With more people than ever before focusing on health and wellness, the global wellness market is growing at a significant rate. With management consulting firm McKinsey estimating that the current market is valued at more than $1.5 trillion, it is also anticipated to have an annual growth of 5-10% which is significant. Key pillars that are driving this market include an interest in better appearance, fitness, and nutrition. Spas today are anticipated to see these key trends for 2023.

    Red Light Therapy

    Red Light Therapy

    This is one of the new industry’s newest offerings. The red-tinted light is used to stimulate the body’s natural defenses and reduce some health problems. This is a great trend for anyone who wants to improve the overall look and texture of their skin.

    Even some spas today are using UV-therapy beds and converting them to red light therapy so that clients can get a whole body treatment. This therapy stimulates circulation, boosts collagen production, and enhances the skin’s natural healing ability with a combination of heat and concentrated light. This is why people are incorporating the therapy into their monthly routine and this trend is anticipated to continue.

    Digital Detox

    Digital Detox

    This trend has been seen intermittently over the years but is anticipated to be more incorporated into health and wellness routines. With the negative energy in social media, the news, and just television in general, one of the major take-aways from the past few years is that stepping away from our devices can be a great improvement for wellness.

    A digital detox simply means taking a period of time, sometimes even a day to live away from our devices. Instead, people will go for walks, go to a spa, meditate, read, or focus on creative projects. Disconnecting from devices helps to connect to your true self. Spa retreats often offer this but you can also do this on your own at home.

    Nature Bathing

    Forest bathing has been around for a few years and it originated in Japan in the 1980s but spa businesses are now turning onto this trend. It’s a popular option for spa gift ideas and makes a great experience for anyone who wants to improve their wellness in 2023.

    Forest bathing refers to immersing yourself in a natural environment typically by being close to nature or spending time in a forest. Numerous studies show that this can improve concentration, and lower blood pressure and inflammation. Many spas are located in areas that have ready access to natural environments and may incorporate these practices into their health and wellness programs.

    These spa trends for 2023 may not necessarily be new to the health and wellness market but have not been readily available until recently. Anyone who is interested in getting to a healthier place can often find programs for themselves or others at a local spa or even a destination spa. If you already go to a spa, you may want to consider trying out some of these trends as they are anticipated to see significant growth for the 2023 year in health and wellness.

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