Stitch braids have become one of the most popular hairstyles right now. Click here to check out the hottest stitch braided hairstyles for this season.

    In the past, hairstyles were not as changing as they are now. Because of the influence of social media on our lives, now everyone is well aware of the latest styles and trends. As the new style gets up, people become curious about it.

    So in this article, I will cover the latest stitch braids that are becoming the most favourite braided hairstyles of today’s young girls and women.

    Not only in women but these braided styles are also famous in men. All of these Stitch braided hairstyles are super gorgeous to have and always complement your look no matter what you wear.

    What Are Stitch Braids?

    These braids are made by using the stitch-in technique. The hair is sectioned and is done into thick and thin braids and cornrows ponytails. The braid’s sides usually look stitches and are thus named Stich Braids.

    1. Burgundy Stitch Braids

    Burgundy Stitch Braids

    It is fun to have burgundy stitch braids in your beautiful hair as they constantly remind us about mermaids. You can even add burgundy extensions to your hair if you want to enjoy this style for once. I am sure it will become your go-to style once you try it.

    2. Stich Braids With High Bun

    Stich Braids With High Bun

    High Buns can be a part of every hairstyle. If you are also a bun lover, just wrap your braids in a high bun and leave some braids flowing on your shoulder and back. It will surely become your favourite hairstyle for every season, and you will enjoy it too.

    3. High Stich Braided Ponytail

    High Stich Braided Ponytail

    Young girls always look fabulous with their hair tied up in a long ponytail. It gives them confidence as well as complements their face shape. So why not try tying your stitch braids in a high ponytail? Try it to have your best look back this season!

    4. Honey Colored Stitch Braids

    Honey Colored Stitch Braids

    Honey brown braids always add a sweet golden touch to the look. Try this style whether you have a fair or a dark complexion. It seems simple, but it will always make you feel overwhelmed.

    5. Stitch Braids With Star Part

    Stitch Braids With Star Part

    This is another excellent and creative style you can add to your stitch braid hairstyle. All you have to do is make a prominent star cut on the top of the head. You can also add this star style on the sides or the back.

    6. Stitch Braids With Mohawk Style

    Stitch Braids With Mohawk Style

    Mohawk braids have ruled the hairstyling world for a long. Now combine these stitch braids with mohawk style and get a look with a little effort.

    7. Black and Golden Braided Half Up Combo

    Black and Golden Braided Half Up Combo

    Add glittery golden-coloured braids with your black stitch braids so that they can enhance your braided hairstyle. You can have them by making small black braids on your scalp and loose golden braids half up on your back.

    8. Full Stitch Braid Bun

    Full Stitch Braid Bun

    The other most noticeable stitch braided hairstyle is the full high bun. All you need is to make thin braids and then tie them high in the form of a bun and you are good to go.

    9. With Rings in Braids

    With Rings in Braids

    Accessories are must part of every hairstyle as they add a finishing glow to your hairstyle, or you can say, complete your hairstyle. Once you make your braids, attach some silver metal rings to some of them. Besides these rings, you can also choose other accessories to decorate your hairstyle attractively.

    10. Add Red Highlights

    Add Red Highlights

    No matter what your hair colour is, adding red highlights to one layer of your hair will definitely go well. If you also have that, you can make your way by making long braids and prominent your red hair.

    11. Stich Box Braids with High Ponytail

    Stich Box Braids with High Ponytail

    It is the same style as above, but the difference is that it has braids in box style. So if you are a box braid lover, you can go with stitch box braids. Just tie all your braids in a high ponytail, and you are good to go!

    12. Mid Length Braids

    Mid Length Braids

    Some people think braiding is just the thing of the girls having long hair. But a big no to this opinion as the mid-length hair also goes well in stitch braids.

    No matter what type of braids you choose, either thick or thin, mid-length hair can also be the perfect length for these braids.

    13. Full Stitch Braids With Half Up Bun

    Full Stitch Braids With Half Up Bun

    To have this hairstyle, you only need to take up half your hair and make a high bun. Leave the other lower braided hair straight on the shoulders and back. Here you are, all ready to go!

    14. High Bun With Zig Zag Cuts

    High Bun With Zig Zag Cuts

    If the bun is your constant style and you want to add a difference, consider this one. All you have to do is make the stitch braids with prominent zig-zag cuts. The neater the cuts will be, the more will they add to your look.

    15. Thick n Thin Stitch Braids

    Thick n Thin Stitch Braids

    With the same straight stitch braids, you can create a difference by making thick and thin braids. On the top and back, make some small thin and thick braids and roll them over neatly to create this look.

    16. Half Ponytail With Lower Curls

    Half Ponytail With Lower Curls

    Here you have another flaunted braided style. Leave the lower ends unbraided while making stitch braids of all your hair. Now tie your half hair up in a high ponytail. Leave the lower hair straight on the back and use a curler to add curls in the lower ends of braids. This hairstyle will surely satisfy you and give you a chic, sleek appeal.

    17. Perpendicular Stitch Braids


    These braids are simply done like the criss-cross technique. All you need is to make sure the neatness of this hairstyle and the line of braid go straight in the direction. After this, you can make a bun or a ponytail of your lower hair.

    18. Black And Ombre Combo

    Black And Ombre Combo

    This black braided hairstyle with an ombre combo will never let your style out. Just neatly do your stitch braids in a simple style and the ombre highlights will add all.

    19. Stitch Braids Updo

    Stitch Braids Updo

    You can have this one in your every mood and routine. It will ideally make you comfortable and compliment your look.

    20. Multi Toned Braids

    Multi Toned Braids

    Double-toned style is now another perfect stitch braided style. Nowadays, blue-toned hair is trendy. So you can pair up blue hair with your natural hair colour or other favourite tones.

