Simple Ways to Makeover a Tired Bathroom Suite 2023

Our bathrooms play an essential role in our house. They are arguably the busiest room in the house, particularly on a weekday morning when the entire family is getting ready and showering! But the bathroom needs to appeal to more people than simply the family. It needs to look stylish and welcoming if you have any visitors staying over.

Tired Bathroom Suite

The bathroom is one of the rooms that will influence first impressions, which is why they matter. It may be time for an upgrade if yours appears worn out. Even if you lack the funds or the desire to renovate it completely, there are many inexpensive solutions to make it look better. Here are our simple ways to makeover a tired bathroom suite.

New Mirrors

New Mirrors-Tired Bathroom Suite
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A nice addition to every room is a mirror. New mirrors can heighten the sense of space and provide the impression that a room is a little bigger than it is. They can also provide the appearance of light. For example, if you hang your mirror against a window, the light from it may reflect off it and into the room.

Nowadays, modern mirrors include various technologies such as timers and demister pads, and have Bluetooth installed so you can connect to your phone and listen to music while you shower! And everyone appreciates a well-lit bathroom!

Change Your Bathroom Taps 

Bathroom Taps -Tired Bathroom Suite

Changing your bathroom taps is one of the best methods to give your bathroom an instant facelift. Your bathroom’s design could drastically change with this easy adjustment! If you want to do the task as quickly and easily as possible, it is best to choose the same sort of tap system, whether that be a mixer tap or separate pillar taps.

Another benefit of changing taps is the costs involved with replacing taps! However, it is not as expensive as you might think, as there are various taps to choose from that will match the style of your bathroom. 

Upgrade Tile Grout 

If your grout is stained, it will reflect poorly on your entire bathroom. The once-clean grout lines might develop a pinky or orange film, especially in the shower area. Even after cleaning, this can come back very fast. Regrouting is thus a quick technique to make the space more lively. The old grout should be manually removed for a long-lasting fix before being replaced and pointed with fresh compound. Simply clean first, then paint over with a grout pen—available at most DIY stores—for a quicker, less expensive fix.

Add Some New Decorations

Add Some New Decorations-Tired Bathroom Suite

You can significantly enhance the appearance of your bathroom by adding new accents and accessories. Just adding some colourful, contrasting towels will keep things simple. Alternatively, you might purchase a new matching set in a contemporary or traditional design to replace the existing towel rings, shelving, robe hooks, and toilet roll holders. Brass accessories with chrome finishes are durable. Alternatively, you might purchase some cool accessories, like a shower curtain with patterns. Additionally, there are many creative toilet seat designs available right now.

Replace The Toilet Seat 

Toilet Seat-Tired Bathroom Suite

Even simpler than that is to replace the toilet seat to update your bathroom! You might have noticed that your extremely old, white toilet seat has started to turn colour. It might even have scratches or scuffs if it has truly seen better days.

In either case, you could be pleasantly surprised by the impact a new toilet seat can have on your bathroom. Wooden toilet seats are a fashionable alternative to the traditional white ones if you wish to break from tradition. If you prefer not to wake up to the sound of the toilet seat slamming shut in the morning, you may switch to a soft-close toilet seat.

Replace Your Towel Rail 

Towel Rail 

Some people hang their towels on the heater in the bathroom. You’re familiar with the flat contract design radiators that come standard in most homes. By installing a high-quality tall towel rail, you may increase your heat output and provide more vertical storage for towels and bathrobes.

Add Accessories

Add Accessories-Tired Bathroom Suite

For a classy and well-groomed finish, spend money on stylish bathroom accessories like a soap dispenser and some smart bottles. Cluster display bottles on a wooden or aluminium tray with one or two fresh blooms to make a boutique hotel-style presentation. You can add more five-star appeal by placing cotton wool balls and earbuds in glass jars with lids.

Make A Shelf Display

Make A Shelf Display

Don’t forget the plants and decorations when treating your bathroom like any other home area. Install a wooden shelf on the wall for bathroom storage ideas that include a spot to store your fancier toiletries and scents. In addition, you can have a place to show off framed artwork, gathered treasures, and a houseplant or two.

Panel Your Walls

If you choose tongue and groove panelling, it’s relatively simple to install and a terrific way to add a feature to your bathroom. Finishing it with water-resistant paint will make it stand out from the rest of your walls.

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

Adding shower curtains to your bathroom can give it the extra pattern or design that your bathroom needs! In addition, they can provide a bathroom with a splash of vibrant, exciting colour. It’s probably the quickest and simplest method for updating your bathroom.

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