When it comes to there are a number of shapes you can choose from. You can opt for round/oval shapes in case of short nails, choose square/almond nails for medium lengths, or rock extra-long stiletto/coffin nails for a change. But if you are looking for a versatile nail shape to look flattering with all nail designs and lengths, tapered square nails have got you covered!

    Just as the name suggests, these nails are square-shaped but narrow slightly inward towards the flat tips making them ideal for those with wide nail beds and/or long fingers.

    Thinking of giving tapered square nails a shot? Here are 35 designs to consider.

    35 Tapered Square Nail Designs

    From simple to complex you are sure to find a design to suit your mood.

    1. French Tips

    Tapered Square Nails
    Source: hifashiongirl.com

    French tip nails are ideal for those who are looking for a natural appeal. Paint the nails white sparing the nail beds and finish off with a top coat. Classy!

    2. Gradient Nails

    Tapered Square Nails
    Source: fabmood.com

    Gradient nails involve coating each nail in a different shade belonging to the same or opposite color spectrum. Try pastel blues and pinks for a soft dreamy look.

    3. Negative Space

    Negative Space
    Source: pinterest.com

    Leave a part of your natural tapered square nails exposed while painting a few blobs and stripes with a fine brush to achieve that negative space effect.

    4. Chrome Craziness

    Chrome Craziness
    Source: reddit.com

    Turn your nails into sparkling gems by applying champagne gold chrome powder on a base coat. How about trying a two-toned style? You won’t regret!

    5. Extra Long

    Extra Long
    Source: chicpursuit.com

    Extra-long nails in a taper square shape make short chubby fingers appear much longer. Use acrylics nails and go as long as you want!

    6. Soft Ombre

    Soft Ombre
    Source: pinterest.com

    Ombre nails are just to die for. Merge two or more colors using a soft sponge and continue dabbing until they are blended together seamlessly.

    7. Starry Night

    Tapered Square Nails
    Source: etsy.com

    Bring the entire night sky on your hands by opting for a black or navy blue base and drawing multiple tiny stars on all of them.

    8. Glitter Glam

    Glitter Glam
    Source: pinterest.com

    Cover all the nails in shimmering glitter or experiment with an accent nail design or an ombre instead. Eye-catching, right?

    9. Pink Flowers

    Pink Flowers
    Source: fabmood.com

    Love pink? Rock the cutest flowers in any tone of pink by hand painting them or using decals. Opt for acrylics for a more realistic 3-d effect. Gorgeous!

    10. Animal Prints

    Tapered Square Nails
    Source: pinterest.com

    Leopard print, cow print, zebra print, the options are endless. Use black polish to outline the patterns for a realistic finish.

    11. Short Nude Nails

    Short Nude Nails
    Source: everythingabode.com

    Tapered square nails look elegant when kept short. Accent them with a nude brown or pink nail lacquer and you will love them!

    12. Accent Nail Design

    Tapered Square Nails
    source: pinterest.com

    Paint one or two nails differently from the others to make your manicure stand out. How about purple butterflies on a lilac base coat?

    13. Textured Pattern

    Tapered Square Nails
    Source: instagram.com/nailsglad/

    Winter is approaching making it the perfect time to warm up those square nails with a sweater design. Use gel polish to achieve that characteristic texture.

    14. Red Cherry Rhinestones

    Red Cherry Rhinestones
    Source: pinterest.com

    Place two red rhinestones together and add details with green polish. Go for as many cherries as you want and see jaws drop around you.

    15. Medium Wedding Nails

    Medium Wedding Nails
    Source: thecuddl.com

    These nude medium-length tapered square nails with intricate lines, gems, and acrylic flowers are ideal for brides on the day they say ‘I do’.

    16. Minimalistic Style

    Minimalistic Style
    Source: cosmopolitan.com

    Outline the margins all around the nails or the tips only with black polish or any other color of your choice. Simply stylish!

    17. Orange Fire

    Orange Fire
    Source: pinterest.com

    Set your nails on fire by painting flames with a bright orange lacquer. You can also experiment with an ombre look on a black nails.

