versatility. Experiment with different lengths on top, various fade techniques, or creative design elements to find what suits you best. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your hairstyle.

4: Maintain Regular Maintenance:

Maintain Regular Maintenance
Source: freepik.com

To keep your South of France haircut looking its best, schedule regular maintenance appointments with your barber for touch-ups and trims as needed. This helps maintain clean lines and keeps the fade looking sharp.

5: Experiment with Styling Products:

Experiment with Styling Products
Source: freepik.com

Play around with different styling products like pomades or waxes to achieve different looks with your South of France haircut – from sleek and polished to textured and messy.

6: Confidence is Key:

Mastering any hairstyle requires confidence! Carry confidently while sporting a South of France cut by embracing its uniqueness and owning it as part of your personal style statement.

Remember that mastering any hairstyle takes time, patience, experimentation, and open communication with your barber.

Enjoy the journey as you explore variations within this iconic haircut while making it yours uniquely.

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Q: Why Is It Called “South Of France” Hairstyle?

A: The name “South of France” was likely given to this haircut due to its association with a vibrant cultural scene that emerged from these communities, likely from the southern region of France.

It became a distinctive and fashionable hairstyle that represented a specific geographical location and a sense of style, individuality, and urban culture.

Q: Can One Get South Of France Haircut On Any Face Type?

A: Yes, many types of South of France hairstyles exist, and you can find the most suitable for your face type among them. Go out and try!

How Did South Of France Hairstyles Come Into The Limelight?

A: Usher Raymond, the famous R&B singer, made it really famous among the masses and his millions of fans, and some other celebrities played their part in this, too.

In The End:

With its unique patterns, high fade, and textured curls, this hairstyle has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and fashion statement ability.

Finding a skilled barber who understands this style is crucial to achieving optimal results. So why not embrace this trendy look?

Step out confidently with a South of France haircut that turns heads wherever you go! Thanks for reading.

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