A spiral perm is a permanent wave style. The breadth of the perming rods used, the hairstylist’s talent, the customer’s hair, and the chemicals used to establish the permanent wave all influence the aesthetic of a spiral perm.

    The spiral perm’s appearance is closely connected with fashion from the 1980s when this style’s high-volume look was quite popular. It’s crucial to note that a spiral perm is more of a method than a specific appearance, so if you’re thinking about getting one, be extremely clear about the look you desire.

    Instead of rollers, lengthy perm rods are used in this process. Clients who are fed up with long hairstyles will benefit from the rods since they can manage the whole length of their hair. The hair is relaxed with chemicals before being wrapped around the perm rods, starting at the ends and working up to the scalp. To create the curls, the rods are left in for a certain period before being neutralized.

    When done correctly, a spiral perm produces a waterfall of corkscrew curls. The curls are generally tight and bouncy, and depending on how the rods were handled throughout the perming process, they may flare in numerous directions. Because permed hair cannot rest flat on the scalp, the tension of the curls provides a lot of volume to the hair.

    When done correctly, a perm can last up to six months. A spiral perms for medium hair, like other perm styles, may relax with time. The curls may become somewhat looser and less bouncy, but if they flatten out, you should notify your hairstylist. Special cosmetics are also needed to care for a perm, ensuring that it stays in place, and restore your hair after the depleting chemical treatment.

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    3 Types of Spiral Perms

    Spiral Perms are not the same, so we categorize them into three types depending upon the nature of their curls. These spiral perms can be obtained by visiting a good salon and getting a new look for a new you.

    Here we go with the 3 spiral perms types:

    Tight Spiral Perms

    Tight Spiral Perms

    If you have long and shiny hair, it’s always a good idea to have tight spiral perms. They not only give you a great look but also add a volume appearance to your hair. It is reminiscent of the hairstyles of the 80s.

    Loose Spiral Perms

    Loose Spiral Perms

    Loose spiral curls are the most favourite spiral curls. These spiral perms are best for those who have somehow less volumetric and thin hair. These perms add a glimpse to their look and increase a volumetric appearance with a soft look.

    Soft Spiral Perms

    Soft Spiral Perms

    Soft spiral perms are almost similar to loose spiral perms, but they give a more natural look than other types. For those with hair types that do not hold curls, soft spiral perms are the best option. It is also suitable for you if you don’t want to straighten your hair regularly.

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    What Makes a Contemporary Perm Unique?

    “We’re receiving a lot more requests for perms at the salons, and we’re getting inquiries on Instagram almost every day,” Hersheson adds. “To be honest, perm technology hasn’t progressed all that much, but the haircut that goes with it has.”

    “Rather than the perm itself, the negative associations of perms are often due to the short bubble bobs and 70s mullet-style hairstyles that accompanied the perm.”

    “However, if you image Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Lisa Bonet with lovely curly hair, you can have that look with a perm.” The spiral perm curlers seems more current, contemporary, and relevant because of the haircut.”

    Is it True That Perms Harm Hair?

    According to Hersheson, “there are some restrictions concerning who should get a perm.” “You can’t have a perm and keep your hair strong if it’s already extensively bleached or highlighted.”

    “Keeping your hair in excellent form and having a perm are both essential, so keep that in mind if your hair isn’t in perfect shape when you first start.” Virgin hair look best, trending and cute hairstyles with perms.

    “Because a perm will dry out your hair to some extent, it will require more moisture and less heat.” Instead of blasting your hair with heat, try air drying or gradual drying.”

    What is the Average Length of a Perm?

    “How tight you go depends on how tight you go,” Hersheson explains. “Super tight curls [also known as a tight perm] tend to fall out more slowly, although you may notice regrowth in a line.”

    “If you do the curls considerably looser, you’ll get less of a regrowth line, which will make the perm seem more natural when it grows out.”

    A perm usually lasts three to four months,” says the stylist.

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    How Perming is Done?

