How To Start Your Own Food Blog In 2023

Hello everyone, today we want to discuss with you the topic of starting your own food blog and how to make it viral. Today you’ll learn how to monetize your hobby and what steps you should make to start this business. 


Food blogs will be popular forever because at any time, people want to eat and find something interesting to prepare. You can analyze yourself and see how often you google on how to prepare something, and now, imagine how many people do it daily besides you. Cooking blogs can be very popular if you do everything right and don’t make some common mistakes that lead to failure. Now let’s see the most important steps on making a cooking blog.

How to Start Your Own Food Blog

Meet the complete guide with the main steps on your way on how to start a food blog:

Preparing The Brand Identity

You have to understand that there are a huge number of blogs on the market right now, and you have to make something special for people to find and like you. Take your time and brainstorm your brand identity to know what the structure of your blog will be and what you can give your readers that other bloggers can’t. Think on the questions like what you will discuss on your blog, will you be writing articles or making videos showing the recipe? 

Find Your Domain

It’s a really important thing because your ideal scenario is to have a domain name that matches your business name. But if they don’t match, please don’t panic, it’s also ok to have a domain that doesn’t coincide with your brand’s name. On the other hand, you can just find your desired domain owner and buy it, but it’s up to you already. Secure it, and you can move to the third step. 

Host Your Website

After resolving the problem with the domain, you need to find and choose the hosting service for your blog’s website. If you don’t really know what hosting is, don’t worry, we are here to explain to you all the details. Hosting means you are purchasing an online space where your audience can visit your website and read your content. Google the names of hosting services, and you’ll see that there are a lot of them. Some examples are HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap and more.

Design Your Blog

When all the preparation problems are solved, you can start building your blog and making the design. At this step, you can hire someone who knows how to make a good-looking product, or make it yourself with the help of guides on YouTube. Also, you can use a website builder, it’s even easier and faster than making everything yourself. Just apply your brand standards and make the best design for your future food blog

Start Posting

At this point, your food blog will be ready, and you can start posting your content. What type of content you will post is only up to you, here we can’t suggest anything.

The main thing is making a position schedule and don’t skip it. In such a way, your blog will have stability and people will know that at some day of the week they can go on your website and see new recipes or posts. 

Promote Your Site

This step has a lot of nuances, but we want you to know that CEO strategy is half of success for your blog. You can hire someone to make the advertising or do it yourself. There are a huge number of agencies that can make your blog viral and all you need to do is find and pay them.

You have to promote your blog every single month if you want your audience to grow constantly. Don’t skip this step, and you’ll see the result very soon. You can read about other tips for food bloggers too, these are the most important ones to know.

How to Create a Blog and Monetize It

Now, when you know what steps to make to start your food blog, we want to discuss the topic of monetization. It’s ok if you don’t want to make a profit from your blog, but we are sure that 99% of the people here want to make money on their hobby like most famous food bloggers do. That’s why now we’ll show you several ways to earn money on your blog.

Affiliate Market

You can find and become affiliate partners of some food brands and promote their products or brand in general in your posts on the website.

Sponsored Posts

It’s probably the most popular way of monetizing a blog, the thing is that you make a post and implement advertisement into it. Just be sure it doesn’t look like an advertisement and not cooking. Also, we advise you to use specific options like vegan food.

Electronic Books

The next variant of income from your food blog is making a book and selling it. People would like to support you if they like your brand and identity. 


Another variant of monetizing. You can make videos about cooking as a course and sell it. Make sure your videos are of a great quality and people would like it. Don’t forget to edit it and make the right format for the users. You can use a video files converter for Mac or VideoProc Converter for Windows users, so that people with different operating systems could watch it freely.

Selling Products

This way of monetizing for more bloggers that have an audience already. People have to trust you to buy something you sell. Of course, you can try it from the very beginning, it’s only up to you.

How to Promote Your Blog

Now, when you understand how to make monetization for your blog, we want to tell you about the promotion. There are several ways to promote your blog, you just have to choose something and try it.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO can improve your organic search engine rankings and drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

This way of promoting is based on the emails and advertising through them. It’s not as widespread as SEO, but also very useful.

Social Media

Posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and so on can make your blog even more popular. Just learn how to promote yourself on social media and your posts will go viral.


YouTube is also a great opportunity to promote your blog because people love watching videos about cooking. You can share some of your products and then promote your website to see more of the recipes. 

Guest Blogging

You can use other food bloggers to cooperate with you and that’s how you gain new audiences and earn money. Make sure that your guest bloggers reflect your brand’s identity and the video will look good on your blog.

Try something from the list of top 5 ways of promoting your blog, and you’ll be able to find the right one for you.

Thank you, guys so much for reading our article about creating and starting a blog about food. We want you to use our suggestions and not make any mistakes that can lead to a failure of a blog. Just be yourself in the blog and people will feel your sincereness and will watch your videos or read your articles with joy.

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