Expert Tips for Smoothly Moving Elderly Parents to Memory Care

After your parent, or indeed you and other family members, confirm the decision to move to a respected and renowned senior care facility, you will naturally be feeling a mixture of conflicting emotions.

As difficult as this time is, it is important to be as calm and practical as you possibly can be and, when it comes to the moving day itself, this becomes essential.

Continue reading for helpful advice on moving your elderly parent into their new home in senior care.

Start Early & Calmly

Start Early & Calmly
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For anyone of any age who is moving to a new home, especially if that home is far away from everyone they know, it can be a stressful time, but for people who are living with memory-based illnesses, the move can be traumatic, to say the least.

This is why, as long as your loved one moves to an expertly managed memory care in Dallas facility, the staff will be more than happy for you to ease your parent in and take as many tours as you want and move their belongings to their new apartment at their own pace.

Any questions, no matter how small or unimportant you consider them to be, can be asked to staff members and indeed, should be.

Pack a ‘First Sleep’ Box

Pack a ‘First Sleep’ Box

Naturally, your parent will have certain items of clothing, blankets, sentimental photographs, and other treasured items that not only make them feel safe and secure but also provide important landmarks to help preserve what memory capacity they currently have.

When moving home, whether to a memory care facility or simply another house, much smaller and exceedingly important objects can be packed up in a random box and lost for days or even weeks. To avoid this entirely, keep one clean and generously-sized box, ideally one owned by your parent, to pack a box specifically to make them as comfortable as possible with familiar items for their first night and morning.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Keep an Open Line of Communication-Tips for Moving Elderly Parents to Memory Care

Another incredibly important thing to remember, both on the day of moving itself and indeed, as soon as the decision has been made, is to keep an open, patient, and honest line of communication between you and your parent.

Part and parcel of this are to not only remain positive in every single situation, even if, inside, you are worried and fraught yourself but also to always acknowledge even the smallest question your parent has at every stage of the moving process.

Utilize the Provided Transition & Counseling Services

Counseling Services-Tips for Moving Elderly Parents to Memory Care

During both the moving process itself and indeed, after your parent has settled into their new home in a memory care facility, you would be strongly advised to encourage your cherished loved one to take advantage of counselling programs and transition services.

Moreover, not only should you encourage your parent to connect with their fellow residents and indeed, the permanent members of staff within the facility, but as the primary caregiver before the move, you should also consider contacting a professional yourself.

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