21 Best Takuache Haircut Ideas Which Won’t Make You A Meme in 2023

You might have seen Takuache haircuts in memes. This haircut is also known by the name Edgar haircut and is thought to be among the most controversial haircut on the Internet. But now, being the most attractive short-side men’s haircut out there, the Takuche haircut is gaining popularity.

In addition, you will be surprised to know that this hairstyle can be achieved without having our hair cut short, so those who prefer men’s long hairstyles can also consider a Takuche haircut. Here is a complete guide about this type of haircut and the best takuache haircut picks, which would certainly make you a center of attention (I meant it positively, don’t worry).

Let’s begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Takuache haircut?

Takuache haircut is simply a Mexican American haircut that originated from their subculture. It is a tapered hairstyle with straight bangs. Moreover, in this haircut, the side hair of the head is kept short while the top hair is long.

Why is Takuache haircut so controversial?

Takuache haircuts aren’t considered normal because people don’t see them daily. Technically speaking, there’s nothing wrong with these haircuts, which might make them controversial. People don’t find them as attractive as other hairstyles. Also, they can’t relate it to Latin-American culture that much.

Why should I consider getting Takuache haircut?

Getting a takuache haircut would certainly develop the confidence to some extent. And what if these haircuts suit perfectly on your face? How can you know if you don’t go for it? Let’s try something new and see how it goes.

What Is The Difference Between Edgar and Takuache?

The main difference between the Edgar and Takuache haircuts is the way the hair is styled. The Edgar haircut typically involves a longer top and shorter sides, styled with a side-swept fringe. The Takuache haircut, on the other hand, can refer to a range of styles, including fades, mullets, and curly styles.

What Is An Edgar Takuache?

An Edgar Takuache is a haircut that combines elements of both the Edgar and Takuache haircuts. It typically involves a longer top styled with a side-swept fringe combined with a fade on the sides and back of the head.

Why Is It Called Edgar Haircut?

The Edgar haircut is named after Edgar Hernandez, a hairstylist who popularized the style in the Mexican-American community. He began creating the style in the late 1990s, and it quickly gained popularity among young Mexican-American men.

21 Top Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ideas

Just like other haircuts, the takuache hairstyle also has many different ways to go, with each having a unique and eye-catchy look. Below are the top picks of these hairstyles.

Style 1: Classic Takuache Hairstyle

Classic Takuache
Source: haircutinspiration.com
Classic Takuache Hairstyle
Source: menshaircuts.com

It’s a combination of caesar and high fade cut. You’d have probably seen this hairstyle on many famous celebrities like Drake. Then, as mentioned above, the forehead hair is cut horizontally straight. After that, you get a whole high fade and caesar haircut, and you’re good to go. With this cut, you won’t need to worry about looking funny.

Style 2: Takuache Fades

Takuache Fades
Source: hairstylesfeed.com
Style 2 Takuache Fades
Source: menshaircuts.com

This type of fade is usually a good hairstyle for men having thick and rough hair. For instance, if you have rough hair and you’re interested in getting takuache fades, you should go for high or medium fades. By doing so, you’ll get the sharp straight horizontal hairline on your forehead, and you can ask the barber to trim the sides and the back of your head with the clipper guard of your choosing.

Style 3: Takuache On Curly Hair

Takuache On Curly Hair
Source: pinterest.com
Takuache On Curly Hair
Source: luxe.digital

If you’re a football fan, you’d have seen Jadon Sancho with this haircut. He also has curly hair. So, what’s the catch? You’re not alone if you think that having curly hair limits the possibilities of trying new hairstyles. But having curly hair doesn’t stop you from getting a good takuache haircut. Instead, curly hair takes your takuache hairstyle to another level.

Style 4: Short Takuache

Short Takuache
Source: pinterest.com
Style 4 Short Takuache
Source: pinterest.com

Mostly, this looks good on men having short dark hair. The process of getting it is pretty simple. Your barber first gives you a high and skin fade haircut, and then a clear and sharp forehead hairline (the trademark of takuache haircuts). These haircuts don’t require much attention and care and are pretty suitable for the summer season.

Style 5: Natural Takuache

Natural Takuache
Source: luxe.digital
Style 5 Natural Takuache
Source: hairmanz.com

This Takuache cut doesn’t look like a takuache at first glance, yes, it has a horizontal forehead line, but usually, it’s hidden under other forehead hair. My suggestion is that if you are new to this thing, you should try this hairstyle first and see if that works for you.

Style 6: Takuache With Beard

Takuache With Beard
Source: menshaircuts.com
Style 6 Takuache With Beard
Source: pinterest.com

You get a medium fade on your temples (both sides of your forehead) and back of your head and get the takuache trademark. If you want to look more “manly,” grow a good but short beard to give a final touch to this design.

Style 7: Takuache Mullet

Takuache Mullet
Source: pinterest.com
Style 7 Takuache Mullet
Source: pinterest.com

In this type, hair on both sides of the forehead is trimmed as per one’s liking; after that, the takuache trademark is given on the forehead. And just like a flow, the hair on the back of the head is relatively longer than those on the front and the sides.

Style 8: Takuache Bangs

Takuache Bangs
Source: menshaircuts.com
Takuache Bangs hair
Source: crepance-idolatrised-spelean.xyz

I think this takuache style was the reason the whole term became a meme, or some say slang. The hairstyle is often confused with bowl takuache; however, that’s not the case. In this cut, after giving the trademark, the top head hair is combed down on the forehead. You can also ask your barber to give a medium fade on the temples and back of the head.