    Reducing substances like thioglycolates and bisulfites are used to break the disulfide bonds in the hair. To disrupt the disulfide bonds, these reducing chemicals penetrate the cuticle and outer layers of the cortex. To allow the reducing agents to reach the cortex, alkaline agents are utilized to raise the cuticle scales.

    Curlers or rods are used to arrange the hair fibres in the desired curl or wave pattern. Once the pattern is established, an oxidizing substance such as hydrogen peroxide is used to neutralise the perming process in the hair fibres.

    Hair was traditionally permed by wrapping it with rods. The spiral perm short hair before and after hair spirals solution would then be applied to the hair, which would then be set in curls or waves. The solution is washed out once the hair has been set, and a neutralizer is used to terminate the perming process.

    New formulae and procedures involving various items have been developed over time to give you a certain style of curl or wave. Let’s have a look at the various perming procedures.

    Different Perming Techniques


    The hair is relaxed with a relaxing treatment before being treated with digital or hot perms, which helps dissolve the hair’s connections. Then, using hot curling irons, your hair is shaped. The rod thickness is determined by the tightness or looseness of your curls.

    Finally, heated rollers with a temperature control system are used to roll your hair. Depending on your hair’s length and thickness, this treatment might take up to four hours or more. Curls of varying lengths may be achieved using the digital perming process, resulting in a highly realistic appearance.

    When your hair is damp, it is normally straight, but as it dries, it curls. This procedure is only for persons with thick hair and was intended exclusively for East Asian hair. It is a costly procedure. However, compared to other procedures, it is less harmful to the hair.

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    Cold Perm

    Cold Perm

    Perming your hair with cold perms is a conventional method. Your hair is immersed in an alkaline solution initially in this procedure. Rollers are then used to firmly wrap it into little curls. The tight curls help mould your hair into tight ringlets, something you can’t do with digital perming.

    These tight ringlets don’t appear natural at first, but they will loosen up and become more natural over time. It might take anywhere between 2 and 2.5 hours to complete the operation. Even when wet or using a product, the spiral perm curlers curls you generate with this approach will stay curled. The procedure is less expensive than the digital approach and may be used on practically any type of hair.

    Perms may last up to six months if cared for properly.

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    What is the Best Way to Maintain Permed Hair?

    • Allow 48 hours between perming and shampooing your hair.
    • Leave your hair alone for the following 48 hours. Allow your hair to air dry completely.
    • Keep your hair down and relaxed. Ponytails and hairstyles that are too tight are not advised.
    • Wearing a hat will shield your hair from the sun. Wear a light scarf or hat to protect your hair from UV rays, or use a leave-in conditioner with zinc.
    • It’s best to use chemically treated hair products. Ask your hairstylist about shampoo and conditioner after you’ve permed your hair.
    • Hair should be conditioned. Perming is the application of chemicals that deplete your hair’s natural moisture and nutrients. To regrow your hair, you should condition it at least twice a week. Conditioners include concentrated chemical doses that aid in the growth of your hair. If you don’t want to utilize chemicals, go for a natural-based organic leave-in conditioner.
    • Touch-ups should be performed regularly. Perms are referred to be “permanent” hairstyles, however, they only endure for a few months. To keep your perm looking good, you’ll need to touch it up every 12 weeks or so.
    • For a few weeks after getting your perms, stay away from colouring treatments. Chemicals are used in colouring treatments, which might harm your perm and hair.
    • Do you have brittle, dry, or lacklustre hair? Make sure you have a hair care routine that includes items tailored to your hair type.
    • To keep your hair set, brush it once a week or so. Following that, brush your hair with wide-toothed combs.
      Irons, curlers, and blow dryers, among other styling appliances, should be used with caution.

    Are Perms Harmful to Hair?

    Perming your hair can cause it to become damaged, lifeless, and over processed. Chemical treatments are more sensitive to the cell membrane complex and endocuticle. If the perm isn’t done correctly, this can happen. As a result, it is suggested that perms be done by a professional.

