Tips for Staying Warm & Stylish in Freezing Weather

Layering is an essential component of winter dressing, yet many women tend to avoid it due to the fear of looking bulky. However, if done properly, layering can be an effective tool in creating a flattering silhouette.

Knowing how to layer like a fashionista will ensure you look stylish and elegant without sacrificing warmth. Also, if you have a bit of style and know what looks good on you, layering can become your best friend. It’s also a great way to get that boost of confidence when you’re walking down the street, and all eyes are on you.

Still, we know fashion is not always easy to understand, especially if you’re just starting to develop a sense of style. So, in today’s piece, we are going to share a few tips and tricks that will help you layer like a pro and stay warm regardless of how low the temperatures decide to go.

Understand Prints and Patterns

Understand Prints and Patterns

Contrary to what you may know from your mother or fashion magazines, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match prints and patterns! You have a great chance to create a unique style that shows off your personality.

Try teaming stripes with spots, stripes with florals, graphic patterns with spots, or florals with graphics. Just make sure to keep the base color palette the same. Think of it as “tone-on-tone” dressing.

For accessories, try to stick to one item in the base color to ground the look.

Or, if you’re feeling daring, go all out and let your creativity shine! Just don’t mix too many loud prints, patterns, and accessories.

Types of Materials to Wear

Types of Materials to Wear

If you want to layer your clothes like a fashion pro, you’ll need to incorporate a mix of materials. It looks chic, and you avoid feeling and looking bulky (which tends to happen when you wear the same fabric or texture)

Wool and silk fabrics are the stars of the season, but you can add different materials to the mix, such as statins or sheer fabrics. Also, the trick is to keep people guessing, so choose pieces with different textures.
Try combining rough with smooth, matte with shine, sheer with solid, light with dark, and soft with coarse. Think boucle knits with silks and satins or chunky knits with delicate georgettes and chiffons.

Also, consider the weave or construction of the fabric. Mix large open-weave fabrics with finer tight-weave fabrics or sheer with solid. Sheer fabrics are a great way to hide or minimize without adding bulk.

Always remember the importance of balance and proportion. And don’t forget to bring your own attitude to the table!

Maintain Your Heating System

This one has nothing to do with fashion, but it can help you stay warm and cozy at home, so you won’t be forced to layer all the time. Find a reliable specialist who can take care of your home’s heating system (like ARS heating services) and maintain it through the winter so it runs at optimal levels.

This way, you’ll be toasty all winter, and the bills won’t be that high. Plus, even though you probably won’t drink your coffee in shorts, you’ll be spared from wearing three to five layers until warm weather decides to return.

Key Takeaways

Layering is a great way to stay warm in winter (while taking care of things outside) and look fashionable. In fact, the look is quite popular with stylish people of all ages, so don’t be afraid to try out a few things.

However, when it comes to spending time at home, it’s best to have a working heating system that doesn’t have you wearing the outside clothes inside.

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