5 Sweet and Sentimental Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One

If your anniversary is just around the corner, the time has arrived to buy a gift for your loved one (the most nerve-wracking giftee of all, in our opinion)! Depending on the type of person your significant other is, they might prefer a practical gift that they can use around the house or office, a gift that’ll make them laugh, or a sweet, sentimental gift that’ll tug on their heartstrings. With so many gift options around, finding something that pays homage to your shared memories, inside jokes, plans, and passions can be challenging. Like our parents always say every holiday, ‘it’s the thought that counts,’ with sentimental gifts this is the case as you don’t need to spend £35 and upward to show your lover you care.

However, there is a big difference between a gift that’ll make your loved one and everyone around them proclaim ‘awww’ and a gift that’ll make them cringe inwardly from the cheesiness. Whether you are gift-shopping for friends/family members or your better half, we’ve compiled a few suggestions to help get your inspo’ flowing. From private plates to a custom night sky star map, our list contains plenty of sweet and sentimental gift ideas bound to make any giftee tear up.

Private Plates For Their Car

Private Plates For Their Car
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Do you have a loved one who is a self-proclaimed petrolhead? If this is the case, it can be challenging to purchase gifts related to their hobby that they don’t already have or ones that are – for lack of a better word – exciting to unwrap. Supposing that you don’t want to surprise your friend, family member, or significant other with a pair of car-themed socks, Lego sets, figures, or other paraphernalia for another year in a row, you could consider buying them private plates for their car.

Contrary to popular belief, you can buy a private plate for a vehicle in advance, even if you aren’t the vehicle owner. Due to this, purchasing private plates has become a popular gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or other notable events like graduation. Consider immortalising a memorable occasion for your loved one with a personalised plate from independent private number plate specialists like Regtransfers.

Whether you’d like to personalise a private plate with your loved one’s name, date of birth, initials, or more, their site can help you bring your gift to life. Consider visiting their site to learn more about the process, get inspiration from their themed searches, read car-themed articles on their blog, and see how their services could help you conjure up a sweet gift for your loved one despite what the occasion might be.

Personalised Star Map

Personalised Star Map
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Imagine not knowing your sun, moon, or rising sign in our astrology-focused world. That is so Virgo of you. Jokes aside, we’ve seen astrology make a striking comeback in the twenty-first century, especially among members of the millennial and Gen-Z demographic. If this sounds like the interest of a special someone in your life, you might want to consider getting them a gift that centres around this interest (plus, you might get brownie points for proving you’ve been listening!).

Some of the most sentimental gifts require you to know your loved one’s birthstone, zodiac sign, anniversary date, hometown, and other pieces of information to craft a perfect sentimental gift for them. Yet, what if you required even less than this to surprise them with a sweet gift? What if all you needed was a location and a date?

Thanks to personalised star map companies, this is all you need to create a thoughtful, sentimental gift to surprise your loved one, no matter the occasion. Just as no two love stories are the same, neither are any two-star maps, meaning that you can surprise them with a one-of-a-kind, personalised, unique decoration for your home that is sure to evoke memories each time you both look at it.

Whether you’d like to recreate how the sky looked on the day a close relative or friend was born or when you shared your first kiss, you can personalise your star map any way you’d like. Not only is it a gift that incorporates the interest of your loved one in astrology, but it also highlights important moments of your relationship, demonstrating your love for them.

Custom Piece Of Jewellery

Custom Piece Of Jewellery-sentimental gifts
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Back in the day, nothing was more romantic than surprising your loved one with a letter meant only for their eyes. However, in our digital world, this has long become archaic thanks to the invention of instant messaging, which has all but eradicated paper-and-pen communication. Nowadays, the gifts most symbolic of surprising a loved one are alcohol, chocolate, dining experiences and jewellery.

Yet, if you’d like to pay homage to the days gone, you could consider surprising your partner with a piece of custom jewellery with a love letter inscribed. Take inspiration from some of the most remarkable love letters throughout history, and pick from a selection of charms (some are even shaped like a little envelope!) and engrave them with up to thirty characters of your own words.

Although it might not allow you to say all that is on your mind, it’s a sweet, sentimental way of expressing your thoughts and feelings about one person that can be immortalised on a bracelet or necklace, unlike ones of pen and paper. Take it a step further, pair it with a dainty chain so your loved one can start wearing your gift immediately.

Wooden Book Holder

wooden book holder-sentimental gifts
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Suppose your significant other isn’t a petrolhead, astrology nerd, or lover of shiny things. In this case, you could consider surprising them with a wooden book holder they can place on their bedside or coffee table as they devour their favourite book. If you’re friends with or are in a relationship with a book lover, you’ll know that there are several unspoken rules when it comes to reading.

From painful movie adaptations to dog-eared bookmarks, one of the biggest blasphemes in the book community is cracking the spine of a book, which can quickly happen if you’re reading in bed or on the couch. You can help your lover combat this by surprising them with one of the best book holders for no-hand reading, whether in bed or curled up on the couch.

Depending on which one you pick, you can choose from various styles, which means you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality! But regardless of which option you select, we’re sure that the bookworm in your life will appreciate being able to put their novel down wherever they might be without the fear of damaging it.

Personalised Gift Box

Personalised Gift Box-sentimental gifts
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Another sweet, sentimental gift you can surprise a loved one with, regardless of the occasion, is a personalised gift box using websites like Knack, Loved And Found, Happy Box, and many more. Using sites like this, you can customise a gift box for the special someone of your choosing, be they a friend, family member, colleague, or otherwise.

You’ll be greeted with various items you can choose to go into the box, ranging from self-care, practical tools, fragrance, confectionery, and more, allowing you to create a package for someone of any personality type, age, gender etc.

These are excellent options for those who want to surprise a special someone that lives a long distance since you can add a note and photos and have it delivered straight to their front doorstep no matter where they are in the world.

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