7 Must Know Things for Every Aspiring Beauticians 2023

If you are someone who dreams about working in the beauty industry, it is necessary to ensure that you have a proper plan. It helps if your aspirations are relatively small (at least early on).

Working for an established beauty salon with the hopes of opening one yourself in the future is a popular goal among beauticians, but it requires work and effort.

A solid foundation and understanding of the basics is a good way to start this difficult journey. Below, you will find 7 things that every aspiring beautician should know and focus on improving.

How to Offer Flexible Booking Options

Flexible booking options can make a difference between losing a customer and earning one. Sure, it is popular to book an appointment on the phone or by texting a message. Some prefer to visit a salon in person.

These options are viable, but they do not work for everyone. More beauticians should use a booking application and create a page to let customers know available time slots and services. From there, clients can book an appointment by visiting a beautician’s page.

Not only is it a good option to book an appointment, but it also reduces no-shows thanks to a booking reminder that an app should have.

As far as available options go, Watalook is one of the best booking apps for nail techs, make-up artists, hair stylists, and other beauticians as it checks all the mentioned boxes that an application should have.

How To Have Great Interpersonal Skills

Working in a beauty salon means interacting with customers a lot. Interpersonal skills include communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

For the most part, you should be fine, particularly when you get to know your customers more intimately. Some will be the chatty type, whereas others would rather stay quiet throughout the whole procedure.

Identifying different customer types and making them comfortable is one of those skills that beauticians need to possess and work on improving consistently.

How To Ask for Customer Feedback


It might be difficult to pinpoint some lackluster aspects about a beauty salon without input from its clients. Be it managers or regular staff members; it is possible to miss some things or not pay enough attention to them.

On the other hand, customers who are more observant and care enough to share their thoughts can prove to be a valuable asset.

After someone is done, ask what they thought about the service, what they liked, what they want to see improved, and so on.

Sure, there will be instances of a customer telling about irrelevant things, but constructive criticism should be appreciated.

One last thing to note about customer feedback is that by actively asking them to share, you let them know that a salon values their opinion. This makes customers feel valued and appreciated.

How To Manage Time Time Efficiently

Running in a busy salon makes a day go by fast, and managing time could be a bit problematic. If you notice that there is still a lot of work to do even though the day is coming to an end, think back on what prevented you from finishing everything on time.

Perhaps it was procrastination? Or maybe you are too tired from not taking enough breaks and struggling to sleep enough?

Various factors can affect time management, but it is necessary to identify what is causing the problem and solve these obstacles.

How To Take the Extra Mile For Customers

Taking the extra mile for a customer is not always easy, but it is often necessary. Failing to do that could lead to losing a potential client, and that never feels great.

An example of taking the extra mile could be working overtime or during the weekend to accommodate a customer. Another example is when a customer asks for a product that they would like to use, and you arrange for it to be delivered to them or to a salon where they can pick it up.

How To Advertise The Services


Relying just on word of mouth is not necessarily the best approach as far as promoting a beauty salon goes. No, it makes more sense to advertise the business and build its reputation on multiple channels.

From social media to writing a blog, there are many ways to approach the marketing strategy, and even if things go slow, a marketing plan should still be present.

How To Identify Relevant Industry Trends

Relevant industry trends are another example of how important it is to know what you are doing as a beautician. Different products, styles, procedures, techniques, and other trends are a must to implement because failing to do so will mean giving an advantage to your competition.

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