It has been estimated that human beings have mined over 1 billion tons of silver since ancient times. There’s a very good reason for this.

    Silver is easy to craft into beautiful shapes for jewelry and other items. That’s also why sterling silver jewelry is so popular among fashionistas nowadays, especially if you are on a budget. 

    Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of silver jewelry. 


    Do you get little red bumps on your neck or arms, if you wear cosmetic or artificial jewelry? That could be because it contains nickel which is the cause of allergies in many people. 

    Well, with sterling silver jewelry, you won’t have this issue any longer. This is because sterling silver is made up of only two metals. It’s an alloy created when 7.5% copper is added to 92.5% pure silver. 

    You can rest easy when wearing sterling silver jewelry, since you probably won’t get any allergic reactions, like hives, rashes, or bumps on your skin.

    It is naturally compatible with the human body. Also, sterling silver still retains its brightness even despite not being 100% pure silver. 


    If you are looking to build a substantial jewelry collection, so you can wear something different every single day of the week or because you go to many events on the weekend and you want to change things up, then sterling silver is the metal to go for. 

    Jewelry designers love to work with sterling silver because it’s so malleable and easy to craft into many different styles and designs. But despite this, sterling silver jewelry isn’t expensive. Quite the opposite. 

    Another positive thing about building up sterling silver pieces in your collection is that you can mix and match them with many other metals without any fear of the different pieces clashing. Sterling silver goes along with gold, platinum, and other metals quite well. Try it for yourself and see. 

    Durable Material

    Since sterling silver jewelry is quite durable, you can hold on to it for years to come, and then hand it down to the next generation as heritage pieces. A lot of mining experts are predicting that silver is going to become rarer as time goes on, since we are mining so much of it, and then its value is going to rise exponentially. 

    Instead of handing down houses or stock, you could give sterling silver jewelry to your heirs, as a gift that keeps giving. Not only can they wear these pieces of jewelry, but they can also use them as an investment in their future. It’s a win-win situation. 

    Low Maintenance

    Do you have some silver pieces that have gone black because you left them in a drawer somewhere and forgot about them? Well, sterling silver is the same. It will get tarnished over time if you leave it exposed to air, without storing it properly.

    But, it’s quite easy to clean silver. All you need to do is use some household items like baking soda or soap and water and this will make your sterling silver jewelry shine again.

    You could also just use the tarnished jewelry as it is. If you are the lazy sort, that is. You will notice after a few wears that the silver becomes bright again. 

    Either way, silver is quite easy to take care of, and doesn’t require too many shenanigans, unlike other precious metals, like gold, platinum, and more. 

    Creative Styles

    If you read accounts from jewelry designers, you will notice that they rave about sterling silver because it’s so easy to work with. It can be molded into so many creative and innovative pieces, which are stylish and have that wow factor. 

    It’s also easy for you as a jewelry wearer to mix and match silver pieces and create your own unique style. You can throw on some sterling silver pieces and bring an outfit together in seconds. 

    And since sterling silver isn’t that expensive, you don’t have to worry all night about losing your precious jewelry because you were careless or because the hook broke due to wear and tear. 

    For example, you could purchase some gauge earrings made from sterling silver and wear them the next time you go to a rock concert.

    Health Benefits

    There are many health benefits to wearing silver jewelry. There are many products created out of silver as well to benefit humans in all sorts of ways. 

    You might have heard of colloidal silver which folks claim can boost the immune system and fight infections. There are also studies done that prove wearing a certain kind of silver ring can help with arthritis symptoms in the hands.

    You will want to do your own research on this, but suffice it to say that sterling silver isn’t just a beautiful metal but it can also improve your health in many ways. 

    Also, you will feel good about yourself boosting your self-esteem when you wear such beautiful silver jewelry that makes you feel chic and fashionable. 

    Sterling Silver Jewelry – So Many Benefits to Choose From

    Avail yourself of all these benefits of silver by purchasing some sterling silver jewelry to add to your collection. Start small by buying rings or toe rings, and then go from there. 

    You can also purchase statement pieces that are bold and take your style to another level. Ready to go for it? 

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