Style 9: Caesar Takuache Haircut

Caesar Takuache Haircut
Source: haircutinspiration.com
Style 9 Caesar Takuache Haircut
Source: himsale.com

In simpler words, the combination of Edgar and caesar cut is known as caesar takuache cut. I don’t blame you if you confuse it with classic takuache cuts. Because there’s a little difference between them which many often overlook, in classic ones, the faded layer is straight, whereas, in caesar cuts, that layer is slightly curved.

Style 10: Bowl Takuache

Bowl Takuache
Source: themensattitude.com
Style 10 Bowl Takuache
Source: inckredible.com

In the Bowl Takuache, the trademark line extends to the side edges of the forehead in this cut and the upper haircut just looks like the barber puts on a bowl on the head, and all the remaining outside hair is cut off.

Style 11: Ultra Styled Takuache Hairstyle

Ultra Styled Takuache
Source: menshairstyletrends.com
Ultra Styled Takuache Hairstyle
Source: myprofessionalentrepreneur.com

It is a good haircut, but you’ll have to take good care of your hair after this cut. It is a simple hairstyle with low tapered sides and the back of the head. While the upper hair gets some minor changes and cuts, and yes, you’re done.

Style 12: Colored Takuache

Colored Takuache
Source: coolmenshair.com
Style 12 Colored Takuache
Source: pinterest.com

Men who get these types of hairstyles usually go for mohawks. The sides and the back of the head are trimmed according to one’s requirements and liking. The trademark line is given; then comes the “good part, the coloring part.” You can get any type of color on your mohawk (if you go for it, of course), and trust me, if the color’s not black, you’re catching many eyes.

Style 13: Long Takuache Haircut

Long Takuache
Source: menshaircuts.com
Long Takuache Haircut
Source: inckredible.com

Resembling a lot to the mullet hairstyle, the long takuache cuts get a lot of hate, and I think both sides have pretty reasonable points. Anyways, in this style, the upper and most of the side hair are left as they are – and, yes, this haircut is ideal for long hair. The trademark is given, which often gets hidden under the other forehead’s long hair.

Style 14: Designed Takuache

Designed Takuache
Source: themensattitude.com
Style 14 Designed Takuache
Source: pinterest.com

The fate of this hairstyle mostly depends on the expertise of your barber. Because it requires a lot, and I mean, a lot of precision and attention to detail. Most of this design is just like the classic takuache one. The design you choose is what makes the difference.

Style 15: Red Takuache

Colored Takuache
Source: themensattitude.com
Style 12 Colored Takuache
Source: pinterest.com

Not actually different from other takuache haircuts, honestly. The trimmed side, the trademark hairline, and the faded back of the head are similar to others. The “red” here means the color stripe of your hair. You can ask your barber to give a stripe of a color of your liking to your hair.

Style16: Declining Hairline Takuache

Declining Hairline Takuache
Source: pinterest.com
Style 16 Declining Hairline Takuache
Source: humanhairexim.com

Since the forehead hair is already in decline, there won’t be a need to trim it further; the barber would just give a simple takuache trademark. The barber will trim the sides but not the back of the head.

Yes, in this hairstyle, you won’t need to trim the back of your head so that it doesn’t look too obvious that you’re losing hair, comprende?

Style 17: Messed Up Takuache

Messed Up Takuache
Source: pinterest.com
Style 17 Messed Up Takuache
Source: pinterest.com

Messed-up hairstyles have always been my favorite. And yes, not much rocket science has been put into this haircut. Just like others, both sides of the head and the bottom-most area are trimmed with the trademark; you know the drill, right? The differentiator is the messed-up look instead of a styled and combed one.

Style 18: Afro Takuache

Afro Takuache
Source: pinterest.com
Style 18 Afro Takuache
Source: hairstyleonpoint.com

I remember this Afro hairstyle from GTA San Andreas, and, I kid you not, it used to look pretty good on Carl Johnson (CJ). The addition of takuache in this haircut just makes it better.

Style 19: Takuache Buzzed

Takuache Buzzed
Source: pinterest.com
Takuache Buzzed
Source: menshaircuts.com

Do you have short hair and looking for a good hairstyle? Well, look no further, as the buzzed takuache has got you covered. If you’ve been reading this from the beginning, you already know what a buzzed (trimmed) takuache would look like.

Style 20: Natural Takuache Haircut

The Natural Takuache Haircut is a low-maintenance and effortless hairstyle that creates a relaxed, tousled look. This Takuache haircut type involves medium-length hair layered to enhance volume and movement, making it popular among those with wavy or curly hair.

The style requires minimal use of products to maintain its natural appearance, and it can be worn with or without a fringe. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a casual and effortless look without a lot of upkeep.

Style 21: Bang Line Design Takuache

Bang Line Design Takuache
Source: thetrendspotter.net
Style 20 Bang Line Design Takuache
Source: thetrendspotter.net

Just a simple takuache with some stylish cuts on either side or the back of your head. As simple as it may sound, it still is an eye-catchy haircut. Especially if you’re a beginner, this hairstyle should be among your top hairstyle picks.


These were some of the best takuache hairstyles picks that you might want to try. Let me know in the comments which hairstyle you liked the most. I hope I made it as educational as well as entertaining as possible.

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