    18. Neon Stripes

    Neon Stripes
    Source: pinterest.se

    Can’t think of anything else? Gather your neon polishes and draw swooped lines all over the nails for an eye-popping result.

    19. Sharp V-Shaped Tips

    Sharp V-Shaped Tips
    Source: cutemanicure.com

    Paint the edges diagonally with white polish to achieve the sharpest V tips of all time. Try multi-colored nails too.

    20. Dot Them Up

    source: fabmood.com

    Spice up your tapered square nails by using different-sized dotting tools scattering the dots all over the nails or placing them in straight lines.

    21. Marble Design

    Marble Design
    Source: pinterest.com

    Use the water marble technique using any two light and dark colors of your choice to turn your nails into tinypieces of art.

    22. Matte Magic

    Matte Magic
    Source: pinterest.se

    These matte nails are just to die for! Choose a jade green tone and add a subtle touch of gold in between.

    23. White and Black Times

    White and Black Times
    Source: pinterest.se

    Use black and white nail paints to draw countless designs on your nails. Opt for two-toned tips, zigzag lines, or a gothic pattern.

    24. Yellow Blast

    Yellow Blast
    Source: twitter.com

    When life gives you lemons, use them as an inspiration for your nails! Paint all of them plain yellow or try out an elaborate pattern instead.

    25. Sharp Triangles

    Sharp Triangles
    Source: pinterest.com

    Place triangles on your nails to contrast sharply against their square shape. Draw the lines and leave the shapes hollow for an ultra-modern look.

    26. Autumn Vibes

    Autumn Vibes
    Source: pinterest.com

    Choose brown, orange, and yellow tones for your long tapered square nails to celebrate fall this year. A pumpkin or two surely won’t hurt too.

    27. Bling Life

    Bling Life
    Source: fashionsum.com

    Use rhinestones, metal studs, and oversized charms to bling up your nails with a glitter base. Place the accessories until no more space is left!

    28. Simple Geometry

    Simple Geometry
    Source: styleoholic.com

    Circles, triangles, rectangles, and hexagons are ideal to accent those square nails. Fill in some shapes leaving others hollow for a chic look.

    29. Intricate Stamping

    Intricate Stamping
    Source: maniology.com

    Avoid the hassle of painting different designs on the nails by getting a nail art stamping kit and silicon sponge. Just start stamping!

    30. Shiny Studs

    Shiny Studs
    Source: instagram.com

    Looking for something simple yet glamorous? Get those silver or gold metallic studs and place them on a dark base shade.

    31. Valentine’s Day Nails

    Source: instagram.com

    Place two dots and join them at the base creating the cutest tiny hearts to celebrate the love around you. Opt for a white and red color combination.

    32. Hand-Painted Acrylics

    Hand-Painted Acrylics
    Source: tinderon.com

    Use your long tapered square nails as a canvas and paint all sorts of designs and patterns using a fine nail brush and acrylic lacquers.

    33. Pastel Love

    Pastel Love
    Source: pinterest.com

    Soft, chic, and dreamy, pastel nails are worth giving a try. Opt for a monochromatic look or create a pastel rainbow instead.

    34. Halloween Nails

    Halloween Nails
    Source: lilyfashionstyle.com

    Halloween’s around the corner! Create a spooky scene with orange, black, and white paints. Spiders, bats, pumpkin faces, whatever you want.

    35. Coffee Crush

    Coffee Crush
    Source: pinterest.com

    For all the coffee lovers out there, use varying shades of brown with relevant nail stickers adding some warmth to your dull life.

    How to Shape Tapered Square Nails?

    Tapered square nails are easy to achieve if you have a nail clipper and a filer. Whether the nails are long, medium, or short, clip the sides and file them down slightly at an angle towards the front achieving a subtle taper.

    Keep the tips perfectly straight by filing perpendicularly to the nail bed retaining that characteristic square shape with razor-sharp edges that are sure to impart a slimming effect on your fingers. Voila!

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