5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Partner is Toxic

Have you started to wonder if your partner isn’t the best fit for you? Maybe they put you down a lot or you don’t feel safe to express your thoughts and feelings with them. There are many ways that toxicity manifests in a partner, and we’re here to help give you some insight into what they may be by offering a list of 5 tell-tale signs your partner is toxic.

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Psychological Manipulation

One of the most common signs that a partner is toxic is if they try and manipulate you. There are many forms of psychological manipulation in a relationship, gaslighting being one of the most common, and they’re all incredibly harmful to a relationship. Relationships are built from trust, and if your partner manipulates you, it’s impossible to ever fully feel like you can trust them.

Invalidate Your Feelings

Invalidate Your Feelings
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Your feelings should always be respected, and this is crucial for establishing a healthy relationship. If your partner invalidates your feelings, there’s a high chance that they’re toxic or at the very least, emotionally immature – which is toxic for the relationship. All feelings should be heard and respected, if your partner tells you not to feel or certain way or makes you feel bad for having an emotional response, they aren’t the one for you.

Refuse Accountability

Do you notice that your partner never takes accountability for their wrongdoings? If so, this is a pretty clear sign that they’re toxic. While it’s difficult to own up for things we aren’t proud of, it’s a necessary part of growth. If your partner refuses to take accountability, then it means they’ll never grow as a partner, and this makes it impossible for a fulfilling and positive relationship.

Any Form of Abuse

Any Form of Abuse
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It’s important to realize that no form of abuse in a relationship is acceptable. So often, people just associate abuse as physical, but there are other, more subtle forms of relationship abuse like verbal abuse and emotional abuse. It’s vital that you do your research on all types of relationship abuse, and if you experience any of them in your own relationship, that means you have a toxic partner and it’s important you take the appropriate and safe steps to leave the relationship.

Not Supportive of You

If your partner downplays your success or criticizes your hopes and dreams, then it’s a pretty telling sign that they’re toxic. While it’s not absolutely necessary that your partner agrees with you, it is absolutely necessary that they support you. Unfortunately, insecurity gets the best of some partners, and it could cause them to not be supportive of you.

It’s important to note that this is an issue with them and not you. You deserve to have a partner who believes in you as much as you believe in yourself. If your partner doesn’t provide this, it’s best you start packing your bags.

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