    Another option in this style is that you can add extensions and make your braids look long and prominent in their dual-tone.

    21. High Ponytail Blend With Curls

    High Ponytail Blend With Curls

    One of the most fantastic things about stitch braids is that they can make countless styles with a ponytail. Another awesome hairstyle with stitch braids is a high ponytail with blended curls inside it. A stylish yet chick look!

    22. Stitch Braided Ponytail With Full Curly Extensions

    Stitch Braided Ponytail With Full Curly Extensions

    Add curly extensions in your High braided ponytail and become creative with your look. Another thing you can add to it is a coloured extension with the length of your choice.

    23. Reverse Braided Bun

    Reverse Braided Bun

    A high bun with reverse stitch braids can give you a royal look and become your go-to style.

    24. Stitch Braids With Rolled Baby Hair

    Stitch Braids With Rolled Baby Hair

    Whenever we opt for a hairstyle, the perfect neat look will always have a minor fault of untidy baby hair.

    As it is a Lil tricky thing to try something neat and unique with your baby hair, here we have come up with the one. In stitch braids, all is about neatness, so for the best look, just make your baby hair in this style and enjoy a perfect look.

    25. Stitch Braids With Small Back Bun

    Stitch Braids With Small Back Bun

    This braided hairstyle will be great for anyone with short hair that wants a stitch braided hairstyle. All you need to do is make four to five straight braids towards the back and then make a small bun.

    Not only it is easy to make, but also it is one of the trendiest braided hairstyles for boys and men.

    26. Messy Look Braids

    Messy Look Braids

    These braids can be simply done with double-toned hair as they appear to be messy, but in actuality, it’s the dual-tone that makes your hair look like that.

    27. Blue Box Braids

    Blue Box Braids

    The braids have a blue tone from the lower half. Blue box braids will look awesome with black hair, especially when you wear them to a party. Just make your braids to the very end of your hair length to make your hair look long.

    28. Swervy Braids

    Swervy Braids

    Playful yet elegant hairstyles don’t have to be straight lines and zigzags. The best braid you’ve never had is probably Swervy braids. Putting these braids on your head is like wearing an art form since they’re super cool in the look and classic in style.

    29. Stitch Braids With Heart

    Stitch Braids With Heart

    Some girls are always looking for something cute in their style, and this one is especially for them. You can make a heart with braids on both sides or one side of your head. Not only you will love this hairstyle, but also it will make your Stitch braided style stand out.

    30. Tree Cut Stitch Braids

    Tree Cut Stitch Braids

    This braided style is also like the other, but the unique part is its tree cut. From the centre of the head, the braids move on the sides in a circular cut.

    31. Stitch Braids With Faded Back

    Stitch Braids With Faded Back

    There are thin strands on the front and a faded back, making it a good choice if you want to try something different. If you want to add some style to your faded back, you can choose a stylish cut fade rather than a plain fade.

    32. Pie Style Stitch Braids


    Pie style is one of the simple yet decent styles of stitch braids. By braiding on top of the head in a pie style and then making long straight braids in the back, you can rock with it this season.

    33. Top Stitch Braids With Faded Sides For Men

    Stitch Braids With Faded Sides For Men

    Let’s check out this long hairstyle for men that is also very popular in young boys. All you have to do is ask your barber to make two thick stitch braids on top and leave the sides faded.

    The two long braids will fall to your back, and tie the ends with a rubber band. All done and ready to rock!

    34. Thin Straight Braids Toward Back

    Thin Straight Braids Toward Back

    This one is the most favourite hairstyle of school-going girls. Just make thin straight braids that go straight to your back and then tie them into a ponytail.

    In the braided lines, there will be straight scalp lines showing the signature mark of stitch braids. Neater will be your braids more elegant will you look.

    35. Blonde Straight Braids


    Just like the above style, this one is also the same, but it contains double-tone hair that makes it look more attractive. Combining blonde with your natural hair colour is a perfect idea to add glamour to your new hairstyle.

    36. Puzzle Patch Stitch Braided Style


    Stitch braids let us explore our creativity, and this one is also the same. Just divide your hair into small patches and make small thin braids on different sides, all towards the back.

    In the end, let them flow straight on the back, and all done!

    37. Stitch Braids With Heavy Topknot


    Heavy buns are not as challenging to do as they seem. In this stitch braided bun, first, make straight braids from head to hair ends. Now make a high bun by rolling all the braids and pin it with a clip.

    38. Beaded Stitch Braids

    Beaded Stitch Braids

    Let your style be loud enough and adorn it with beads so that no one can ignore this.

    39. Curly High Bun

    Curly High Bun

    To make this bun, you can use the extension and add small curly to it so your bun can look like the way shown here.

    40. Stitch Braids With Pink Highlights

    Stitch Braids With Pink Highlights

    Pink is one of the trendiest colours you can choose for your highlights. If not, you can add pink extension hair to look like you want.

    41. Stitch Braids With Leaves Style

    Stitch Braids With Leaves Style

    Yet another type of stitch braid that is easy to do and unique in style. Once you try it, I am sure it will become your go-to style.

    42. 80s Stitch Braided Band Style

    80s Stitch Braided Band Style

    If you are an 80s hairstyles lover and want to blend your today’s braided style with the old theme, then dont go a long way. It’s super easy to do! Just make stitch braids of your hair straight, or you can also go in a different style mentioned above.

    Now take a beautiful band and put it on your head so that braids can not reach your forehead. All done!

    Bottom Lines

    Mentioned above were the most popular stitch braided hairstyles. However, these hairstyles come in many other types and are not limited to those mentioned here.

    Also, you can blend these types and can come up with something new and unique. I am sure reading about these types will surely make your day, and you will love to try them.

    Thank you for reading this far!

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