Summer is here, and that means there’s a whole new line up of outfits, trends, and styles that have been causing a storm. If you’re wanting to look your best and hit that hot girl summer you’ve been dreaming of, try out these four trends to wow the crowd.

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    Outfit Pick: Co-Ords


    One of the hottest new outfits out there right now are co-ords. If you’re not sure what co-ords are, they’re simply two-piece sets, whether that’s a shirt and skirt combination or joggers and sweatshirts. The only key is that the two pieces match colors and prints.

    For summer, our favorites co-ords pairings are the top and skirt combination – there’s a real mix of elegance yet fun, and it makes the perfect outfit for a sunny beach trip. Shorts do tend to make an appearance every so often too, however, and this can also work really well with the right top, so keep your eye out for any of those.

    Our favorite co-ords right now are the Style Cheat Co ords – the patterns and colors embody summer to a tee. Style Cheat are well-rehearsed in producing elegant yet fun clothing, whether that’s their range of wedding outfits or daytime dresses. This makes them the perfect choice for giving off a fun yet classy vibe.

    Color Pick: White and Metallic

    white and metallic dress

    White is a classic summer colour – it’s so versatile and gives off such a light, feminine feel that really does take outfits from simple to elegant. One of the best things about wearing white outfits is that white is such a versatile colour, meaning you can pair it with almost anything. People are often nervous about choosing white to wear as it’s easy to stain, but for relaxed days with little risk, it’s a stunning shout.

    Metallic colours, especially liquid metal, are also coming back into play. Metal sheens particularly are becoming more and more popular, giving you a smooth, molten look to your outfit without risking looking childish or trashy. Metallic colours also look super flattering, the natural shine highlighting all the right places and highlighting your curves. Silver and gold colours tend to be most in fashion right now, but even gentle copper colours work well. You can also easily add metallic to your outfit as much or as little as you want!

    Style Pick: Pleated Skirts and Straps

    Pleated-Skirts-and-Straps-Summer Fashion

    Pleated skirts have been around for a long time, but they’ve really come back into fashion this year. There seems to be a real drive for long and midi pleated skirts, and for good reason – they have such flow, and really give such a feminine motion to your walk. They’re perfect to fit whatever your style, too – whether you’re looking for something bright and bold, or a more simple, classy choice, there’s a style for every individual. These work really well as part of a co-ord, too!

    Straps are also coming back into fashion, and we don’t just mean on tops. Though there are plenty of options for tops now with lots of straps, especially highlighting the shoulders and chest, there are lots of other options that make them so versatile.

    Straps on skirts seem to be making a stir, giving you that ruched look to highlight your legs. Strappy shoes, whilst always being classy, are also becoming a big part of this summer’s fashion, whether that’s with sandals or heels. Though the focus is more on outfits than accessories for straps this year, we think they look great, and work well for showing a little skin in the summer heat.

    Accessory Pick: Big Bags and Chain Belts


    Gone are the small little handbags you couldn’t even fit your phone in – big tote bags and bulky handbags are storming into fashion, and are perfect for trying out this summer. Not only are they practical – you never have to worry again about not being able to bring everything you need with you when you go out – but they’re super stylish and can compliment an outfit fantastically. They go for every mood and style, so whether you’re hoping for a night out in a city or an afternoon on the beach, these are the perfect go-to.

    Chain belts are also trending big time, and the great thing about chain belts is that they fit every style. Whether you’re looking for something delicate and pretty, or something wild and fierce, you can find a balance that fits best for you whilst adding a bit of glitz and glam to your outfit. They also work perfectly for highlighting your waist, helping you accentuate your curves and add some femininity to your outfit, especially if you’re going for blazers. They also feed back into that metallic theme again, giving that extra bit of style.

    These are the top suggestions for accessories, outfits, styles, and colors for summer this year. Have fun exploring these new trends and expressing your own style!

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