    Perming causes hair to shrink, causing it to bulge and get damaged. It’s possible that not rinsing the perming solution will result in dandruff. Hair damage is known to be caused by chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide.

    Coloured hair perming treatments may be more durable than virgin hair. While attempting perming at home, be cautious when selecting perming solutions. The majority of hairdressers will only allow you to have a perm.

    If your hair is dry or delicate, you should avoid getting a perm. Spiral Perms for medium hair chemicals may make your dry hair more prone to damage. They may also cause your hair’s natural hydration to be depleted. It damages dry hair by causing the structure of your hair to break down.

    Perming short hair may be challenging. Short hair may look amazing or short depending on how well it is waved or curled. Treatments of hair perms that are too oily will deplete your hair’s natural oils.

    Following are the best ways to style your perm. These are given below,

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    Spiral Perm for Blonde Hair

    Spiral Perm For Blonde Hair

    Go big or go home, as they say. You’ll be going big with this perm job. The spiral job generated these tight and bouncy curls, which are as beautiful as they are. However, bleaching your hair blonde (before perming, of course) will give you a beach-ready appearance all year.

    Perm That Appears to Be Natural

    Perm That Appears To Be Natural

    This perm appears to be fairly natural, as the name says. This style’s curls are the product of perming with extremely small curling rods. Given how frequently girls lament their frizz, the frizz caused by brushing out this perm is breathtaking.

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    Perm Mohawk

    Perm Mohawk

    What could be better than a single hair makeover? Of course, there’ll be a double hair change! By alone, a Mohawk is a stylish and bold style to wear. However, adding a root perm will up your badass factor to fresh hairstyles and new heights. Furthermore, the shaved, straight sides contrast well with the tight, abundant curls at the top.

    Spiral Perm for a Big Mane

    Spiral Perm For A Big Mane

    Do you want to give your dull, lifeless loose spiral perm medium hair a new lease on life? From the roots to the ends of your long tresses, a spiral perm is precisely what you need to give magnificent curls and dramatic structure. And the greatest thing is that you’ll end up with hair that resembles the mane of a lion!

    Root Perm with a Lot of Definition

    Root Perm

    There’s nothing hotter than perfectly formed ringlet curls that spontaneously shoot off in all directions. This root perm will elevate your hair from the roots, as the name implies. The ultimate effect is tonnes of volume around your head and tight, bouncy curls that will knock anyone off their feet.

    Diffused Perm, Mid-Length

    Diffused Perm, Mid-Length

    What good is a perm if you have to use a diffuser to dry it? But take a moment to listen to what I have to say. Diffusing your perm will open up and define your curls. After all, there’s something special about jet black curls that no other style can match.

    Bushy Perm

    Bushy Perm

    I understand that bushy hair is deemed “bad” in a society ruled by Eurocentric beauty norms. However, take a look at that girl’s lovely tresses! To obtain those perfectly defined curls, you don’t always need to use a slew of different hair treatments on your permed hair. To develop a lovely and bushy mane, you may sometimes just let it air-dry and brush hair out.

    Spiral Perm with Extensions

    Spiral Perm with Extensions

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    Crazy Perm in a Variety of Textures

    The days of meticulously inserting each curling rod to get ahead of perfect curls are long gone. Messy hair is all the rage in the twenty-first century! To get a messier and more natural-looking curl, this multi-textured perm requires utilizing curling rods of various diameters.

    Final Words

    Perms are notorious for being one of the most difficult hairstyles to do right but also the most attractive hairstyles. Since if one goes wrong, the customer may be forced to live with it for months. Perm rod sizes and curl results are also quite damaging to the hair, and they should only be done by a professional hairdresser.

    Before scheduling a permanent wave appointment, customers should always speak with their stylists, and it is a good idea to get a portfolio of clients so that you can see the type of work that your stylist produces. It’s also a good idea to bring in photographs of the appearance you desire to avoid any misunderstandings.

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